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12 Disney Character Deaths in Motion pictures That Are Truly Disturbing

Disney is thought for creating magical worlds that suck in audiences from everywhere in the world. From immersive storytelling to characters that mirror even a number of the deepest elements of our souls, Disney has established itself as a power to be acknowledged with within the leisure trade. Nonetheless, even with this wonderful status of creating content material that’s tailor-made to and acceptable for viewers of all ages, typically a number of questionable moments slip by way of the cracks.

As a lot as Disney brings our imaginations to life, additionally they know easy methods to grip our heartstrings. Coronary heart-wrenching character deaths are a typical incidence in the very best Disney initiatives. Whether or not it’s the inevitable defeat of a crafty villain or a character-building demise of a protagonist, demise in a Disney film has all the time been a tough capsule to swallow. Many people at younger age bear in mind some traumatizing Disney deaths that may by no means go away our minds. Nonetheless, a few of these deaths can really be fairly graphic, and we undoubtedly don’t discuss it sufficient. Listed below are 12 Disney character deaths which might be really disturbing.


12/12 Oogie Boogie — The Nightmare Earlier than Christmas

Touchstone Photos

Oogie Boogie is one in every of many outlandish and creepy characters from The Nightmare Earlier than Christmas. This movie, whether or not you outline it as a Christmas film or a Halloween film, opens a door for some darkish and disturbing visuals. When it comes character deaths, in fact, this film tapped into the weird. Oogie Boogie is principally a dwelling sack. Nonetheless, when he will get unwrapped/unraveled on this film, his inside of gooey, creepy, crawling bugs comes pouring out. Is it the goriest? No. However the picture itself makes our pores and skin crawl.

11/12 Dr. Facilier—The Princess and the Frog

DrFacilier (1)
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The Princess and the Frog‘s Dr. Facilier is without doubt one of the most ignored Disney princess villains. With the powers to manage shadows, Dr. Facilier is scheming to get himself leaps and bounds forward of our fundamental protagonists: Prince Naveen and Tiana. By the tip of the film, he faces a terrifying demise. With the thought of ​​the afterlife a continuing theme in his existence, Facilier will get dragged into hell / the underworld.

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10/12 The Evil Queen—Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, which may also be getting its personal live-action remake, per Deadline, was a film that outlined the Disney model. From groundbreaking animation to the enduring Snow White gown, this film has created lasting photographs within the minds of Disney followers everywhere in the world. The demise of The Evil Queen, nevertheless, is likely to be a lot darker than you bear in mind. The Evil Queen, in her “outdated hag” type de ella, falls off the sting of a cliff to her demise de ella. Nonetheless, a fast shot of the vultures is an efficient indicator that not solely is the witch lifeless, however the birds may need some dinner for the evening.

9/12 Shan Yu—Mulan

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We love a girl who defies societal boundaries. mulan is without doubt one of the most triumphant movies Disney has put out and with that, some nice characters, each villain and hero. Shan Yu, the principle villain in mulan goes one-on-one in opposition to her throughout the climax of the movie. On a rooftop overlooking town, Shan Yu will get taken out by a firework and fairly actually explodes in a burst of colours. Visually, this isn’t probably the most disturbing. Nonetheless, once you actually give it some thought, it is lots to deal with.

8/12 Stegosaurus—Fantasy

Stegosaurus (1)
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Disney, all through its historical past, doesn’t shrink back from demise. Nonetheless, exhibiting it on display screen is a wholly totally different stage of disturbing. Throughout a scene within the 1940 animated movie Fancy, Stegosaurus will get killed in a battle on-screen. Now, though the animation and topic type of softens the blow, it nonetheless looks as if lots for Disney to incorporate on display screen.

7/12 Tadashi Hamada—Huge Hero 6

Tadashi Hamada
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Tadashi Hamada’s demise is a loss none of us have forgiven Disney for. Huge Hero 6 has made a house within the hearts of Disney followers of all ages. As a lot as we love Baymax and Hero’s dynamic, the pure brotherhood between Hero and Tadashi is without doubt one of the most relatable relationships in Disney. Nicely, in fact, they needed to go and take it away from us. Tadashi, being the hero and function mannequin for his little brother, sacrifices himself to avoid wasting others. He runs right into a burning constructing and will get misplaced when the constructing explodes.

6/12 Bambi’s Mother — Bambi

Bambi's mother dies
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Bambi’s Mother will get shot and killed. Possibly the 1942 unique Bambi is already a horror film. That ought to clarify it effectively sufficient. Bambi is a friar little deer who’s beloved and cared for by his mom. When she will get killed by “The Man,” Bambi is left to search out his personal method. Audiences have been launched to the tough realities of looking tradition in a rough show of a kid dropping a mom.

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5/12 Mufasa—The Lion King

Scar about to kill Mufasa
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Mufasa’s demise in The Lion King is one in every of if not the saddest character deaths in Disney historical past. Throughout this pivotal a part of Simba’s story, Mufasa is suspended over a big stampede with solely Scar’s claws holding him up. Simba watches his father fall and will get trampled on and that results in a heartbreaking scene between father and son. That and the fact of Scar killing his personal brother is a painful factor to endure and makes this demise disturbing for individuals of all ages.

4/12 Syndrome—The Incredibles

syndrome (1)
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Graphic character deaths in Disney motion pictures aren’t as unusual as you might suppose. Disney does job at ensuring that the gore of those deaths doesn’t make to the display screen. Nonetheless, the implications are all the time a tough capsule to swallow. Syndrome’s demise in The Incredibles is without doubt one of the most surprising. Syndrome will get sucked in by the power of a jet engine and let’s simply say his flight from him ended proper then and there.

3/12 Ursula—The Little Mermaid

Ursula (1)
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With the brand new live-action little mermaid Arising, it is time to dive below the ocean to discover the demise of probably the most threatening sea witch of all of them. Ursula’s demise in Little Mermaid occurs within the climax of the film. Ursula’s plan to marry Eric is spoiled, and her rage de ella has her flip into a large sea monster. Nicely, in a bizarre flip of occasions, she is introduced down by getting impaled (sure, you learn that proper).

2/12 Scar—The Lion King

Scar (1)
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When the dialog about traumatic Disney deaths comes up, The Lion King is a kind of motion pictures that you simply can not keep away from. After all, Mufasa’s demise had us all in shambles. Nonetheless, we are inclined to neglect that Scar’s demise is possibly much more brutal. Though we do not see him really die on-screen, Scar meets a horrifying (and deserving finish) when he will get cornered by the band of hyenas, they usually all swarm him, leaving us to imagine he was eaten.

1/12 Clayton—Tarzan

clayton (1)
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Clayton is a villain within the 1999 animated Disney movie tarzan. tarzan is filled with unbelievable storylines, a lovable protagonist, and a masterful soundtrack. Nonetheless, typically, darkish undertones bleed by way of in Disney motion pictures. Clayton’s demise is one in every of them. Within the demise scene. Clayton is hacking away at some vines which have him tousled excessive within the air. Nonetheless, as soon as the vines get his physique unfastened, the remaining ones aren’t sufficient to carry up his weight. He falls, with a vine nonetheless wrapped round his neck.

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