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Adapting Stephen King’s Carrie: The 2013 Movie Is The Epitome Of A Useless Remake

By the 2010s, Stephen King remakes had become commonplace alongside all of the “original” films and TV shows being developed based on his work. King himself kicked open the door in 1997 when he used his clout of him to make a miniseries version of The Shining more faithful to his source material than Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 film, and said door has been hanging on its hinges ever since – with Hollywood producing new interpretations of books like The Dead Zone and Salem’s Lotand fresh adaptations of short stories like “Trucks” and “Children Of The Corn.”

carrie, however, exists in a league of its own. The book was first given the remake treatment in 2002 with the TV movie/backdoor pilot directed by David Carson… and then less than a decade later rights-holder MGM and Screen Gems decided to team up and put another big screen version of the story into development. To date, it is the only Stephen King book that has inspired multiple remakes (though that will change in 2023 with the arrival of Gary Dauberman’s Salem’s Lot).

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