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9 Great Superhero Movies And TV Shows Available To Stream On Amazon Prime Video Right Now

In more recent years, I have heard the phrase “superhero fatigue” thrown around a bit, in reference to people who are a little overwhelmed (or even underwhelmed) by the abundance of movies and TV shows based on or inspired by these comic book characters. days. Well, I must say that I feel sorry for those people and cannot personally relate, which is one of the reason why I am glad to have an Amazon Prime subscription.

Some of the best movies streaming on Amazon Prime Video are about super-powered vigilantes, and a good number of the streaming platform’s most acclaimed original series have people in capes, too. See for yourself by taking a look at our picks for the best superhero movies and TV shows Amazon Prime currently has to offer, starting with one of the best of the bunch, that neither DC nor Marvel Comics can claim.

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The Boys (2019-Present)

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