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Dumbbell Shoulder Press: The Final Information

The dumbbell shoulder press is a flexible, time-tested train that may provide help to construct well-developed, muscular shoulders. In principle, it’s a easy train – press the weights vertically overhead. Nonetheless, performing them improperly can result in shoulder instability and rotator cuff accidents that may hinder your positive factors and trigger immense discomfort.

This text will dive into the correct method to carry out the dumbbell shoulder press and its varied advantages. We can even study the most typical errors and the way to repair them. Many dumbbell shoulder press variations could be adjusted to hit completely different heads of the deltoids, particularly the entrance and aspect delts, one of the best of which we’ll talk about right now.

How To Do A Dumbbell Shoulder Press?

Whereas the seated and standing dumbbell shoulder press can be utilized interchangeably, the standing model includes far more coordination and core energy. The seated model additionally helps you raise extra weight, and the again help will help you add a number of additional reps. Thus, the seated dumbbell shoulder press is mostly really useful over the standing model, particularly for rookies.

One of the simplest ways to discover ways to do a dumbbell shoulder press is to divide it into three distinct phases:

1) The Setup

Studying to arrange appropriately is essential if you wish to progress injury-free on the dumbbell shoulder press. It helps you construct a steady shelf that you would be able to press from.

Maintain a dumbbell in every hand and place one on every thigh whereas seated on a bench. Newcomers can usually begin with lighter weights to study the correct kind and motion sample earlier than progressing.

Give the dumbbells a push along with your thighs to lift them, so you might be holding them simply over your shoulders along with your palms dealing with away from you. For dumbbells, you may additionally want to make use of a little bit of physique momentum to raise them to your shoulders.

Drive your ft firmly into the ground whereas pushing your higher and mid-back towards the backrest. Pull your shoulder blades down and collectively whereas pushing your chest out.

2) The Press

Press the dumbbells vertically upward in direction of the ceiling till your elbows are virtually locked. As your elbows straighten, the dumbbells ought to naturally drift nearer. Be certain they don’t bang towards one another since it will probably have an effect on your setup and trigger accidents, particularly with heavy masses.

Keep away from excessively arching your decrease again. Keep in mind, this isn’t a chest press. Many individuals with underdeveloped shoulders compensate by leaning again and altering the motion into one thing resembling an incline dumbbell press. This can be a harmful place on your shoulders to be in.

3) The Descend

Decrease the dumbbells till they’re simply above your shoulders. Usually, the handles find yourself according to your ears.

Management the eccentric portion of the motion for higher muscle contraction and hypertrophy. Earlier than initiating the subsequent rep, be certain your setup is holding agency.

Advantages of the Dumbbell Overhead Press

Though dumbbell shoulder press is primarily thought of a shoulder train, additionally it is efficient at focusing on the chest, triceps, and trapezius. The standing model will take a look at your belly energy, whereas different variations can hit the arms, forearms, and even rear delts.

The primary advantages of the dumbbell shoulder press are:

  • Construct excellent higher physique energy
  • Improved posture, wholesome and pain-free again
  • Versatility – Can be utilized as a part of a circuit for fats loss or rehab for these with accidents
  • Carryover to different workouts just like the overhead barbell press and bench press

Different Variations of the Dumbbell Overhead Press

1) ArnoldPress

Popularized by legendary bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger, this is a wonderful train for focusing on each head of the deltoids. As you rotate your wrists, some emphasis is placed on the aspect delts. Effectively-developed aspect delts give the phantasm of width and are among the many most vital muscle teams to coach for males.

2) Seated Barbell Shoulder Press

Change out the dumbbells for the barbell. The numerous benefit of this train is that most individuals can press considerably extra weight (about 10-20%), main to higher positive factors.

Nonetheless, it has a shorter vary of movement and will trigger muscle imbalances if performed solely.

3) Standing Barbell Overhead Press

This train is the OG of all higher physique actions. It’s a whole-body motion that requires stability and coordination. If performed appropriately, they will help you construct wholesome, boulder shoulders.

4) Landmine Shoulder Press

Athletes, boxers and fight athletes generally use it to develop punching energy and core energy. As soon as it’s performed unilaterally, it will probably assist determine and proper any energy imbalances. Because of its diagonal bar path, additionally it is extra snug for these with shoulder points.

Widespread Errors

1) Urgent arms inconsistently

This can be a frequent sight in lots of gyms – ego lifters pushing weights they can’t deal with, ending up injured within the course of.

The repair: If one aspect/ arm is weaker, you could work with lighter dumbbells. Concurrently, carry out isolation actions to strengthen your triceps and core.

2) Slamming the dumbbells towards one another

As mentioned earlier, this may throw off your stability and setup.

The repair: Take into consideration launching the dumbbells into the ceiling. Not solely will this provide help to raise extra weight, however it’ll additionally provide help to concentrate on urgent the dumbbells straight overhead.

3) Not utilizing a full vary of movement

It might be tempting to raise heavy weights with a smaller vary of movement to impress your buddies. Nonetheless, this could trigger extreme accidents and diminished muscle positive factors over time.

The repair: Carry out whole, full reps whereas performing the dumbbell shoulder press. Management the descent and concentrate on preserving pressure on the deltoids.

Security and Precautions

All the time get a inexperienced sign out of your physician/ healthcare supplier earlier than beginning any exercise routine.

In case you have a shoulder, neck, or again harm, staying away from the dumbbell shoulder press is advisable.

Begin with gentle weights. Don’t hesitate to finish the session instantly in case you really feel ache whereas performing the train. Whereas elite athletes have discovered the fitting stability between ache and discomfort, rookies are sometimes influenced by statements corresponding to ‘push previous the ache.’ This may show detrimental and result in lifelong accidents.


What’s the distinction between a shoulder press and an overhead press?

These are interchangeably used phrases. The barbell standing model is sometimes called the “overhead press,” whereas any dumbbell/machine various is named the “shoulder press.”

How a lot weight ought to I be capable to overhead press?

It will differ from individual to individual, relying on gender, top, weight, coaching expertise, and genetics.

Nonetheless, with constant effort, most ladies ought to be capable to overhead press over 100 lbs, whereas most males can raise over 135 lbs for a number of repetitions.

Will overhead press construct abs?

Overhead urgent, particularly with heavy weights, requires glorious belly bracing and trunk coordination. They will help construct your abs and obliques.

What number of reps of the overhead press ought to I do?

It’s advisable to remain inside the 8-25 rep vary for hypertrophy. Powerlifters and strongmen typically work with 1-rep maxes and 3-rep maxes to check their energy.

If you wish to look good and keep match, staying inside 8-12 reps (whereas making certain progressive overload) is an efficient aim.

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