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10 Movie Franchises Where The First Film Is The Best, According To Reddit

Jurassic World: Dominion is finally here, and while many fans had high hopes for the newest entry to the jurassic-park franchise, the film has received a poor response from critics and an overall lukewarm reception from audiences.

As the film has provided yet another case where a remake or sequel in a popular movie franchise doesn’t live up to the original, users on Reddit highlight the many other movie franchises where the first film remains the best in its respective movie franchise.

Middle Earth

Lord of the Rings Fellowship of the Ring Poster

The first entry to the Lord of the Rings franchise may not have been the Oscar phenom that Lord of the Rings: Return of the King was but it is heavily debated that Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring is the best movie in the franchise. Many fans of the franchises such as MaceWinduHugs feel that the latter two films in the original trilogy “started focusing more on the action and special effects than the first” which made the film more of a spectacle and less of a story.


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While it’s not as action-heavy as the following films in the original trilogy, the built-up drama and worldbuilding have made the first Lord of the Rings film edge out the other films in the franchise.

Pirates of the Caribbean

pirates of the caribbean the curse of the black pearl poster

It’s safe to say that when Disney first announced that they were making a movie based on one of their rides that no one thought the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise would become one of the most popular movie franchises of all time. Despite the popularity of the franchise user DennisJay argues that when compared to the first film, the following movies “just end up being pale imitations of the original.”

The first film in the franchise features many memorable and creative fight sequences and is the film that features the perfect blend of grounded fun with fantastical elements that have failed to be fully replicated in the later films in the franchise.


With the pretty poor reception Jurassic World: Dominion has received thus far, it’s very unlikely that there will ever be another film in the jurassic-park franchise that lives up to the original. Redditor andymarty85 feels like the later films have fallen away from the roots of the original concept and “branching it out kind of spreads it too thin”.

The newer Jurassic World films tend to rely on CGI spectacle rather than the practical effects and suspense that made the original jurassic-park such a great movie. Fully capturing the magic of dinosaurs by putting them front and center, jurassic-park remains a wonder to this day and it’ll be tough to outperform.


Superman 1978

The highlight of the early age of superhero movies, Superman (1978) is still one of the most beloved superhero movies to this date. mydarkmeatrises believes that no other attempts have been better than the original as it’s the “template for everything that came after.”

The iconic performance from Christopher Reeves has made him the definitive version of Superman for most fans of the character, and the film nails core aspects of the character while instilling the campiness of the period that makes the film much more lovable than the sequels.

toy story

toy Story 3

Ace toy story also serves as the original feature-length film for Pixar, the original toy adventure kickstarted not just the future toy story films but the entire Pixar movie franchise. As each film relies on an emotional message to connect with audiences, Jerelminter argues that “the whole arc with Woody and Buzz isn’t as strong as it was in the original.”

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All four films in the franchise have extremely high positive reviews, but since all of the subsequent films follow the original format and style of toy story, it’s clear that the original edges out the rest of the franchise.


Aside from the massive influence that the original terminator has had on movies today, the exciting action sequences and suspenseful thrills make this film easy to consume and very enjoyable. Although most fans are split between the original terminator and Terminator 2: Judgment Daysome such as u/DynamoJones argue when watching T2 after T1 “it [felt] like a chore in the middle part.”

original terminator is considered by many to be a perfect movie with excellent pacing, action, and storytelling, and while the sequel loads the action and character moments it lacks the perfect mix that made the first film so beloved.


The poster tagline for Alien

There have been many attempts to recreate the original magic that made the original Alien so great and while some have come closer than others, none have been able to fully capture the eerie horror of the first film of the franchise. One user claimed that the original was the pinnacle of the franchise as “It was atmospheric, heavy on dialogue and mystery” and not the cliche monster adventure like the later films.

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The allegorical storytelling of the film makes it a lot deeper than the other movies in the Alien franchise and the brilliant use of practical effects made this film still enjoyable to this day.

Die Hard

John McClane/Bruce Willis in Die Hard

With touching relationships, hilarious moments, and no shortage of action, Die Hard is argued to be one of the best action movies of all time. While the franchise is full to the brim with action, one Reddit user felt that the deeper message of the original made the film “much more engrossing than the cartoonish violence of the sequels.”

Bruce Willis’ iconic performance as John McClane gives fans a vulnerable hero that they can grow and laugh with, and despite the film’s over-the-top action, it still stays grounded in its emotional stakes in a way that lets the film resonate with audiences .

Indiana Jones

indiana jones game based on a canceled movie?

As a staple of the adventure genre, the original film in the Indiana Jones franchise: Raiders of the Lost Ark has many qualities that make the film stand out amongst the other films in the franchise. From the hilarious quips from Harrison Ford and solid writing, Redditor u/Jouurney95U stated, “was overall the best-paced and most consistent of the series”

While its premise and villain can come off as a bit campy at times (for better or for worse), the original iconic performance from Harrison Ford as the titular character and the all-around charisma of the cast makes this film an absolute blast to watch and kickstarted a franchise that has many didn’t see coming.


While the title of best starwars movie is hotly debated between the original starwars and its sequel: Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Backthere are several reasons why the first Star Wars movie is still the best, but the main reason as stated by Redditor baldfellow is that “it can stand alone in a way the other films can’t.”

Featuring graphics and visuals which have never been seen before in cinema, George Lucas’ introductory film to the galaxy far far away has originality, and the fact that fans get to see all of the iconic characters on the screen interacting and working together makes the first film truly magical.

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