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Disney Characters that Begin with R

rabbit from The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

Rabbit is a Disney character that begins with R within the Winnie the Pooh films. He’s considered one of Winnie-the-Pooh’s pals who tends to take the lead, not all the time with the result that he intends.

Rafiki from The Lion King

Rafiki is a mandrill who serves as a shaman and Royal Mjuzi in Disney’s 1994 animated function movie, The Lion King.

Rajah Aladdin

Rajah is Princess Jasmine’s loyal, protecting pet tiger in Disney’s 1992 animated function movie, Aladdin.

Raksha from The Jungle E-book (2016)

Raksha is a wolf who acts as Mowgli’s adoptive mom within the 2016 live-action movie adaptation of Disney’s The Jungle E-book.

Ramsey from The Good Dinosaur

Ramsey is the teenage Tyrannosaurus son of Butch in Disney Pixar’s 2015 animated function movie, The Good Dinosaur.

Randall Boggs from Monsters Inc. / Monsters College

Randall Boggs is a monster that’s envious of Sully (probably the most profitable and beloved monster at Monsters Inc.), he’s the primary unhealthy man within the film Monsters Inc.

Rapunzel from Tangled / Ralph Breaks the Web

Presumably probably the most well-known Disney character starting with R, Rapunzel is a princess with lengthy magical, golden hair who will get locked away in a tower by a depraved witch.

ray from The Princess and the Frog

Ray is a Cajun firefly with a romantic infatuation with the night star, Evangeline in Disney’s 2009 animated function movie, The Princess and the Frog.

ray gardner from Soul

Ray Gardner is a minor Disney Pixar character that begins with R. He’s Joe Garner’s father within the 2020 film Soul.

Stripe from Raya and the Final Dragon

Raya is a warrior who units out to trace down a dragon named Sisu within the film Raya and the Final Dragon.

razoul from Aladdin / The Return of Jafar / Aladdin and the King of Thieves

Razoul is the captain of the Agrabah Guard. and longtime rival of the infamous road rat, Aladdin.

RC Automotive from Toy Story

RC Automotive is Andy’s distant management toy automotive. He is ready to transfer on his personal till somebody takes maintain of the distant. He seems in Toys Story and Toy Story 2.

Internet from The Rescuers Down Underneath

Purple is a Disney character beginning with R, he’s a male pink kangaroo who seems in Disney’s 1990 animated function The Rescuers Down Underneath.

Purple Leaf (Minister of Autumn) from Tinker Bell and the Misplaced Treasure

Purple Leaf, the Minister of Autumn is a kindly male fairy that oversees the preparations for Autumn within the Tinker Bell films.

reflux from Incredibles 2

Reflux (whose actual title is Gus Burns) is a part of a bunch of second-rate Supers who aspire to affix the ranks of superheroes within the 2018 sequel Incredibles 2.

Remy from Ratatouille

Remy is the primary character within the 2007 Pixar film Ratatouille. He’s a blueish rat who desires of turning into a chef.

Rex from Toy Story / Toy Story 2 / Toy Story 3 / Toy Story 4

Rex is a reasonably main character within the Disney Pixar Toy Story franchise. He’s a plastic Tyrannosaurus Rex determine that initially belonged to Andy.

rhino from Bolt

Rhino is a hamster who’s Bolt’s greatest fan and has memorized each phrase from the canine’s TV present. He’s a serious character in Disney’s 2008 animated function movie Bolt.

Riley Anderson from Inside Out

Riley Andersen is an 11-year-old woman who loves ice hockey within the 2015 Disney/Pixar animated movie, Inside Out. She was moved from a contented and easy life in Minnesota to San Francisco the place many modifications occur in her life.

Ripslinger from Plans

Ripslinger is among the evil Disney characters that begin with the letter R. He’s the primary antagonist within the 2013 Disney animated function movie, Planes.

rita from Oliver & Firm

Rita is the one feminine member of Fagin’s canine gang at Disney’s Oliver & Firm. She acts as a mom determine to Oliver.

river scott from Automobiles 3

River Scott is a Disney character that begins with R within the film Automobiles 3. He’s a Piston Cup racer from the Fifties, who races as quantity 34.

Robaire from Turning Purple

Robaire is a minor Disney Pixar character that begins with R in Turning Purple. Robaire is Mei’s idol and the chief of the boy band 4☆City.

Robin Hood fromRobin Hood

The Disney model of Robin Hood is represented as an anthropomorphic fox who assaults Prince John and his cronies, who’ve raised taxes in Nottingham.

