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Disney Delays MCU’s Section 7: Marvel’s New Timeline Defined

Marvel Studios shocked everybody again at San Diego Comedian-Con 2022 when it revealed not solely its Section 5 slate of movies but additionally a part of Section 6 as nicely. In flip, that meant followers knew precisely when Section 7 would begin: following the occasion of the last decade, Avengers: Secret Wars.

Nonetheless, as followers anticipated, some current delays have pushed the sixth avengers movie again half a yr. Sadly, which means regardless of the subsequent Saga was going to be, it must wait just a bit longer.

MCU’s Section 7 Will get Delayed


Initially, Marvel Studios had Section 7 films scheduled for two/13/2026, 5/1/26, 7/24/26, and 11/6/26. With Avengers 6’s current delay from November 7, 2025 to Could 1, 2026, the primary Section 7 film, which continues to be untitled, has been delayed virtually six months, from February 13, 2026, to July 24, 2026. A second post-Avengers 6 movie is now set for a November 6, 2026 debut.

Listed here are all of the shifts in Marvel’s Section 7 launch timeline that had been brought on by the delay:

  1. Untitled Marvel Film: February 13, 2026 strikes to July 24, 2026
  2. Untitled Marvel Film: Could 1, 2026 strikes to November 6, 2026
  3. Untitled Marvel Film: July 24, 2026 turns into undated
  4. Untitled Marvel Film: November 6, 2026 turns into undated

With two untitled Section 7 films now set to reach for the second half of 2026, here is what we predict they might be…

Will the X-Males Lastly Arrive?

Quicksilver, Magneto, Wolverine, Avengers

The most important query followers have had for Marvel Studios for years, ever since Disney’s buy of Twentieth Century Fox, has been when will mutants arrive within the MCU?

Positive, there was a slight tease on the finish of Ms Marveland Useless Pool 3 will star each Deadpool and Wolverine—however when will Marvel Studios actually introduce the X-Gene to its fictional world? Because the slate stands now, it does not seem to be it’ll occur at any level within the Multiverse Saga. Nonetheless, in relation to Section 7, it is all however a certainty. In truth, it would not be stunning if the following Saga is named the Mutant Saga.

The larger query is how Marvel Studios will go about introducing them. In relation to the 4 untitled Marvel films, it is arduous to see all of them being X-Males primarily based. Greater than doubtless, certainly one of them would be the institution of the X-Males as a crew—one thing that might even come after a couple of Disney+ Particular Shows introduces the world to varied members of the crew.

Nonetheless, there’s a probability that among the greater members, comparable to Wolverine, may get some solo adventures. The forged of Marvel mutants is ginormous, so not each character might be afforded a film.

The Incredible 4’s Continued Story

Mr. Fantastic, F4, Marvel Studios logo

Except for Mutants, one of many largest properties Marvel Studios acquired was the Incredible 4. At the moment, they don’t seem to be set to hit movie show screens till February 14, 2025. Seeing as their first outing might be proper earlier than the tip of the Multiverse Saga, there will be a lot extra tales to inform with them going into Section 7.

The current rumors of a Silver Surfer Particular Presentation additionally point out that Marvel Studios has each intention of utilizing Galactus sooner or later. So if he hasn’t already been used, it will actually be one of many first issues the household should take care of popping out of the Multiverse Saga.

Then there’s Physician Doom, who goes hand-in-hand with Richard Reeds and his household. It is unclear as of now if Victor Von Doom will play an integral function in Secret Wars as he does within the supply materials, but when he does not, the villain will virtually actually be a key focus going ahead.

In relation to these new 2026 slots, it is not going that any of them belong to a Incredible 4 sequel Nonetheless, a spot in 2027 might be sufficient time for Marvel to get the crew again collectively—nonetheless, a 2028 spot is much extra doubtless.

The Cosmic Standing

Guardians Cosmic Rewind, Eternals

After all the pieces settles down post-Secret Wars, Marvel will wish to set up what the cosmic scene seems to be like. The primary particular person to return to thoughts can be Carol Danvers or the members of the marvels normally. Relying on how subsequent yr’s team-up film goes, it would not be arduous to see Marvel Studios commissioning a 3rd film for Captain Marvel and her teammates from her.

Then there’s the Eternals—a franchise and set of characters whose future stays murky and unknown after the 2021 film did not land in addition to Marvel had preferred. However the forged and their related plotlines are all too huge to disregard, so that they’ll should be utilized not directly.

Whereas it isn’t clear how Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 will finish, it is protected to imagine that having some model of the crew lively might be a relentless all through the MCU’s historical past, very similar to the Avengers. A venture centering on them may simply be one of many 4 untitled Section 7 initiatives—particularly as they will be coming 4-5 years after James Gunn’s last movie.

