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2022 In Evaluation: Day 5

2022 In Evaluation

1.Introduction + Finest Album Artwork
2. Track of the 12 months
3.Album of the 12 months
4. R&B and Soul
5. Rock and Different
6. Rap ​​and Hip-hop (Jan. 19)
7. Dance and Digital (Jan. 20)
8. Pop and Ballad (Jan. 21)
9. People and Nation (Jan. 22)
10. Jazz and Blues (Jan. 23)
11. Crossover and World (Jan. 24)
12. Finest Collaborative Work (Jan. 25)
13. Rookie Artist of the 12 months (Jan. 26)
14. Artist of the 12 months (Jan. 27)
15. Different Recognition (Jan. 28)
16. Concluding Remarks (Jan. 29)

There was sturdy illustration close to the highest this 12 months from the metallic and post-rock scenes, accounting for 4 albums and three songs within the high 12 for every right this moment – which simply may have been extra. 2022’s rock and different playlist is additional headlined by collaborations (a relative rarity), daring opening and thematic riffs, and a wholesome dose of retro, too.


  • The “Subsequent 10” and honorable point out lists are sorted by artist title.
  • The 2022 Rock and Different Spotify playlist is right here and in addition embedded beneath:

Finest Rock and Different Album 2022

The Black Skirts – Teen Troubles

One-man lead Cho Hyu-il describes Teen Troubles as “a love letter to ’99”, and the album’s semi-autobiographical vignettes are accordingly packed stuffed with feverish infatuation and teenage rumination (largely the previous). An entire forged of buddies from age 17 like Jane, Jeff, Alana, John, Electra, Min, and Ling Ling are casually launched. The names, even pseudonyms, have the facility to make the tales that rather more actual, and on account of all this, it is The Black Skirts’ most straight ahead album in years.

However even should you discover Cho’s pervasively irreverent sketch of New Jersey life uninteresting, this was probably the greatest sonic experiences of 2022. The driving rush of “Cicadas” (additionally with the album’s finest writing) and the cheeky acoustics of “My Little Lambs ” are clear highlights, however particularly because the album enters its final third, tracks start erupting into exhilarating punk throwdowns, stunning solos, and romantic views. The preparations are stunner after stunner, taking Teen Troubles from a pleasant diary to the 12 months’s finest rock album.

The Runner-up

Haepa – 죽은척하기 (Enjoying Useless)

Haepa’s solo work has the identical ethereal, stream-like high quality that her work with folks duet Siot and Breeze does, however enjoying lifeless appears to trip a present a number of layers decrease and darker and heading deeper. It is lonely and sometimes directionless, even its love confessions tinged with (heat) disappointment; its compositions have this uncanny tendency to seek out the melancholiest approach to resolve a phrase or progress chords. And but, enjoying lifeless by no means feels overwrought or disturbing for the sake of it. It is simply pure and uncooked, by no means cynical, unusually healthful. As Haepa sings in “Subterranean Waltz”: “I’ll information you / to the place the place I’m […] allow us to dance a dance / of fury and resignation and love / all caught and entangled”.

The Subsequent 10

Badlamb – Common Nervousness

Huckleberryfinn – The Mild of Rain

Kisnue – A Dream of Wings

Madmans Spirit – 나는 나를 통해 우리를 보는 너를 통해 나를 본다 (I See Me By means of You Who Sees Us By means of Me)

Say Sue Me – The Final Factor Left

Seaweed Mustache – Bombora

The Bowls – Blast from the Previous

The Poles – The Excessive Tide Membership

Varied Artists – The Put up-Rock

Visceral Explosion – Human Meat Distribution Course of

Finest Rock and Different Track 2022

Bulgogidisco – 비출래 (Bichulae) (Feat. Luli Lee)
Written by Bulgogidisco
Composed by Cokejazz
Organized by Bulgogidisco, Cokejazz

Funk and groove is what Bulgogidisco is made for, and but I used to be nonetheless caught off guard by the recklessness of “Bichulae”. The band channels a bit of Sanwoolim psychedelia on this irresistible old-school piece, most notably within the unbothered supply of each Lee Hyun-song and Luli Lee. The bouncing accompaniment kicks into overdrive for the chanted-more-than-sung refrain; the temperature differential between vocal and instrumentation virtually makes it sound like two totally different songs occurring without delay, forming unlikely concord and absorbing hypnosis. For my cash, it was probably the most addictive single of 2022.

