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‘Andor’ Season 1, Episode 12 Recap


episode 12

Season 1

episode 12

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Picture: Des Willie/Des Willie / Lucasfilm Ltd.

Let’s be clear up entrance: Its first season now ended, Andor is the very best of Star Wars on tv — and arguably higher than the 2 theatrical post-Lucas prequels that it elaborates on (Rogue One) and typically weirdly resembles (Solely), should you’ll permit an imperfect, blue-milk-to-jawa-juice kind of comparability. This was fairly apparent a handful of episodes into the season, and the present sustained its huge forged, crisp writing, and regular pacing for longer than any of its TV predecessors, too. If the previous Star Wars motion pictures had been knowledgeable by the cliffhanger serials that used to play at film theaters, this was the primary (live-action) Star Wars present that embraced the trimmings of prestige-TV serialization. It is not inherently higher than a film, however it does inform a extra sprawling story than a characteristic might fairly deal with.

Given all that, it is exceptional how comparatively few serialization pitfalls the present has confronted — like, say, repeating itself. For its finale, Andor makes a full-circle return to Cassian’s adopted dwelling planet of Ferrix, the place a lot of the main characters convene. The Imperials are hoping to seize Cassian Andor; some insurgent spies are hoping to kill him earlier than he is captured (and doubtlessly spills worthwhile details about Luthen Rael and the remainder of the operation — though at this level, how a lot does Cassian actually know, relative to all the subterfuge happening?). As for Cass himself, he ended final week as a interval disguised as a query mark: He would not have to return for his mom Maarva’s funeral, however clearly he’ll. Will he be captured, killed, or ushered to non permanent security?

If there’s an issue with this set up, it is that we all know two of those outcomes are unlikely (or, in a single case, not possible). After all, you’ll be able to generate suspense within the why and the how of all this, however put it this manner: Because the compelling motion unfolds, this episode contains a number of response pictures of characters we do not know a lot about. In some methods, it extra resembles what I imagined Andor could be like based mostly on the weaker features of each Rogue One and prestige-TV habits: somber, speechy, spies spying on different spies, marching towards a foregone conclusion.

Earlier than the fireworks, there is a bunch of skulking and seething within the shadows. A younger man on Ferrix fastidiously assembles a bomb. Nurchi pries a bit of knowledge out of Xanwan relating to Cassian’s ill-advised potential funeral attendance. Vel joins Cinta, who has been watching an undercover ISB agent and has additionally noticed Dedra roll into city, all in service of determining how and when to kill Cassian earlier than the unhealthy guys discover him. Rael turns up, too, for causes that struck me as considerably unclear. Because it seems, Cassian will not be a lot hell-bent on attending Maarva’s memorial as he’s on, as soon as he is again on world, discovering and rescuing Bix. It is kind of a religious make-good for the guilt he feels for not seeing Maarva once more earlier than she died.

The episode leaves Ferrix for only some temporary scenes, principally notably one with Mon Mothma dressing down her nugatory husband for playing once more—a dialog staged (on her facet of it, anyway) for the sake of her driver, who she realizes is spying on her. Positive sufficient, he studies their downside to the ISB, who finds it a convincing “unintended” rationalization for the suspicious account exercise they’ve flagged in latest months. Between this and introducing her daughter to Davo Sculdun’s son, she might have staved off the Empire’s suspicion for the second. Although Mon’s story has typically felt like its personal facet collection that requires some pasting into Cassian’s narrative (there have undoubtedly been a number of episodes by which she has greater, extra satisfying scenes than the title character), it is form of neat that we get a bonus Mon Mothma prequel embedded in a Cassian Andor prequel-to-a-prequel.

