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Good Burger: 5+ Thoughts I Had While Rewatching The Nickelodeon Movie

Over the years, cinema has produced some truly memorable buddy comedies, from Some Like It Hot and The Blues Brothers to Thelma & Louise and super bad. One film in the genre that’s truly found its way into viewers’ hearts is Good Burger. The 1997 Nickelodeon movie, which served as a vehicle for rising stars Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell, was an interesting way for Paramount Pictures to build on Nick’s film portfolio. However, it proved to be a commercial success and, over two decades later, it’s still highly popular. Ahead of its 25th anniversary, I rewatched the movie myself, and a few thoughts ran through my head as I did.

Good Burgerdirected by Brian Robbins (the current CEO of Paramount and Nick), was adapted from the all that sketch of the same name. The breezy romp centers on the dim-witted, but lovable Ed, who teams up with high school underachiever Dexter Reed to save the restaurant he’s devoted his life to. The result is a humorously sweet adventure about friendship, loyalty and fast food. I’ve watched the film many times but not as critically as I did this time around. So let’s stop wasting time and start talking out these thoughts, dudes!

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Kel Mitchell’s Performance As Ed Is Somehow Even Better Than I Remembered

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