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Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai Written Update S-01 Ep-1861 26th July 2022: Vibhu forgets his anniversary

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In today’s Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai episode, sipping in her kitchen, Anu notices that Angoori is cooking. Anu welcomes Angoori. How is Anu doing, inquires Angoori? Not very well, Anu answers. She inquires as to Angoori’s response should Tiwari forget his anniversary date of him. Angoori chuckles and claims he will always remember it. She is fortunate, according to Anu. According to Angoori, Vibhu must be busy, which is why he might have forgotten that. According to Anu, he merely roams around like a goon and doesn’t perform any job. Angoori competed. In front of Anu and Angoori, Rusa smacks TMT out of frustration. TMT welcomes Angoori and Anu. Angoori queries TMT about why Russia struck them. According to Tillu, they were too preoccupied attending other parties to remember to wish Rusa a happy birthday. Anu says they made a serious mistake.

Then in Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai, Tillu seeks Anu and Angoori’s counsel on how to persuade Rusa to rekindle their friendship. They are instructed to walk in God’s way by Angoori. In front of the road, TMT begins to pray. While on the phone, Tiwari becomes enraged with the employee and begins to yell at them. He becomes more composed as Angoori asks him whether he remembers their anniversary date. Yes, says Tiwari. He is informed by Angoori that Anu will surprise Vibhu on their anniversary of her. Standing on the balcony is Ammaji. While on the balcony, David is teasing her by sending her de ella love poems through text messages. Ammaji is texting back with the same kind of poetry. As Tiwari and Angoori approach, she becomes frightened.

Tiwari queries Ammaji, “Has Pandit Ramfal given any solution to your issue?” On the phone, Ammaji queries him in Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai. Angoori inquires as to what Ramphal said. Tiwari is instructed by Ammaji to wear a white kurta and feed birds in the morning. Tiwari, Angoori, and Ammaji return inside. Vibhu approaches David and inquires as to his purpose for being on the balcony. According to David, he was about to fall asleep. David is labeled a loser by Vibhu since he was powerless to assist him. He is told to keep quiet and pay attention by David. The rest is up to you, David informs him, as Tiwari will be leaving in the morning to feed the birds. David Adjourns.

Pigeons are being fed by Tiwari in Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai. Vibhu approaches him and begins to feed as well. How is Tiwari feeding these birds today, Vibhu inquires? Tiwari claims Ammaji instructed him to do this. Vibhu respects his efforts. Additionally, he keeps making fun of Tiwari to inflame his rage. Tiwari collects his thoughts from him and remains still. According to Vibhu, Tiwari does n’t even know who his true father is. In a fit of rage, Tiwari throws Vibhu against the wall. Vibhu collapses after hitting his head against the wall. Tiwari tries to wake him up after becoming alarmed. Tiwari calls Ammaji and explains the entire circumstance.

Later in Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai, Vibhu is lounging behind him and observing him as he converses with Ammaji. Angoori queries Ammaji about her shock from her. Ammaji informs Angoori that Tiwari accidentally killed Vibhu. Angoori is startled. Tiwari is sobbing while circling Vibhu. When Master Ji appears, he queries Tiwari as to why Vibhu is lying in this position. Tiwari responds by saying he practices yoga. Tiwari is informed by Master Ji that Vibhu is in Shavasana. Ammaji and Angoori are departing for Tiwari. Where are they going, Anu queries? Angoori bows and welcomes Anu. Ammaji informs Anu that they will purchase flowers for ceremonial use. Angoori and Ammaji go. When a flute vendor comes up to Tiwari, does he want to play some flute? One is purchased, and Tiwari instructs him to go. Vibhu looks at him. Why is Vibhu lying here, the flute vendor inquiries? He is pushed forward by Tiwari, who instructs him to depart.

Lastly in Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai, at the tea shop, Master Ji, Dr Gupta, and TMT are seated next to each other. TMT is not getting along with each other and is on their phones. Why are they being so quiet today, master Ji asks? Malkhan informs him that they failed to send Rusa a birthday greeting. Teeka starts crying loudly, startling everyone. They are told by Dr Gupta that he can assist them. How, wonders Tillu? Dr Gupta instructs them that if they wish to make friends with Rusa once more, they must go to the jungle, stand on one leg, and repeatedly scream her name. Tillu shakes hands after stating that they will do it without a doubt.

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