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Formula 1 | With Porsche in F1, Red Bull is not betting ‘on the short term’

This week, a document confirmed the links between Red Bull and Porsche, which will be via a joint venture and a purchase of shares in the German manufacturer. But Christian Horner also confirmed this Saturday in Hungary that discussions are still ongoing, not everything has been stopped on the F1 side.

“There is a healthy dialogue with Porsche and I think it’s a good thing that companies like Porsche and Audi are seriously considering entering Formula 1. There are some major hurdles that we have to overcome before things can progress. “ explained Horner.

“It’s mainly about the final engine rules. Will they be fair and equitable for newcomers? That’s the first piece of the puzzle that needs to be completed.”

Horner hopes that the final regulations will be quickly validated by Formula 1 and the FIA, so that Volkswagen, via Porsche and Audi, can confirm its commitment to the discipline by 2026.

“I know the FIA ​​are working hard on this. Hopefully in the coming weeks we can see it. At that time we will be able to try to have a more in-depth discussion with the guys. from Porsche.”

“It’s going to be quite a long process, I guess. The most fundamental thing is, what are the regulations for 2026, and are they attractive enough for an entity like Porsche or Audi to come to Formula 1?

A partnership linked to the “philosophy” of Red Bull

Horner assures, however, that nothing is done for Porsche in F1, and that the two parties are working on a long-term agreement: “We are really only at the discussion stage and there are a lot of caveats based on the regulations.

“Strategically it would obviously have to fit into the long-term plans Red Bull has for its Formula 1 involvement. Everything we look at is done from a long-term perspective. We are not looking for a short-term solution. term.”

“Red Bull has demonstrated its commitment to Formula 1, its longevity in the sport, first as a sponsor, then as a team owner, then as a dual team owner, then as a as promoter of a circuit, etc…”.

And Horner to explain that Red Bull wants an agreement with Porsche which respects its intentions in F1, its implication, and the way in which the firm is integrated there for many years now, without changing its image.

“So, of course, there are attractions to that. But obviously any partnership has to match the Red Bull philosophy, the DNA, the culture of who we are, the way we race and what we have accomplished.”

“That would be absolutely fundamental to any discussion about not changing that. We’ve been successful for a reason and of course any discussion about that would be conditional on any involvement.”

Red Bull, a “phenomenal” project in Formula 1

If Red Bull Racing wants to protect its way of engaging in Formula 1, it is because Dietrich Mateschitz, CEO of Red Bull, has a global vision that Horner welcomes and wants to respect. Regardless of the opposite partner, Horner wants Red Bull to keep their way of approaching things.

“Dietrich Mateschitz, what he has brought to Formula 1, and not just Formula 1, to motorsport as a whole, has been phenomenal. He certainly wouldn’t accept anything that could jeopardize the future of the team. in any way.”

“We are investing in other areas. The announcement of the RB17, which will be Red Bull’s first production car, is extremely exciting. We have made other appointments and recruitments which will be announced shortly and which are exciting for the project, and I think things are really taking shape.”

“You can see in Milton Keynes that we have gone from an industrial estate or a few units on an industrial estate to a technology campus. And the group’s investment has been considerable. The engine factory (named Rindt, in honor of Austrian Jochen Rindt) is now ready.”

“With the new engine regulations for 2026, we will be the only team other than Ferrari to have everything under one roof, on one site, on one campus, and that is extremely exciting for us. Red Bull has seen tremendous growth in the sport. I think that commitment, that investment has been unparalleled.”

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