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Automotive. Discovery of the HUV Pininfarina x NAMX and its devastating look!

On Wednesday May 11, our editorial team was one of the few French media invited to the world premiere of the HUV Namx, a hydrogen-powered SUV designed by Pininfarina. It was therefore at Cambiano that the vehicle in question was unveiled and presented in detail. We offer you our report and our first impressions of this model, innovative in several respects and with a very assertive look.

NAMX tries to revive a moribund market, with hydrogen

The HUV by Pininfarina and Namx (a French company founded by Faouzi Annajah and Thomas de Lussac) will be released in 2025. How will it be received by the public, in a segment more or less similar to that of a brand such as Tesla? It will depend on this “hydrogen” facet, which still needs to be developed, compared to electricity. Knowing that the ecological impact, at the end of the chain, speaks more in favor of hydrogen.

But one thing is certain, visually, the SUV in question does not leave anyone indifferent. In particular through its front face, with its very assertive character, with futuristic lines and a play of lights (admire the superb X!) giving it a unique appearance, which has its effect from the outset. This, both on the side of journalists and potential customers or simple observers, whom we surveyed after the presentation. Almost unanimous, therefore, for this Pininfarina creation. The coachbuilder is used to offering original, even avant-garde lines.

For the rest, its profile remains more or less close to other SUVs, in a Muscle Cars spirit assumed, claimed and desired by the two associated brands. Rather harmonious curves, therefore, highlighted by aggressive but elegant rims, with an ultra-sporty appearance not devoid of charm. Ditto for the mirrors, which integrate seamlessly, without breaking the lines of the vehicle, while maintaining this futuristic side that shines through, once again. On the other hand, when we turn to the rear, opinions are much more divided. Quite massive, the rear facade offers a more classic rendering, which seems to mark a break with the rest of the vehicle. However, here again, our opinion remains very subjective.

But this is where the manufacturer pulls out its secret weapon, namely its compartment dedicated to the six hydrogen capsules. When opening the shutter in question, the visual rendering cannot leave marble. Because, once again, Pininfarina offers us an innovative concept, which persists, always, in this futuristic way, terribly attractive. Yes, it’s like being in a Science-Fiction movie, in the presence of a small space fighter, straight out of a Star Wars! Surprising, therefore, with this overall appearance that catches the eye, whether we like it or not. Obviously, the Pininfarina “touch” is palpable.

Pininfarina is not just about pure design and style, it’s also about innovation, user experience and bringing our vision of a sustainable future to life. The NAMX HUV is quite simply at the heart of our DNA: inventing the best riding experience for infinite mobility, in style. » declares Paolo PININFARINA, President of PININFARINA.

Our ambition is twofold: on the one hand, to be a new reference player in the zero-emission automotive world, and on the other hand, to constantly explore new innovations with our customers to facilitate mobility. NAMX is a collective project built with the best industrial and technical partners in Europe and Africa. says Faouzi ANNAJAH, Founder and President of NAMX.

Hydrogen is more “green” but… how to democratize it!?

Now let’s talk about the hydrogen chapter itself. First of all, you should know that the main tank added to the removable cartridges make it possible to reach nearly 800 kilometers of autonomy. Not bad at all. There remains the problem of hydrogen charging stations, which are few in number at the moment. Also, the success of the vehicle could depend on the development of these centers. However, thanks to its capsules, the HUV in question offers an alternative. Indeed, a home delivery system should be set up. But we still lack information on the subject. Therefore, difficult to tell you more, for the moment. But potentially, this is an excellent way to circumvent the low number of hydrogen charging stations present in France. It remains to be defined how many kilometers can be achieved with the six cartridges in question.

NAMX HUV: a real step forward…to be implemented!

But let’s already appreciate this real innovation, making it possible to offer hydrogen a more pleasing and optimistic perspective than before. A small revolution, therefore, in the automotive sector and more specifically, in terms of renewable energies.

In terms of versions and prices, two models will be marketed. At the entry level, a 300 hp (200 km/h) propulsion version offering accelerations from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.5s as well as a GTH model, equipped with four-wheel drive, capable of reaching 250 km /h and devour the 0 to 100 in 4.5s, with 550 horsepower under the hood. Prices will vary from 65,000 to 95,000 euros, depending on the options chosen.

More information on NAMX (from the official press release)

Founded by Faouzi Annajah and Thomas de Lussac, NamX is an Afro-European industrial and technological project which aims, by means of green hydrogen, to reconcile human mobility and the preservation of the environment on a large scale. Thanks to a patented system of removable hydrogen capsules, NamX intends to make possible, on subscription, a clean mobility experience freed from the constraints traditionally attached to low-carbon travel. Intended to satisfy multiple uses tomorrow, designed for decentralized distribution, the capsules will initially supply the HUV, the hydrogen SUV vehicle developed by NamX.

Article published on 05/13/2022 at 1:21 p.m.

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