Again on Ferrix, Dedra, aggravated that the Spellhaus job had full casualties off-screen in between episodes, is adamant that Cassian be taken alive, and figures that the meager phrases the ISB has negotiated with the locals for Maarva’s funeral—half a road, for a small stretch of time, 40 folks max, argued up from 30 — is the right entice. However Ferrix clangs the anvil early, and residents hit the streets in bigger-than-approved numbers. With a marching band taking part in a mournful tune, the entire thing has form of a New Orleans vibe, with a particular visitor: Maarva herself! No, she’s not secretly alive (sorry, commenters!); she has prerecorded her personal eulogy from her. Solely it isn’t for her; as an alternative, she eulogizes a time when the folks of Ferrix might hold their heads down and do their greatest to disregard the encroaching fascism of their midst. “We let it develop, and now it is right here,” she says. “It is not visiting anymore. It desires to remain.” When the Imperials try to chop off her speech from her simply because it reaches a rousing climax entertaining everybody to battle the Empire, the folks stand up; Mainly, Maarva incites a riot at her personal funeral, which is extraordinarily badass.

Did the Daughters of Ferrix anticipate this end result? Onerous to say. As one other disembodied voice tells us, as Cassian listens to the late Nemik’s manifesto, these uprisings occur “spontaneously, with out instruction.” It actually looks like a deliberate option to hold the meticulously deliberate and in the end doomed Spellhaus mission off-screen and as an alternative to point out this chaotic battle — and to have it start solely with out the participation of our main dwelling (human) good-guy characters. Cass would not even attend the ceremony; he is on his technique to rescue Bix, will get her to a departing ship, and entrusts a distraught B2EMO with de ella taking care of her till he meets up with them.

When that may occur, although, is unclear as a result of Cassian’s final vacation spot is Luthen Rael’s ship. (Hell of a parking spot Rael has discovered, the place he is ready to slip out and in of such a hotspot with out the Empire ever noticing.) As Rael prepares to quietly depart, Cassian confronts him along with his deduction that Rael had proven up there to kill him. He offers him a alternative: “Kill me… or take me in.” Rael smiles barely, his unstated reply one other overseas conclusion. Season over.

All of it is sensible, however it does do this longform-TV-storytelling factor (and likewise, come to consider it, that grossly-serialized-movie-series factor) of circling again to beforehand lined floor: This episode ends with Cassian leaving Bix and his droid, promising he’ll return to them, and becoming a member of up with Rael. Subsequent season, will he, Rael, Vel, and Cinta… plan an enormous job towards the Empire? Any of that sound acquainted? (Extra prequels inside prequels: Given the structural distinction for season two of Andoris season one only a prequel to these episodes?) After all, the primary season of Andor has not thrived on stunning twists and turns; its surprises come from the way in which it has been in a position to deepen so lots of its characters and their dilemmas, all as they occupy territory that regarded so acquainted on the outset. If this episode flirts with turning the main points of rise up into inspirational platitudes, at the least the collection has proven its work.

• Dedra is a working lady of the galaxy: effectively dressed, punctual, no time to eat dinner, married to her work. However what if a fastidious nerd everyone hates got here alongside and…rescued her? Like, she actually rescued her from a crowd prepared to tear her limb from limb? It is a little bit bit odd that Syril was among the many crowd converging on Ferrix, all simply to note a bomb-throwing child after he throws a bomb, however on the opposite handL: that lengthy, intense, creepy, stunning pause as a visibly shaken Dedra makes an attempt to regain her composure after he rescues her! Simply saying: There’s a 40 % probability that once we rejoin these characters in season two, there will likely be a little bit child Dedril, whom Syril’s mother will certainly favor over her son de ella.

• Am I the one one who thought that home made bomb was destined for B2EMO to set off in a noble act of self-sacrifice?

• The anvil-clanger kicks a stormtrooper off the tower! Hell yeah.

• Mon Momtha name-checking The Final Jedi‘s Canto Bight as a spot the place her nugatory (albeit most likely not playing) husband can go? HELL, yeah.

• RIP Anto Kreegyr; the ISB’s recordsdata on you might be closed. I prefer to think about they mentioned one thing like “No person appears to love this man that a lot, but when pressed, they can not actually clarify why. His vibes from him are simply off.”

• After all I perceive this from a dramatic perspective, however certain appears a bit out of character for nobody from the ISB to aim to chop off Maarva’s holo-speech earlier than she will get to “FIGHT THE EMPIRE!” —did they not see the place she was going with it?

• Thanks for following together with me over the course of 12 fine-to-great episodes! A yr in the past, I might not have wager the home at Canto Bight that I might want Andor to Obi Wan Kenobihowever right here we’re!

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