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Football: Beaten at Costières by Caen (0-1), the scores of Nîmes Olympique against the Normans.

At the end of a rather pleasant match for a first day of the championship, Nîmes Olympique lost on the wire against Caen, punished in additional time on a goal from Kyeremeh (90th + 4).

Slides (5): did not have to work once during the first half hour. Diverts a cross from Vandermesch with his fist that the Nîmes goalkeeper could have captured (49th). Closes his first post well on a recovery from Essende (52nd) before being saved by his post, on the corner which follows, on a header from Mendy. Wins, with authority, on a center with a line from Vandermesch (62nd) before doing the same by leaving quickly on a plunging free kick from the left-hander Court. Powerless on the Caen goal of incoming Kyremeh, shot at close range by the striker who played in Annecy last season (90th + 4).

Durand de Gevigney (6): for the first time in his professional career and in Ligue 2, the former Versailles player had quite a client in the person of the imposing Essende. A complicated start to the meeting in the recovery with five approximations in the first quarter of an hour. He recovered well thereafter, incisive in his defensive interventions. Warned for a tackle too high on Court (67th).

Foal (5): from the height of his 35 years, the central defender played it with experience in the defense with 3 crocos, intelligently cutting the opposing trajectories. Deflects a dangerous center from Court to Mendy (43rd) with a header. Caught up, as soon as the second act resumed, by Essende, whose attempt ended in a corner (47th). Serious game.

Guessum (5): watchful of the marking throughout the match. Warned by the referee for a tackle too heavy on Essende at the corner of the surface (18th). Interrupts, with authority, the breakthrough of Kyeremeh (81st).

Vargas (5): focused and serious defensively, in addition to being active offensively on his right side. Has constantly proposed solutions even if it was not always found. Replaced by The maid (75th) post for post.

Fomba (cap., 4): tried to boost the tempo in his sentry post in the middle and was able to be present, especially during the first period. The Gard captain then died out after the break, like most of his teammates. Warned just before the break (44th) for dragging his feet on Daubin.

Thomasen (3): an interesting strike, although too little supported, which ends up in the arms of Mandrea, the Caen goalkeeper (6th). Too inside, however, on the whole meeting. Not punchy enough and logically replaced by N’Guessan (66th).

Sadzout (5): a good cross from the left to Kone (11th) that the Senegalese could not exploit with a header. Author of a return, in extremis, in his area to annihilate a Caen action and put the ball for a corner (44th) following a deep ball from Mendy towards Vandermesch. Like its counterpart on the right, Vargas, it gave way to Eliasson (75th), which, rather in legs, was immediately illustrated with his left foot by two dangerous crosses. Also badly negotiated a dangerous free kick (86th) at the angel of the surface, left side, by sending the ball … into touch on the opposite side.

Benrahu (4): in the first period, the playmaker was rather well found between the lines, his technique then making the difference, even if he was not decisive enough. Procrastinate too much when arming his shot in the Caen area, taken over by the defense of Malherbe (45th + 3). Too little responsiveness in certain situations, especially in the opposing area. gave way to Benezet (84th) who, as soon as he entered the game, recovered the captain’s armband from Fomba.

Koné (4): Voluntary, generous in effort, the Senegalese striker spared no effort but lacked spontaneity on a cross from Tchokounté (45th + 3). His duet, in attack, with Tchokounté still logically requires some adjustments. The Senegalese got the biggest croco chance but lost his face to face with Mandrea after getting the better of Norman defender Cissé. Before being replaced by Omarson (84th)

Tchokounte (4): serving as a point of attachment in attack, the croco center-forward has done a lot of work without counting his efforts. Often caught in the middle of the Caen rearguard, the rookie from Nîmes did what she could. Only one situation for the former Dunkirk who could not frame his head on a cross from the left of Eliasson (90th + 1).

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