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CrossFit Affiliate Programming Exercise of the Month: January

Picture Credit score: Instagram @crossfittraining

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CAP Exercise 23114


3 rounds for time:

40/30 calorie row

20 deadlifts (225/155 kilos)

10 burpee pull-ups

– Relaxation 1:00 between rounds.


3 rounds for time:

30/21 calorie row

20 deadlifts (155/105 kilos)

10 burpee pull-ups

– Relaxation 1:00 between rounds.


3 rounds for time:

21/15 calorie row

20 deadlifts (75/55 kilos)

10 burpee leaping pull-ups

– Relaxation 1:00 between rounds.

CAP Class Overview and Coaches Information Video

Teaching Instruments and Demo Movies:

Stimulus and Objectives:

  • Overview
    • Time | 15:00
    • Loading | ⅖
    • abilities | ⅖
    • Quantity | 3/5
  • Supposed Stimulus
    • 4:00-6:00 per spherical.
    • Use a deadlift weight which you could carry for units of seven or extra reps with out relaxation.
    • Full the burpee pull-ups in round 1:00.
    • Burpee pull-ups require athletes to start out from a full hold and full a strict or kipping pull-up. As we speak, leaping into the pull-up is taken into account scaling.
  • Teaching Objectives
    • Keep away from scaling athletes if they’ll end the primary spherical in below 5:00.
    • Preserve the burpee pull-up reps even for scaled athletes. As a substitute, scale the issue.
    • Educate athletes the best way to cycle the deadlifting bar with out dropping the lumbar curve.
    • Save 5:00-7:00 for the post-workout sit-ups and stretching earlier than ending the category.

Scaling Choices:

  • Overview
    • This exercise ought to gradual athletes down in rounds 2 or 3, however no spherical ought to take longer than 6:00.
    • Preserve the quantity on the deadlifts and burpees, scaling the issue or loading as an alternative.
    • Scale the peak of the burpee bar for the pull-ups or enable athletes to leap into the pull-up.
    • Scale the row energy to a minimum of 21/30.
    • Preserve the row energy if athletes can full them in below 3:00.
  • actions
    • Row | 30/21 energy, 3:00 max energy
    • Deadlift | Scale back loading
    • burpee pull ups | Scale back pull-up bar peak, burpee + leaping pull-ups


  • Restrictions
    • Accomplice choice:
    • 6 rounds for time every, with a companion:
    • 20/15 calorie row
    • 10 deadlifts (225/155 kilos)
    • 5 burpee pull-ups
    • One particular person works whereas the opposite rests.

Detailed Class Plan:

  • Whiteboard Temporary | 4:00 Minutes
  • Goal time | 4:00-6:00 per spherical
    • Set your self as much as preserve a fast tempo all through every spherical, even in case you decelerate throughout the whole exercise.
    • The 1:00 relaxation is not going to enable for full restoration, however it can permit you to alter your rowing tempo and total rep technique.
    • Row at a tempo that lets you end shortly and instantly come off of the rower and begin your deadlifts.
    • The deadlift weight ought to permit you to full consecutive units of seven+ reps with :10-:20 relaxation in between units.
    • Put up-workout focuses on core work. Carry out 50 sit-ups as shortly as doable, after which the remaining 50 slowly, with out the help of your arms.
  • Normal warm-up | 9:00 a.m.
    • objectives
    • Tools: barbell, rower, and a pull-up bar.
    • Accomplice athletes as much as implement the companion rowling warm-up.
    • If you do not have sufficient rowers, have athletes alternate: 30 of a motion whereas their companion rows, bikes, skis, or runs.
    • Whereas athletes are on the rower, give attention to serving to athletes hold the chain stage.
  • Accomplice rowling warm-up
    • Groups of two: Athletes alternate work and relaxation.
    • Groups of three: One athlete rows, one athlete rests.
  • We’ve got 6:00 Clock:
    • Groups who full probably the most 100-m intervals win.
    • Accomplice A: Rows to 100-m. For each meter Accomplice A rows below or over 100-m, BOTH companions should carry out that many reps of a penalty motion.
    • Accomplice B: As quickly as Accomplice A will get off of the rower, Accomplice B begins on their very own 100m row.
  • Steered Penalty Actions
    • barbell deadlifts
    • Scap push ups
    • Scap pull-ups
    • Push-ups or knee push-ups
  • Particular warm-up | 6:00 p.m.
    • objectives
    • Tools: containers for assisted leaping pull-ups.
    • Evaluate the deadlift and the burpee pull-up.
    • Construct the burpee pull-up scaling choices into the development.
    • Give athletes 8:00 to construct as much as the exercise deadlift weight.
    • Enable athletes to maneuver independently by way of the loading and burpee pull-up observe.
  • Deadlift and burpee pull-up evaluate | 10:00 a.m.
    • 3-5 coach-led reps + 3-5 athlete-led reps at every deadlift development.
    • Concentrate on the consistency of the deadlift setup and pushing the hips again on the way in which down.
    • Have athletes transfer for set seconds as an alternative of reps through the burpee pull-ups.
  • Progress/Focus: Deadlift
    • Deadlift // heels down, chest up, shoulders barely in entrance of the bar
    • Deadlift // push the hips again, hold the heels down
    • Gentle deadlifts // pause on the prime and observe tapping the bar to the bottom, then shortly standing
  • Development/Focus: Burpee pull-ups
    • Burpee-to-target // Soar and hold from the pull-up bar
    • Burpee + leaping pull-up // Use a low bar and soar into the pull-up
    • Burpee + box-assisted pull-up // Carry out the burpee, then step to the field for the leaping pull-up
    • Burpee pull-ups // Begin from a hold after which start the kip for the pull-up
  • Loading and motion prep | 8:00 minutes
    • Athletes ought to have a average load to cycle for 7+ reps all through the exercise.
    • 4 units:
    • 5 deadlifts (improve weight every set)
    • 2 burpee pull-ups
  • exercise | 7:00 p.m.
  • objectives
    • Alter athlete’s paces in the event that they seem like they’re going too quick to get proper on the barbell.
    • Concentrate on serving to athletes enhance their deadlift setup.
    • Concentrate on serving to athletes hold their heels down and push their hips again to cycle the deadlifts.
    • Encourage athletes to step again after which step up on the burpee to avoid wasting vitality for the pull-ups and later reps.
  • Search for:
    • Row
    • Bending the knees on the return earlier than the arms prolong
    • Whipping the chain up and down
  • Deadlifts
  • Bar away from the shines within the setup
  • Rounded again within the setup
  • Bending the knees first on the descent
  • Cues:
    • Row
    • Sluggish the return down and punch the arms again previous the knees first
    • Maintain the palms and arms stage all through the stroke
  • Deadlifts
  • Pull the bar into the shines
  • Pause within the setup and arch the chest up
  • Sluggish the descent and push the hips again exhausting whereas pulling the chest up.
  • settle down | 8:00 minutes
  • objectives
    • Give athletes 3:00-4:00 to chill down and clean-up.
    • Evaluate a fast-moving sit-up with an arm throw. Then evaluate a gradual sit-up with out arm help, like a “strict sit-up.”
    • Enable athletes to roll out or observe a sit-and-reach stretch to loosen up the again and hamstrings.
  • submit exercise
    • Sub 5 units x :30 of a sit-and-reach stretch if you do not have the power to foam roll.
    • 1 set:
    • 100 AbMat sit-ups
    • Carry out the primary 50 reps as quick as doable.
  • Accumulate
    • 2:00 foam roll decrease again
    • 2:00 foam roll higher again

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