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10 Highest Grossing A24 Films in the 2010s, According to Box Office Mojo

With Everything, Everywhere All At Once breaking records left and right, A24 has made a name for itself at the box office. Though not reaching blockbuster billions, they create ambitious films headed by creators who are free to work on their visions mostly undisturbed by executive meddling.

The secret to A24 movies’ success is their surprisingly low budget. Everything, Everywhere All At Once, for example, only cost $25 million to make in production, and reached its success mostly through positive word of mouth. By now, it is on its way to quadruple its budget, and that quality is why A24 makes such a profit at the box office.


10 The Disaster Artist – $29 Million

Dave and James Franco The Disaster Artist

Disaster Artist is based on the book of the same name by Greg Sestero that details the troubled and often hilarious development cycle of the movie The Roomthanks in no small part to the eccentricities of its director and main lead, Tommy Wiseau.

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fans of The Room arrived in droves to watch the “HD Reboot” of their beloved indie dramedy. Praise was particularly heaped towards James Franco’s portrayal of Tommy Wiseau as a well-meaning but ultimately talentless man who nonetheless put all of his passions into a project that was set for failure.

9 Spring Breakers – $32 Million

Candy, Faith, Brit, and Cotty frolic in ocean in Spring Breakers

spring breakers follows four female college students who fund their spring break activities by committing robberies around Florida. Unfortunately, they end up in jail. As if their journey couldn’t get much worse, they’re bailed out by a drug-dealing rapper of no reputation, and that’s when things get really bad.

spring breakers received mixed reviews from critics. Many praised it for mixing succinct social commentary with a hedonistic tone, while others called it a “toothless” film, not engaging in any particular theme for too long. Still, with a budget of $5 million, it was a success for A24.

8 Room – $35 Million

Room focuses on a young boy named Jack, who shares a mysterious small room with his mother. He’s never been outside, has never seen the sky beyond the sliver of blue that comes through Skylight, and lived as such for years. However, everything changes when he’s forced to leave the room and see the outside world.

Brie Larson and Jacob Tremblay’s performances were applauded, with Larson even winning the Academy Award for Best Actress. The movie was a haunting portrayal of how even the most mundane of humanity could reach such dark depths of evil. Not bad for a $13 million movie.

7 Ex Machina – $36 Million

ex-machine movie

Former Machine follows Caleb, an up-and-comer programmer at a powerful computer firm. After winning a competition to spend a week with their CEO, Nathan, a reclusive millionaire. Once there, Nathan informs Caleb that he will be participating in a Turing test to assess the human qualities of Ava, a highly advanced, clever, and stunning female humanoid robot.

Former Machine is the directorial debut of Alex Garland, and it is a shockingly great film to start his career. The movie brilliantly plays with the idea of ​​the ethics of “experimenting” on AI, especially if they were to gain some form of “sentience.” For $15 million, these are amazing returns.

6 The Witch – $40 Million

A still from the 2015 Robert Eggers movie The Witch.

witch is set in 16th-century New England, where a Puritan family is expelled from their hamlet and forced to venture into the wilderness on their own. They establish a family farm on the outskirts of the woods, but a horror lurks beyond the trees. In this terrible period horror tale, the family turns on one other, and superstition meets paranoia.

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witch is Robert Eggers’ cinematic directorial debut, and once again, shows off how amazing A24 is at poaching talents from the strangest of places. Eggers combines unflinching historical accuracy with the unsettling horror of puritan paranoia. For a $4 million movie to accomplish such heavy themes is incredible.

5 Midsummer – $47 Million

midsommar florence pugh flower crown

midsummer follows Dani, a woman who decides to accompany her lover Christian on his trip to Sweden with a group of colleagues six months after a terrible catastrophe befalls her. They intend to research an obscure mountain community’s unusual midsummer festival. Things start to go wrong when the community isn’t what it appears to be, and the group realizes it too late.

midsummer was the awaited second film from director Ari Aster, after the massive success of his first collaboration with A24, hereditary. midsummer was praised for its gorgeous visuals, as it was rare for a horror movie to be set in broad daylight. In addition, midsummer‘s portrayal of trauma through subtle details is brilliantly acted by Florence Pugh. All on a budget of $9 million.

4 Uncut Gems – 50 Million+

Adam Sandler Uncut Gems

Uncut Gems is a 2012 film about Howard Ratner, a charming New York Diamond District jewelry store owner and gambling addict whose clients include some of the city’s wealthy and prominent individuals. Thanks to his massive debt from him, Howard is forced to do a series of high-risk maneuvers as difficulties from his family, creditors, and clients begin to catch up to him in more ways than one.

Uncut Gems held the title of A24’s highest-grossing film domestically for almost 3 years until Everything Everywhere All at Once surpassed it. The film is considered by many to be Adam Sandler’s return to form. It’s a deeply uncomfortable film, depicting the complete and utter destruction that gambling addictions do to a human being. At a whopping $19 million budget, this was one of A24’s most expensive films.

3 Moonlight – 65 Million+

moonlit follows the story of Chiron and follows him from childhood, to adolescence, to adulthood as he struggles with his sexual identity. Set amid the crack epidemic, moonlit does not mince its story on how traumatizing growing up in such a time would be for any young boy, much less a deeply closed one.

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moonlit was the first film to be fully financed by A24. With Moonlight sweeping up all the awards, the absurdly low budget of $1.5 million as “fully financed” by A24 was made back in dividends. It manages to portray the ups and downs of life as a gay black person with cold reality, while still maintaining hints of optimism throughout.

two Lady Bird – 78 Million+

Saoirse and Timothée in Lady Bird

Ladybird is a loosely autobiographical film that follows Christine “Lady Bird” McPherson through her senior year at a Catholic high school in early 2000s California. The film follows her attempts to find love and get into a college far away from home, as well as her disputes with her obstinate mother with her Marion.

Ladybird was made to be a female-oriented coming-of-age film, to stand apart from films such as boyhood and The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Director Greta Gerwig noted the lack of an “artsy” dramedy like those films, and as seen with her box office returns and critical praise, she did a fine job with the $10 million entrusted to her.

1 Hereditary – 80 Million+

Peter with a bandage over his nose in Hereditary

hereditary follows the Graham family as they deal with the loss of their secretive matriarch and grandmother. The son, Peter, unravels unsettling secrets about his ancestry. The daughter, Charlie, is also seen talking by herself and acting much stranger after the death of her grandmother. As familial tension erupts, the viewer is left wondering if it’s supernatural, or just the delusions of a traumatized family.

hereditary was arguably the movie that put A24 on the map. It was their first major movie to reach a wide audience despite its inherently upsetting premise and slow-burn pace. The haunting performances by Alex Wolff and Toni Collette carry this entire film. The different responses to trauma, from violent outbursts to silent horror are shown perfectly in this movie. A strong showing for a $10 million movie.

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