Rochelle from Plans

Rochelle is an impartial and succesful Canadian racer within the film Planes.

rocky from The Jungle E-book (2016)

Rocky the Rhino is an Indian rhinoceros who was dropped from the 1967 animated model of The Jungle E-book. However he does seem within the live-action remake.

rodriguez from Hen Little

Rodriguez is a personality in Hen Little. He’s a brown gopher with glasses who’s seen throwing away his baseball mitt and digging into the bottom.

roger doofenshmirtz from Phineas and Ferb The Film: Candace Towards the Universe

Roger Doofenshmirtz is the good-looking, charming, and profitable youthful brother of Heinz Doofenshmirtz within the Phineas and Ferb film.

roll from A Bug’s Life

Roll is a Hungarian pillbug within the film A Bug’s Life. Alongside along with his twin of his, Tuck, he acts as a cannonball in PT Flea’s circus troupe.

rolly from One Hundred and One Dalmatians / 101 Dalmatians II: Patch’s London Journey

Rolly is the biggest pup in Pongo and Perdita’s litter within the 1961 animated movie 101 Dalmatians. Rolly will get his title from him from his “rolly-polly” physique from him.

Ronno from Bambi II

Ronno is a stag and rival of Bambi within the second Bambi film. As a younger grownup deer, Ronno develops three factors on his antlers whereas Bambi solely has two.

roo from The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

Roo is a younger kangaroo who lives along with his mom Kanga within the Hundred Acre Wooden. He is an efficient good friend of Winnie-the-Pooh. He speaks with an Australian accent.

roper from Plans

Roper is a forklift truck and member of the pit crew within the 2013 Disneytoon Studios animated function movie, Planes.

roquefort from The Aristocats

Roquefort is a small mouse within the film The Aristocats. He lives in a mousehole inside Madame Bonfamille’s mansion and is nice pals with Duchess, a feminine cat,

Roscoe from Oliver & Firm

Roscoe is a secondary antagonist in Disney’s Oliver & Firm. He’s a Doberman belonging to Invoice Sykes.

Rose Rivera Coco

Rosa Rivera is the daughter of Berto and Carmen Rivera within the animated film Coco. She enjoys enjoying the violin.

Rosette from Tinkerbell

Rosetta is an enthralling backyard fairy within the Tinker Bell franchise who all the time tries to look her greatest, and loves giving magnificence ideas.

rosie from A Bug’s Life

Rosie is a black widow spider voiced by Bonnie Hunt within the Disney/Pixar movie A Bug’s Life.

rover from One Hundred and One Dalmatians

Rover is a delicate and mature pup that is among the 84 canine purchased by Cruella within the film 101 Dalmatians.

Roxane from A Goofy Film

Roxanne is an anthropomorphic canine who acts because the love curiosity of Max Goof within the 1995 movie A Goofy Film.

Roy from Wreck-It Ralph

Roy is {a partially} bald character with grey hair within the recreation Repair-It Felix, Jr which options within the film Wreck-It Ralph.

Roz from Monsters Inc. / Monsters College

Roz is a monster who seems like a large slug in Monsters, Inc. She holds all of the keys to the kids’s closets on Scare Ground F.

Ruby from Girl and the Tramp II: Scamp’s Journey

Ruby is among the members of the junkyard canine in Disney’s 2001 movie, Girl and the Tramp II: Scamp’s Journey.

Rudder Discovering Dory

Rudder is considered one of two sea lions that seem within the 2016 Disney/Pixar animated film, Discovering Dory. At any time when Gerald involves their rock they bark, “Off! Off! off!” at him.

rudy from The Emperor’s New Groove / Kronk’s New Groove

Rudy is the aged peasant who “threw off Emperor Kuzco’s groove” within the first film and seems once more as a essential character within the sequel Kronk’s New Groove.

Rufus from The Rescuers

Rufus is an aged cat in The Rescuers. He’s pals with Penny.

rusty from Residence On The Vary

Rusty is an outdated sheriff canine in Disney’s 2004 movie Residence on the Vary. He’s Buck’s greatest good friend and was voiced by GW Bailey.

Rusty McAllister from The Incredibles

Rusty McAllister is a tricycle-riding fan of superheroes who’s a minor character within the 2004 Disney Pixar animated movie The Incredibles.

ryder nattura from Frozen II

Ryder Nattura is a Disney character that begins with the letter R in Frozen II. He’s an optimistic member of the Northuldra tribe, who loves reindeer.

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