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10 Schitt’s Creek Memes That Perfectly Sum Up The Show

It’s been two years since Schitt’s Creek ended but die hard fans still wait patiently for updates about a reboot, spin-off, or movie. And while it’s been quiet in that regard, the latest is that the building that was once Rose Apothecary in the series is currently for sale, according to The Toronto Star.

The former brick and mortar for David Rose and Patrick Brewer’s chic general store is now on the market for a whopping $2.35 million due to its history on TV. Rose Apothecary was the place of many scenes that later became special moments and even memes thanks to David’s facial expressions — but he’s not alone. Fans have also created memes out of the entire cast but some are more relatable than others.


Alexis Rose: The Poet

A split image of an Alexis Rose meme from Schitt's Creek

While David Rose’s memes are too hilarious for words, Alexis-based memes aren’t far behind. Not too long ago there was a trend going around with memes revolving around a poet and their poem by him. In Alexis’ case, the poem that made her famous was the theme song to her limited reality series by her, A Little Bit Alexis.

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While auditioning for the local production of Cabaret, Alexis assumed she’d be the star of the show because of her blazing star-like quality. In front of her mom and Jocelyn, she performed this song and dance and it became an instant meme due to how uncomfortably funny it was. It’s a meme that perfectly summed up Alexis because, in her eyes, she was always the poet.

Thrice Is Far Too Many Times

Fans cackled when David used the term “thrice” when talking to Stevie about towels. At the start of the series, this meme perfectly summed up David because he was still under the illusion that people would drop everything and do anything for him just because he was David Rose. But in Schitt’s Creek, that didn’t matter.

This is one of the most hilarious Schitt’s Creek memes because those with children or students can relate to asking someone to do something “thrice” and still be waiting for some sort of action to be done.

Moira’s Theatrics Were Relatable For Zoom Call Meetings

David and Alexis may be the queens of memes but fans have not forgotten about Moira Rose. Moira was best known for the ridiculous words she used and for never foregoing her high-end fashion choices just because she was in a town that didn’t appreciate them.

Moira was dramatic and selfish but amazing to watch because of scenes like the one in the meme. In this case, fans borrowed Moira’s theatrics when poking fun at Zoom calls. This meme is the essence of Moira because she too would turn off her Zoom camera if the topic didn’t serve her.

Was David The Judgiest Character On Schitt’s Creek?

David Rose is one of the most judgmental characters but he’s also one of the few Roses who matured through the series. For David, his hilarious facial expressions of him give off his feelings of him before he even says anything.

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And even though his reactions to the townspeople became more understanding and understated, he was still shocked by most of the things he encountered. However, his judgments of him made perfect memes that fans use today.

Time For Bed!

A split image of a Moira Rose in bed and a meme from Schitt's Creek

Moira always knew how to get out of a situation thanks to her large vocabulary. She was able to excuse herself without insulting those around her blatantly. For many parents, workers, and students, waking up at 9am is sometimes just too early.

As Moira said, “I’ve had enough waking hours for one day.” This meme summed up Moira perfectly because whenever she was disinterested in something she had no qualms about leaving if it was what was best for her. Johnny did his best to convince her to stay in many situations but ultimately, Moira got what Moira wanted.

Target Is Best Shopped Alone

It’s an unpopular opinion to dislike David Rose. He had his selfish and egotistical moments of him throughout the series but he was also one of the pillars of the Rose family. He secretly cared for Alexis when she had her international travels as a teenager, the closest person to him was probably his mother de ella, and he was the first person to get a job in Schitt’s Creek and offer financial assistance to his family de ella.

David was also brutally honest. When he didn’t think something was a good idea, he meant it. In the case of this meme, Target shoppers know that when it comes time for a Target splurge, going with a partner is rarely a good idea because of how much time and money could be spent. Going with company does not enhance the experience.

There Is Simply No Time

A split image of a Moira Rose and David singing in Schitt's Creek

When the Roses moved to Schitt’s Creek after falling into financial troubles, Johnny and Moira realized that the entire family had to lean on each other for support. The problem was that they didn’t know their kids as they thought they did. Johnny told Moira that they should get to know their kids better while in town but, according to Moira, “Who has time amidst all this chaos?”

As silly as her statement was, her response made the perfect meme because, if anything, Moira didn’t have anything but time to get to know her children. Fans were quick to use this Moira quote as a hilarious meme because it could be used for any response to something a person didn’t want to do.

When Plans Are Cancelled!

Alexis Rose is known for her amazing misadventures on Schitt’s Creek. Before moving to the small town, she told tales of traveling the world and getting into trouble but always making it out alive because of her charm.

As many sad moments as she had in the series, she was always able to pull herself out of them and into a better place. Despite her heart being shattered into a million pieces, a giggle and a mimosa weren’t far away. This meme became a fan favorite because when paired with the idea of ​​canceling plans, no one expressed excitement quite like Alexis. (Although in the series, Alexis would hate plans being canceled because she wanted to be social more than anything.)

Why Stop At One Viewing?

Schitt’s Creek had six seasons to its name and gave viewers a variety of moments that tugged on their heartstrings while also making viewers laugh uncontrollably. Like many other sitcoms, it’s a show viewers can binge-watch (and then watch again) thanks to its humor.

This meme poked fun at fans who felt like their time with the show was done because they finished the last season. But lo and behold, there’s nothing quite like starting Schitt’s Creek over again and watching it with fresh eyes. This simple meme sums up diehard fans perfectly.

There’s Only One Right Answer…

Sometimes tweets become their own memes and it didn’t get funnier than a meme about Alexis’s song “A Little Bit Alexis.”

When a Twitter user asked what the best fake song was, @Zach__Frank wasn’t shy to vote for Alexis. For many, there was no debate. Her lyrics and her performance were so hilarious that nothing topped it. The story behind the song is an additional funny story from Alexis’ past that fans wished they saw or heard more of. It’s such a catchy song that fans wish it were real. The reason why this meme summed up the show is because Alexis would have entered her song into the mix as well.

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