The Runner-up

Bosudongcooler & Hathaw9y – 러브앤피스 (Love & Peace)
Written and composed by Kang Kiwi, Gu Seul-han
Organized by Bosudongcooler, Hathaw9y

Proximity breeds familiarity breeds collaboration, and it feels like that is what occurred with these two wonderful Busan-based bands for them to give you love sand. “Love & Peace” was the stirring coronary heart of that EP, kicking proper off with a bombastic riff that each one however secures its place on playlists within the first 30 seconds. Because the lyrics soulfully declare an unshakeable camaraderie and solidarity, the dimensions of the sound imposes itself: the 5 vocalists and 7 devices (overlapping) play with goal and reassurance en path to the rousing finish. Full band-on-band collaborations are too far and few between already, and “Love & Peace” has the extra distinction that it does not even sound like both of the bands’ typical fare. Candy rain in a drought, because the Koreans say.

The Subsequent 10

87dance – 사프란 (Saffron)

Cho Yong-pil – 찰나 (Second)

Cnema – Get Out

Concorde – 무지개꽃 피어있네 (Rainbow Flowers Are Blooming)

Cotoba – Love&Artwork

Lack of An infection – The Sovereign

Nier – 침수 (Flood)

Shin Yun-su – 바다없는섬 (Island with out the Ocean)

Silica Gel – No Ache

Soumbalgwang – 방 (Room) (Feat. Yisaheul)


87dance – Soldout Smile
9 and the Numbers – 토털리 블루 (Completely Blue)
969 – 0
Achtung – All Elements
Ambroxiak – Detritus of Elysian Creation
Asian Glow – Stalled Flutes, means
Bosudongcooler, Hathaw9y – Love Sand
Concorde – 초음속여객기 (Supersonic Airplane)
Cotoba – 4pricøt
Doorlesshouse – 한가로운 생각 (Idle Ideas)
Gogang – Oh! Honeybee
Gwak Tae-poong – 나는야 락스타! (I am a Rockstar!)
Igloo – 우리는 빛으로 (Go to the Mild)
Inphase – The Fractal
Jannabi – 잔나비 소곡집 II: 초록을거머쥔우리는 (Jannabi’s Small Items II: Grippin’thegreen)
Jisan – 우린 그저 흘렀을 뿐이야 (We’re Simply Flowing Away)
Jooboring – 궤도에서 (On Orbit)
Lee Hee-sang – Whoever
Luli Lee – Fade Away Like a Dream
Peppertones – Thousand Years
Saeneok – 새빛깔 (Tinge)
Seoul Magic Membership – Bless
Shirts Boy Frank – Nurnberg
Sonic Stones – Burning Us All
Surl – Of Us
TRPP – Right here to Keep
The Jaxx–New World
The Plastic Kiz – Shining Blues
Verycoybunny – The place’s the Exit?


