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Eat This Interview | NEAV on being ‘Built the Same’ as others

“Thank you! It’s really awesome to have this one out in the world, ”NEAV says to Eat This Music at the top of the Q & A for her latest single from her. “I think looking back on it, I’ve had the song ready to go for a long while so it’s really just awesome to have it finally out. It is a song that I’m really proud of and definitely represents my current state as an artist at this moment in time.”

NEAV’s newest song ‘Built The Same’ came from the idea that some people do things that are just so alien. “Sometimes there will be people in life that will act a certain way that you could never imagine acting or reacting to a situation in a way you never would,” NEAV says on the release of the song. “The song comes from this place of confusion and frustration where I eventually conclude that sometimes that’s just the way life is, people are “built” differently and can’t coexist as a result.”

“I think because I had the song for so long ready to be released. It allowed me time to appreciate the song and get excited for it to be out, but it also gave me the opportunity to be overly critical.” — AVEN

Reflecting on the aforementioned quote, NEAV realized that in the future she should be more forgiving with herself and trust the process. Overall, though, with this song, she reveals that she would say she is super proud of the song but she tends to overthink and be critical of her own work sometimes if given the chance.

At the time of writing ‘Built The Same’, there were a select few people that NEAV had to interact with during the process, however, it turns out they weren’t as compatible with her in the way she handles life.

“They were cruel in their actions and I wanted to somehow fix them and show them that being kind is always the better option,” NEAV says. “I wanted to tackle this topic in the song to express both my frustration as well as present the solution of acceptance. It acts as a reminder to just be you, even when others around you are harmful to themselves and others.”

NEAV has found herself tackling subjects similar to this throughout her music as a form of therapy as well as hopefully helping other people to stay true to themselves in the face of adversity.

In saying that though, NEAV’s latest song turned out to reflect what she was feeling really well. “I think that it’s one thing to articulate your emotions through lyrics, and a whole other level to express thoughts through melodies,” NEAV continues. “I think sometimes a song won’t always express everything I’m feeling, but “Built the Same” definitely is a true representation of the idea in song form.”

On the creative process – NEAV got the idea for the song randomly one afternoon and ended up coming up with a melody and chords on the piano along with initial ideas for lyrics in the verse. From there, NEAV took those ideas into an online writing session with David Turley and they immediately resonated with NEAV’s vision and concept of him.

“The song was finished in about an hour or two and from there we went back and forth recording and producing the track,” NEAV expands on the creative process of the new song. “My team and I decided to bring in Tristan Barton to add more of an edge to the production to give it more of a “NEAV” vibe and then the song was finalized. It was super cool to work remotely on the project, having never physically met David or Tristan, and come out on the other side with something we are all super proud of.”

“I love that every song has its own little personality, and I have grown to love and be proud of “Built the Same” just as it is now.” — AVEN

With this song, NEAV hopes that it can maybe help people to understand and become ok with the fact that some people are just the way they are, sadly, and sometimes people can’t do anything about it. “I also would love for listeners to find their own meaning within my work as I find that the transcendence of what a song was originally written about beautiful,” NEAV adds.

“I see NEAV as an alter ego,” the artist out of the Sydney artist tells Eat This Music. “I decided I wanted to make my name much more accessible and unique so we changed my real name “Niamh” to [a] much more modern spelling. NEAV has elements of me, we are both dramatic and creative, but she’s a bit more confident and has an edge that I don’t have in my personal life.”

Having an artist name has been an empowering experience for the Australian artist and has allowed her to explore her artistry more in-depth as see the work objectively and doesn’t have to take it too personally. The NEAV project itself also allows her to separate her personal life from her work life which has evidently been very freeing. “I think that the name not only reflects my sound but my overall aesthetic really well which is exactly why we decided to change the name in the first place,” NEAV says.

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