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Enchanted Easter Eggs, Details, And Trivia Advised By Director

As you most likely already know (or else why would you have got clicked onto this publish!), the long-anticipated sequel to Enchanted, Disenchantedpremiered final week on Disney+.

And to have a good time, D23’s Twitter account (the official Disney fan membership) had a watch occasion of the unique film with the movie’s director, Kevin Lima — seen beneath with Amy Adams on set in the course of the filming of enchanted.

In the course of the watch occasion, Kevin — who additionally directed one other iconic Disney film, Goofy Film — revealed a ton of enjoyable info, homages, and Easter eggs about enchanted.

It is nearly time for our Enchanted watch occasion! Comply with alongside for enjoyable info and Easter eggs from the movie’s director, Kevin Lima (@GoofyMovieDir). Use the hashtag #D23Enchanted—🎵that is how we’ll know🎵 you are becoming a member of within the watch occasion!

Disney/ Twitter: @DisneyD23

Under are a few of my favourite tidbits I realized about enchanted.


The citadel inside seen at first of the movie is modeled after the interiors of the citadel in sleeping magnificence:

The basic Disney citadel is Sleeping Magnificence’s citadel, so we primarily based the interiors on artwork from SLEEPING BEAUTY. —@GoofyMovieDir #D23Enchanted

Disney/ Twitter: @DisneyD23


Julie Andrews, who after all narrates the movie, and Kevin had labored collectively earlier than. He was the director of Eloise on the Plaza and Eloise at Christmastime —wherein she performed Nanny:

I had made 2 ELOSIE TV motion pictures with Julie Andrews and will consider no higher particular person to instantly set the tone—this can be a love letter to basic Disney animation. —@GoofyMovieDir #D23Enchanted

Disney/ Alamy/ Twitter: @DisneyD23


If Giselle’s cottage seemed prefer it was straight out of a basic Disney fairy story film, it is as a result of it is a mash-up of the Dwarfs’ cottage from Snow White and the Three Good Fairies’ cottage from sleeping magnificence:

Giselle’s cottage is a mash up of the dwarfs’ cottage from SNOW WHITE and the fairies’ cottage from SLEEPING BEAUTY. Discover that all the pieces is spherical, to distinction with New York Metropolis. —@GoofyMovieDir #D23Enchanted

Twitter: @DisneyD23


The scene the place Giselle kisses the turtle is a homage to 2 scenes from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs:

Some may suppose that this Easter egg is a bit obscure…Giselle’s forest associates stack up just like the dwarfs in SNOW WHITE and she or he kisses the turtle gently on the highest of his bald head, like Snow White kissing Dopey. —@GoofyMovieDir #D23Enchanted

Twitter: @DisneyD23


The frog that jumps by means of the window of Giselle’s cottage was really a nod to the upcoming The Princess and the Frog film, which premiered two years after enchanted was launched:

Though THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG hadn’t been launched but, I knew that it was in manufacturing, so I added this delicate homage to the upcoming movie. —@GoofyMovieDir #D23Enchanted

Twitter: @DisneyD23


Equally, later within the movie, Kevin put in a nod to Tangled:

I additionally knew that Disney Characteristic Animation was creating a movie that on the time was titled RAPUNZEL and have become TANGLED. The lady taking part in our Rapunzel is my daughter. —@GoofyMovieDir #D23Enchanted

Twitter: @DisneyD23


The scene the place Prince Edward dances with Nathaniel whereas singing “True Love’s Kiss” is a direct reference to the scene in sleeping magnificence the place Prince Phillip tells his father that he’s going to marry the “maiden” he met within the forest:

My course was: Pay homage to Prince Philip dancing along with his father, King Hubert when he returns from assembly the lady he will marry. —@GoofyMovieDir #D23Enchanted

Disney/ Twitter: @DisneyD23


Queen Narissa’s dungeon is designed to appear to be the Evil’s Queen’s dungeon from Snow White:

Some have stated that Narissa’s lair was designed to appear to be Ursula’s underwater cavern in THE LITTLE MERMAID, and I can see how one may suppose that, but it surely was actually designed to appear to be the Evil Queen’s dungeon/laboratory in SNOW WHITE. —@GoofyMovieDir #D23Enchanted

Disney/ Twitter: @DisneyD23


Whereas Giselle’s marriage ceremony carriage is designed to appear to be Cinderella’s marriage ceremony carriage:

Giselle’s marriage ceremony carriage is a homage to Cinderella’s marriage ceremony carriage on the finish of CINDERELLA. —@GoofyMovieDir #D23Enchanted

Disney/ Twitter: @DisneyD23


The scene the place Giselle is the other way up and about to open the manhole cowl is an homage to the scene the place Alice is the other way up after falling down the rabbit gap in alice in wonderland:

I wished to actually flip Giselle utterly upside-down when she arrived within the “actual’ world. Like Alice her life de ella is about to get “curiouser and curiouser.” —@GoofyMovieDir #D23Enchanted

Disney/ Twitter: @DisneyD23


The film’s characters have final names that reference different Disney characters each animated and live-action motion pictures:

All the characters which have final names are named after Disney characters. I am undecided if we ever say or see Robert’s final identify, however being our prince, he is named after the one prince with a correct identify, Prince Philip—thus, Robert Philip. —@GoofyMovieDir #D23Enchanted

Disney/ Twitter: @DisneyD23


Apart from the reporter Prince Edward sees on TV. That character was named after Mary Costa, who voiced Princess Aurora; Ilene Woods, who voiced Cinderella; and Adriana Caselotti, who voiced Snow White:

The Reporter’s identify is Mary Ilene Casselotti after the three actresses that performed Aurora, Cinderella and Snow White. —@GoofyMovieDir #D23Enchanted

Disney/ Twitter: @DisneyD23


The identify of the regulation agency the place Robert works is called after Frank Churchill, Paul Smith, and Leigh Harline who wrote the songs and rating for Snow White:

We named the regulation agency Robert’s works at, Churchill, Haline & Smith after the tune writers of SNOW WHITE. —@GoofyMovieDir #D23Enchanted

Disney/ Twitter: @DisneyD23


The resort Prince Edward and Nathaniel check-in to is called after the Grand Duke from cinderella:

The Grand Duke Lodge is called after the Grand Duke from CINDERELLA. Like this one, generally the names simply popped into my head, and at different instances, I would need to do analysis and make lists of prospects. —@GoofyMovieDir #D23Enchanted

Disney/ Twitter: @DisneyD23


And lastly, the cleaning soap opera Prince Edward watches within the resort not solely options Paige O’Hara, who voiced Belle, but in addition options the Magnificence and the Beast rating in cleaning soap opera-style music:

Edward watches the “magic mirror” and there is Paige O’Hara, the voice of Belle in BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. Hearken to the rating and it is a dramatic parody of “Magnificence and the Beast.” —@GoofyMovieDir #D23Enchanted

Disney/ Alamy/ Twitter: @DisneyD23

You possibly can learn much more behind-the-scenes info about enchanted over on D23’s Twitter. Additionally, your entire thread will most likely make you need to give it a rewatch, too, if you have not seen it not too long ago!!!

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