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💥 Discipline: After the chaos, ASSE can expect the knockout! ⋆ – Football – ASSE

The 2021/22 season will finally come to an end tonight. The LFP Disciplinary Committee will publish its verdict following the serious incidents that marred the play-off against AJ Auxerre on May 29. It’s a whole club that expects the worst, even if in the end it was already avoided almost a month ago.

Tonight, around 6 p.m., we should know. Find out if the Disciplinary Committee has heard the arguments that will be held by the emissaries from Saint-Etienne who will present themselves to it at the end of the day. Jean François Soucasse, the executive president, Samuel Rustem, former stadium manager and Soucasse’s right-hand man, Florian Merle, security manager and Olivier Martin, the club’s eternal lawyer, will try to assert their point of view and bring down a temperature that should reach peaks on the side of rue Léo Délibes. It will also be necessary to honor the French composer by unrolling a score without false note so that the tempo of the conductor Vincent Labrune does not punctuate the decision of a commission white-hot by the president of the League.

As a reminder, during the general meeting of the FFF which took place in Nice on June 18, Vincent Labrune did not hesitate to illustrate his remarks by quoting the meeting against Auxerre: “It’s a miracle that there were no deaths in Saint-Étienne during the accession play-off against Auxerre (1-1, 5 pens 4). I don’t want to know of a death in a stadium in As president. We want to be the League of development, not the League of war in the stadiums. I appeal to all, to your responsibility. We must be courageous and put these criminals where they belong, not in the stadiums .”

Incidents that conclude a year rich in slippages…

Fans of Saint Etienne during the French Cup match between Jura Sud Foot and AS Saint-Etienne on January 2, 2022 in Louhans, France. (Photo by Romain Biard/Icon Sport) – — – Stade de Bram – Louhans (France)

Ask the representatives of ASSE to refine their arguments and their strategy in the TGV which will take them to the capital this morning. They will be received at 4.30 p.m. and will not react after the pronouncement of the sanctions, as the club’s communication very laconically indicated.

Solid arguments will be needed if we remember the many incidents that have marred this 2021/22 season. On October 22, the match was delayed by 45 minutes following the cracking of smoke bombs on the sidelines of ASSE-Angers. In the Coupe de France in Jura Sud on January 2, the match was interrupted for throwing projectiles (our photo). Facing Monaco on April 23, the Green Angels, to celebrate their 30th birthday, set off a fireworks display as spectacular as that launched a year earlier by the Magic Fans on the occasion of their 30th birthday as well. Result: more than an hour of interruption of the meeting.

On May 29, ASSE, which was behind closed doors for one of its two kops, was already coming out of a total closed door purged against Reims. The history of the incidents repeats itself but this time the LFP could take unprecedented measures. If we refer to the sanctions pronounced this season for other clubs, the case of Saint-Etienne seems even more serious. At the start of last season, OGC Nice suffered a withdrawal of 1 point after the excesses that took place against Marseille. on December 8, it was the neighbor Lyonnais who also suffered the withdrawal of 1 point after a bottle throw that hit the head of Marseillais Dimitri Payet…

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What penalties should be expected?

Sebastien Deneux president of the Disciplinary Committee during the LFP Disciplinary Committee after the incidents during the match Ajaccio and Le Havre on May 22, 2018 in Paris, France. (Photo by Baptiste Fernandez/Icon Sport)

By indicating that serious injuries, even deaths had been avoided on May 29, Vincent Labrune laid the groundwork for an exemplary sanction that all lovers of the Greens expect. If a reprieve could come to alleviate the firm decisions of the commission chaired by Sébastien Deneux (our photo), it is not certain that this sword of Damocles suspended above the head of ASSE is a gift offered by the League . If many matches behind closed doors are mentioned, a relocation of ASSE meetings is also mentioned. The Gueugnon stadium, in which no professional team resides, could host meetings of the Greens. However, would moving a 150 km match for supporters who do not hesitate to drive hours every weekend to follow ASSE be a sufficiently severe decision for this committee that is determined to hit hard? Will she not be more tempted by a sanction leading to complete, firm and suspended closed doors?

With regard to the withdrawal of points, ASSE necessarily exposes itself to it, but should we expect a very heavy sanction sportingly? If the video surveillance cameras have been analyzed with meticulousness for weeks, they have not yet made it possible to point out individually those responsible among the supporters. The Disciplinary Committee, by taking sporting sanctions, is counting on the love of Saint-Etienne fans not to cross a white line which would jeopardize the ASSE season. This rope, largely worn, however shows its limits on the side of Geoffroy Guichard. The various reprieves pronounced have never prevented the supporters from expressing themselves and challenging the League. So, if the sporting sanction and the withdrawal of points seem unavoidable, should we expect heavy penalties…? The answer will be given at the end of the day. Fingers crossed so that it does not have too much impact on the sports project of Laurent Batlles who did not need this in the middle of the transfer window… It is true that if some players let themselves be convinced and sign to experience the fervor of Geoffroy Guichard, it is also true that a stadium closed for a good part of the year is not going to make potential recruits dream…

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