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πŸ”Ž Where is the sale of ASSE? ⋆ – Football – ASSE

While the club has been officially on sale since April 2021, the current shareholders of AS Saint-Etienne still remain the owners of the club. No announcements. So what about today?

Yet another announcement for nothing?

On Sunday May 29, 2022, when AS Saint-Etienne has been officially relegated to Ligue 2 for a few minutes, Roland Romeyer and Bernard Caiazzo send a press release to supporters. It is 10:02 p.m., they conclude:

β€œSoon we will announce important news regarding the future of the club and ours.

An essential page in our life will be turned, but we place above all the ASSE institution which will very quickly find, we are convinced, the path of the elite.

A month later, nothing. One more announcement. A year earlier, Roland Romeyer announced on RMC that there would be change at ASSE on July 1, 2021. What change? The appointment of Jean-François Soucasse as General Manager of the club. Fans have memories.

David Blitzer, the favorite for the recovery

A year later, the club remains unsold. But a buyer is interested. David Blitzer, American billionaire whom Bernard CaΓ―azzo knows well. The two men have been talking for months. In particular through the Global Football Alliance chaired by the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Greens.

Even before the end of the season, the name of the American is revealed in the British press. A “leak” not foreseen by both parties. The Greens must save themselves and play the dams. We know the sporting outcome of this end of the season.

David Blitzer appreciates confidentiality and likes to advance his business without the details coming out in the press. The subject is hot. Especially for the majority of supporters who are well aware of the need to see a new shareholder arrive.

The takeover project continued on its way with the arrival of a delegation sent by David Blitzer. The purpose of the operation? Observe and dig. Know precisely the product that the billionaire potentially wishes to acquire. We are talking about due diligence.

Romain Molina specified a few days later that the sale was at the exclusive negotiation stage. Concretely, it is “simply” a clause which prohibits ASSE from exchanging with other potential buyers. No more no less. But that generally indicates that the end of the negotiation is near.

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Currently, it appears that David Blitzer’s men are continuing to search. What will they find? Will this call into question the interest shown by the billionaire? Are all the elements presented in complete transparency by the club? Theoretically, all the elements will make it possible to establish (or not) a final offer. Sellers are free to accept this offer or not.

June 23, an important date

As we detailed on June 16, we should not expect to see a firm offer tabled before the deliberation of the LFP on the sanctions on the incidents (ASSE-AJA). As a reminder :

If we look at the accounts of ASSE Groupe over the last 10 seasons, we see that the ticket office brings in between 4.9 M€ (2011-2012) and €9.4m (2014-2015). A average of 6.5 M€ between 2010 and 2020. Voluntarily, we did not take into account the 2020-2021 season because of the Covid.

If the descent into Ligue 2 could impact the average attendance for the coming season, the addition of several months behind closed doors or even relocation would accentuate the financial loss for ASSE. And this without mentioning the heavy fine that could be imposed by the LFP. Or repair work at Geoffroy-Guichard.

The note promises to be salty. The economic loss generated will necessarily be taken into account when formulating the final offer.

The LFP will deliberate this Thursday, June 23. Once the sanction is known, the file could finally move forward.

To date, the members of the Supervisory Board of AS Saint-Etienne have still not been informed of the negotiations in progress with David Blitzer. A fog that thickens all the more as everyone keeps in mind the exclusive negotiations with Peak6 in 2018 which had not been successful.

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