There have been a handful of rumors that Marvel Studios will lastly be introducing Nova to the MCU within the type of a Particular Presentation—one that does not seem to be it could arrive till 2024 on the earliest. The character may additionally serve to begin a a lot bigger cosmic story involving Annihillus and his Annihilation for Section 7.

Hitting the Road-Stage

Spider-Man, Captain America, Marvel Studios

So there’s the Incredible 4 and re-establishing the cosmic scene, so what about these on the road degree? One of many huge potentialities is one other Tom Holland spider-man movie. Sony tends to attempt to pump them out pretty typically, and the fourth installment is presently rumored to hit in July of 2024.

Which means that both the 7/24/2026 to 11/6/2026 dates—or simply that timeframe normally—may make for a terrific debut timeframe for a fifth film. The venture may additionally introduce Miles Morales to the MCU if he hasn’t already been.

Then, there’s the Thunderbolts, which one may argue is a little bit above road degree. Nonetheless, given the participation of Bucky, US Agent, Yelena, Purple Guardian and Kingpin’s possible involvement, this crew of questionable of us may rely. After their 2024 movie, they’re additionally going to be primed for a sequel of some type.

Then, in fact, the world will nonetheless have a Captain America. However will it’s Sam, Steve Rogers, each, or another person fully? By the point 2026 and 2027 roll round, it is going to be prime time for an additional Cap journey to grace the MCU.

The Supernatural World

Man-Thing, Werewolf by Night, Elsa Bloodstone

Werewolf by Evening promised to solely be the beginning of the supernatural aspect of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Nonetheless, trying on the expansive slate of upcoming initiatives, not a lot of them appear to contain that a part of the world. so when The Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars come to an finish, possibly there will be extra time to leap into the proverbial deep finish.

Marvel may begin Section 7 off with a bang and showcase the Midnight Sons, a bunch of heroes who shield the waking world from the worst of the supernatural. The crew’s idea might be first teased in Secret Wars (or a derivative venture), the place it might be one of many alternate universes on Battleworld earlier than changing into an actual factor within the new Section 7 establishment.

This might additionally all occur or be arrange within the type of a sequel to 2024’s Blade, starring Mahershala Ali. Whereas the hero often focuses on vampires, his work does get him into hassle with different monsters. To not point out, what on this planet was he recruiting Dane Whitman for in Eternals?

The Great World of Magic

Clea, Doctor Strange

The magic aspect of the Marvel Cinematic Universe can even must be addressed by getting into this new section of initiatives. For one, there’ll all the time be the Sorcerer Supreme, who’ll have his function to play. This might nonetheless be Wong, Physician Unusual himself, or another person fully. This is not even mentioning their function with the Illuminati, which can or is probably not shaped already by this level.

Then there’s Simu Liu’s Shang-Chi. At the moment, the character is anticipated to guide a sequel to his 2021 film sooner or later towards the tip of the Multiverse Saga. This might make it unlikely that his third film would land in 2026 or 2027—so seeing a 3rd entry might be a great way off. A possible third Physician Unusual would discover itself in an analogous scenario.

Nonetheless, this nook of the MCU may additionally intersect with the X-Males and introduce Magik, who has the flexibility to make the most of the black magic from Limbo. That actually appears like one thing the Sorcerer Supreme on the time (which may nonetheless be Wong, a newly promoted Unusual, or another person) can be concerned with and will result in an replace on the magical world earlier than any of its main characters get one other film .

The MCU’s Thrilling Future

Kevin FeigeMarvel StudiosAvengers

With Jonathan Majors’ Kang the Conqueror theoretically within the rearview mirror, what stands to be the important thing over-arching risk for the following saga?

The 2 main candidates can be Physician Doom and Magneto. Although another guesses might be Apocalypse, Annihilus, Magus (Adam Warlock’s darker half), or Molecule Man. Whoever it’s can have a large legacy to reside as much as. Little doubt the shadow forged by Josh Brolin and Majors might be a protracted one.

With the following saga more likely to concentrate on Mutants, meaning its huge culminating avengers movies should revolve across the X-Gene. Might followers be a possible Avengers vs. X Males venture? Maybe the eighth entry within the sequence may even concentrate on the mighty Onslaught, who, within the comics, is described as a sentient psionic entity created from the consciousness of Professor Xavier and Magneto.

Whereas followers thought it was an thrilling time to be a Marvel fan again within the Infinity Saga, issues have solely escalated from there. Now followers most likely can not help however ask themselves, what may come in spite of everything that?

Avengers: Secret Wars is presently set to hit theaters on Could 1, 2026.


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