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🗣 Anthony Briançon took the time to take good care of himself ⋆ – Foot – ASSE

“He is very respectful and very respected. He is really the guy in the locker room. He does not hesitate to speak up when necessary. He is an honest, whole person. When things are not going well “No, he knows how to say things. He’s a straight and frank person. Me, the human, I appreciate it a lot. I spent time with him not only on the pitch but also outside of it.

He is a player who invests a lot in a group and who was very important for Nîmes Olympique. I think he will quickly be adopted at Sainté, his human qualities correspond well to the mentality of Saint-Etienne.

Antho is someone who after training still goes to work and says “come and eat with me. “It’s important to have a guy like that in a group.

Carried by the particular atmosphere of the Costières, he forged this image of a brawler, of cowardly nothing. He has a very imposing physique. You ask him to die on the pitch, he will.”

Anthony BRIANCON of Nimes during the Ligue 1 soccer match between Nimes Olympique and AS Monaco at Costieres stadium on February 7, 2021 in Nimes, France. (Photo by Alexandre Dimou/Icon Sport)

A complete defender

“Antho is a complete defender. He is strong in duels, has a good heading game, defensively but also offensively. Then he is quite tall and has good timing. Physically, to move him, you have to get up early! He is very good in the raises, whether long game or short game. I find that he brings serenity behind. Even if he has only known Nîmes Olympique, he has experience. Antho has always been a holder, in L2 as in L1.

In my opinion Antho can play in any tactical scheme, whether in a three/five or four defense. In all configurations, he will be flat out and put a lot of effort into it. He can even play midfield, as he did at OL and during his first seasons in Nîmes.

A mind of steel

Antho is about to turn 28, he is at a pivotal moment in his career. For me he will take a step because he joins a big club, he will play in front of a lot of supporters.

Knowing Antho, he’s going to make a tackle, he’s going to get up, he’s going to be on the job, he’s not going to let go! These are really characteristics that correspond to him. I saw him several times tearing himself away from the 90e when we couldn’t take it anymore. If he has to put his head where some wouldn’t even put his foot, he will. When in a team you have a warrior like that who is also very skilful with his feet and very intelligent…

Really, I think Antho is a great pickaxe for Sainté. And I’m not saying that because I know him very well. I talked about it with other players. Sainté is a club that suits him.”

23 Anthony BRIANCON (no) during the Ligue 2 BKT match between Toulouse and Nimes at Stadium Municipal on May 7, 2022 in Toulouse, France. (Photo by Philippe Lecoeur/FEP/Icon Sport) – Photo by Icon sport

“He took the time to heal himself”

“I followed all of his knee surgery last summer, all of his rehabilitation. As we are friends, I heard from him very regularly. He did part of his rehabilitation at Clairefontaine.

Recently, he was in a center to prepare physically for a week. I know it by heart my Antho! I know he will be on the job when the season resumes. He will prepare properly.

Antho is tough on evil. He had been in pain for quite some time before he agreed to have knee surgery. Antho is a brawler, a warrior. He gritted his teeth for a long, long, long time.

Antho doesn’t want to be bothered by that knee anymore. He made the choice to skip the season and seek treatment. It’s good ! Because sometimes we let it drag on, but it comes back later, it loses matches and it doesn’t solve the problem.

Antho made the right decision, he took the time to treat himself and scrupulously respect the stages of his rehabilitation. I followed it all closely, I knew where Antho was going, what he was doing. His program was very well followed, it was very serious.

“He has no more pain”

Having had it recently, he has no pain and was well cared for. Knowing him, he can’t wait to play again. He was already able to do so at the very end of last season with Nîmes but he now wants to redo a full season. Antho is a real competitor. From the first day of training of the week, he has only one thing in mind, the upcoming weekend game.”

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