87dance – How Can I Neglect You Lady
9 and the Numbers – 죽지는 마 (Keep Alive)
9 and the Numbers – 파도에 맞서 (Towards the Present)
969 – Hyperness! (Feat. 91BT)
Achtung – 치료해줘 (Heal Me)
Beloved Lee Jaram Band – 막달라 마리아 (Magdala Maria)
Ambroxiak – Scavenging the Spume of Lust
Ambroxiak – Utter Emancipation
Asian Glow – Lit Lips the Bracken
Baada & Tae:a – My First Web page
Badlamb – 반신 (Demigods)
Band Nah – Movie
Bosudongcooler & Hathaw9y – 페스티벌 (Competition)
BrokenTeeth – 당신의 사랑이 늘 행복하기를 (Paradox)
Cho Yong-pil – 세렝게티처럼 (Like Serengeti)
Clownus – Default
Cnema – 모비딕 (Mobydick)
Crystal Tea – 미성년 (Minority)
IHL – Break Out
Desert Flower – Escape from Actuality
Dvwn – Misplaced
Eighteen April – Broodlord
Gwak Tae-poong – Moonflower
Haepa – I am Lastly a Ghost
Haepa–Secure Haven
Haepa – 나의 언덕 (My Hill)
Haepa – 마음 (I Cannot Assist It)
Hanroro – 입춘 (Let Me Love My Youth)
Hathaw9y – 항해박명 (Twilight)
Huckleberryfinn – 아래로 (The Mild of Rain)
Igloo – 시선 (See the Solar)
Inphase – The Fractal
Jannabi – 초록을거머쥔우리는 (Grippin’thegreen)
Jisan – 우린 그저 흘렀을 뿐이야 (We’re Simply Flowing Away)
Jooboring – J와 순례자들 (J and Pilgrims)
Jooboring – 모르겠어! (No Thought!)
Kim Marie – 비행소녀 (Fly!)
Type of Poison – 자각몽 (Lucid Dream)
Kisnue – Monochrome
Kisnue – Extensive Awake
Kwon So-jeong – 숲 (Forest)
Lee Hee-sang – Bear in mind
Lee Hee-sang – 애열 (Love Shine)
Lee Jung-in – 약속 (Promise)
Lack of An infection – Deadweight
Low Hanging Fruits – Final Night time (Feat. Kennytheking)
Low Hanging Fruits – 날선 (On Edge)
Lucy – 떼굴떼굴 (Rolling Rolling)
Luli Lee – Goodbye My Love
Luli Lee – 불꽃 (Flame)
Madmans Spirit–Bitter
Madmans Spirit – Euimong
Significant Stone – Psychomania
Technique – Wayz of Ache
Monsters Dive – Nightfall
Moskva Browsing Membership – 심해어 (Deep Sea Fish)
Nell – Nonetheless Sundown
OOO – 사랑에 어리석은 난 (Love Idiot)
Ocean within the Eyes – 아무것도남아있는게없게 (There Is Nothing Left)
Pado – 헤엄쳐 (Sway)
Parannoul – 도피처 (Escape)
Peppertones – 태풍의 눈 (Eye of the Hurricane)
Rock ‘n’ Roll Radio – 선잠 (Catnap)
Say Sue Me – Round You
Say Sue Me – 꿈에 (To Dream) (Feat. Kim Oki)
Seaweed Mustache – 바람 (Within the Wind)
Seoul Magic Membership – Blue Cat Milk
Seoul Magic Membership – Entry Degree Museum
Shin Hae-gyeong – 리얼러브 (White Lily) (Feat. Chungha)
Shirts Boy Frank – Aike
Shirt Boy Frank – Animus
Silica Gel – I’mmortal (Feat. Sogumm)
Soony Cosmos – 푸른불나방 (Blue Moth)
Surl – Each Day
Surl – Strolling in Dream
Suzy – Satellite tv for pc
TRPP – Right here to Keep
The Black Skirts – Baptized in Fireplace (불세례)
The Black Skirts – Cicadas (매미들)
The Black Skirts – Electra
The Black Skirts – Ling Ling
The Black Skirts – 어린양 (My Little Lambs)
The Bowls – Mr. Love
The Repair – Moonrise
The Jaxx – Dwelling Personal Lies
The Jaxx – The Nice Divide
The Plastic Kiz – Dreamcast
The Poles – Discover Me!
The Poles – Excessive Tide
The Williams – 변신 (Metamorphosis)
The Yangbans – 암자 (Hermitage)
Vassline – No Different Approach
Verycoybunny – Do not Get Me Fallacious
Visceral Explosion – Cadaveric Spasm
Visceral Explosion – Fast Traumatic Paraplegia
Visceral Explosion – Machine Gun Lobotomy
Visceral Explosion – Orchiectomy
Yaya Kim – 충동 (Impulsions.)
Zeonpasa – 신바람 (Excessive Spirits) (Feat. Im Received-hee)
Zitten – 그대라는 순간 (You, the Second)

Lyric translations by creator. Artist profile and album cowl pictures from Bugs Music.

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