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11 Photography Hacks To Know If You’re Obsessed With Cole Sprouse’s Instagram

28 July 2017, 15:55 | Updated: 10 August 2017, 10:39

Photography Hacks

From zero to Instagram hero in 2.5 seconds.

We bet you spend hours and hours on Instagram crushing over professional photography accounts and wondering “Ooooh, how do I do that?” Well, wonder no more because we’ve sleuthed the 11 most important photography hacks that you need to improve your Insta feed just by looking at Cole Sprouse’s account. Yes seriously. You’re welcome.

So here they are, check off all 11 of them and you’ll have those likes racking up in no time.

1) Go on adventures.

Don’t get stuck in the same old familiar places. Head out to the city, to the country or somewhere you’ve never been and explore the light and surroundings. Be spontaneous. Just make sure you do anything illegal. We don’t condone that, k?

2) Catch people off guard.

More often than not, the best pictures are the candid ones. If you’re on the street and you see someone or something that immediately makes your brain go, “Oh snap! That would be SUCH a good picture for the gram,” try to catch them off guard. If you make it obvious, it takes away from the authenticity of the photo.

3) Always look for shadows.

Using the natural light to create shadows on buildings or people’s faces is literally a game changer. You don’t have to set up any lighting fixtures, carry around any heavy equipment… Just always make sure you’re shooting away from the sun (or into it to create a silhouette) and BAM, 200 likes on Instagram.

4) Become one with your shutter speed.

If you’re using an actual camera, you can play around with the shutter speed settings to capture really cool motion effects. If you have a fast shutter speed, you can capture a crystal clear static image of something in motion. And if you have a slow one, you can create some pretty cool motion blurs. Use your iPhone torch to create those blurred light effects.

5) Think about composition.

Contrasting colours, juxtaposing architecture, symmetry… whatever aesthetic you’re looking for, always remember to look with your actual eyes before you even so much as gaze through that viewfinder.

6) Take more than one shot.

Just like when you take a bunch of selfies, you’ll take around 50+ photos before you find the perfect shot. If you hold your finger down on almost any camera you can trigger a burst mode. That was you can take a series of photos and select your best instead of having to make do with one.

7) Don’t use flash!

*shakes fist* Remember what we just said about natural light? Scrap the flash. In fact, never use the flash unless you’re going for one of those overexposed aesthetics. There’s two ways around this… shoot in the day time, duh. Or just slow your shutter speed to let more light into the camera lens.

8) Embrace the reflections.

Reflections. Everyone loves a reflection. We’ve never seen a bad picture of a reflection. You should probably take some pictures of reflections too. In puddles. In rivers. In train windows. On buildings. All great reflective sources.

9) Get low, get low, get lowwwww.

Always try taking pictures from different view points and not always just eye level. Get on the floor, climb (SAFELY!) up somewhere high to explore different view points. Take shots of the same subject from different heights and see what works best.

10) Now get close, get close, get cloooooose.

Forget your camera even has a zoom feature. Get as close to your subject as you can without smacking them in the face with the lens and focus on the details of their face. Do the same with flowers too.

11) Start a deep and meaningful relationship with an editing software.

Unless you want your photographs to remain in their raw, original state, find an editing software that works for you. Areas to focus on: increasing or decreasing the harshness of the highlights and shadows and saturation to make your contrasting colors pop. Whatever you do, do it manually, don’t rely on an Instagram filter.

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