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Formula 1 | Rosberg warns Russell: Hamilton hates being beaten by a teammate

George Russell, aka “Mr. Consistency,” has had a more than successful start to the season at Mercedes F1, consistently finishing in the top five this year. He also has 3 podiums and above all 111 points, 34 more than his teammate and seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton.

Former member of the house, Nico Rosberg is following the internal situation of the German team very closely. He salutes Russell’s exceptional performances but warns him: Hamilton is not the type to like being beaten by a teammate.

“George has done an excellent job, even phenomenal if you take into account that the car is very difficult to drive. To be as consistent, to drive as well, not to make the slightest mistake, to always get the most the car, it was brilliant,” said the 2016 world champion.

“On Saturday in Canada, we could have told him ‘ok, be careful, bring us another 4th or 5th place in qualifying’, but no. He said ‘I’m going to put on the slicks, I’m only interested in pole position ‘. It’s really awesome.”

“Lewis is driving at his best. He’s just been unbelievably unlucky this season with all these things that have happened to him. He had a normal weekend this time and got a more usual result but still just as awesome.”

“This driver pair is so strong it’s unbelievable, but don’t get me wrong: Lewis passionately hates being beaten by a teammate, so he’ll be ultra motivated and pushing hard internally.”

“In the race, the Mercedes car was really decent. I liked the way George progressed from the start, overtaking one car after another at the hairpin.

“I think they’re making progress, but there’s still room to catch up with Red Bull and Ferrari. They won’t be able to win at Silverstone, they’re still too far away.”

Verstappen dominates, Sainz does not have the level of a world champion

Nico Rosberg also welcomed the new victory of Max Verstappen, who dominated the weekend in Montreal and offered a good resistance to Carlos Sainz at the end of the Grand Prix.

“Max has just had some really impressive races. He has such confidence and drives at an incredible level.

“He drove to perfection despite difficult circumstances in qualifying, and the pressure put on by Sainz should not be underestimated.”

“Inside the car it’s a horrible feeling. You’ve executed everything perfectly but because of a safety car you suddenly have a Ferrari taking advantage of DRS’ triple zone to put a big pressure.”

“If you make the slightest mistake, he will pass, but Max handled the situation perfectly.”

“Sainz is a good driver for Ferrari, but he doesn’t have what it takes to become world champion yet. In terms of performance, Charles Leclerc has outplayed him in every race this year.”

“He still needs to improve a lot and that’s a bit of a surprise after last season. Of course the car is completely different, so maybe he needs more time to figure it all out.”

Alonso still drives at an incredible level

The 2016 world champion also paid tribute to Fernando Alonso, who qualified on the front row for the first time in over a decade this weekend in Canada. And the German affirms that the Alpine F1 driver is more than ever in his place in the premier category.

“I’m a big fan of Alonso right now. We all know that in terms of ability and skills he’s one of the best of all time.”

“He sometimes lacked that social skill, he often struggled when he was in the top teams with the top cars. They didn’t really want him anymore because of the bridges that were burned in the past.

“That will have been one of his weaknesses in terms of getting better results, but in terms of talent he is one of the best ever or close to it.”

“It’s so cool for him to still be able to drive at such a level. I was disgusted for him in Canada, I wanted him to be on the podium. I think Alpine made a mistake, they could have s ‘stop at the pits.’

“He drives incredibly well and there shouldn’t even be any discussion about him taking over from someone else in F1. He totally deserves to be where he is.”

“His riding style is spectacular, fans all over the world love it and he is a great asset to the Alpine team.”

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