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Academy for Lifelong Learning offers community, classes

After 42 years of teaching middle and upper school, I finally retired. By then, I was teaching the children of former students. There were colleagues on the faculty who hadn’t even been born when I was already teaching at Cape Cod Academy.

“How old are you, Mr.B?” one of my seventh graders asked one afternoon.

“Oh, I’m old,” I said.

“No you’re not,” another kid chimed in. “Besides, we’re not gonna let you. We’re going to rub off on you.”

And he was right.

My collapsing spinal column dropped my height 3 inches. My balding aluminum hair has turned white but I could still think and love as well as ever. What was I to do?

That’s when I got recruited by the Academy for Lifelong Learning (ALL) at the community college. Would I be interested in teaching folks from 50 on up? It’s its own free-standing program. Adult students pay a modest fee to take a number of subjects per semester. Faculty work pro bono. Classes meet once a week with an emphasis on discussion rather than lecture. Some classes run for 6 weeks; some for 12, with a deep field of choices either way—over 70 new ones this fall.

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