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Home Grown Liquid Condiments Brand Cremica Gaining Over Leaving International Players Behind

August 5: After Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to power in 2014, he launched his ‘Make in India’ campaign inviting international brands to come and manufacture in India. The government promoted the idea that the brands could benefit from a large supply of skilled and unskilled labor and a favorable atmosphere for the businesses to thrive. Owing to this shift in thinking and approach, homegrown companies have experienced great growth in recent years and are prospering in a cutthroat industry.

Indian businesses are on the verge of a fascinating transformation. With people choosing to “go vocal for local” and purchase “made in India” goods, many industries are experiencing growth. The spirit of “atmanirbhar” is stronger today throughout the nation. Earlier, anything imported or “foreign” was seen to be the greatest, whether it was household goods or food brands. Anything foreign was thought to be of the highest caliber. This perspective has gradually evolved through time. It is acceptable to state that domestic brands are now competitive with those abroad. Local brands dispel the misconception that consumers must sacrifice quality when doing business with Indian firms.

One such homegrown brand which is giving tough competition to some of the biggest international names is Cremica food industries limited, a liquid condiments manufacturer is known for its premium quality ketchup, spreads, mayonnaise, etc. It achieved an impressive turnover value of Rs 250 crore in Financial Year 2021-22. Today, the brand has more than 350 distributors across the country and aims to reach the target turnover of Rs 400 crore in the next two years.

It is a well-known Indian brand that leads the country’s mayonnaise and sauce markets and is renowned for its innovative recipes, cutting-edge research, and high production standards. This has been made possible by the brand’s creative marketing strategy, commitment to quality, and investment in premium manufacturing facilities. Cremica has also established a strong hold on the food service industry. Major Clients of the company include McDonald’s, KFC, Subway, Dominos, Haldiram’s, Bikaner’s, La Pino’s Pizza, Pizza Hut, PVR, Faasos, etc.

Cremica’s Growth Story

Cremica has made a name for itself as a food products conglomerate over the past three decades by dominating the food processing sector with its wide range of goods, production facilities that are internationally approved, consistently high-quality products, and unparalleled industry knowledge. In international quality testing and taste evaluations, the brand continually receives excellent marks for its quality and innovations.

Mr. Akshay Bector, Chairman & Managing Director of Cremica Food Industries Ltd., is the business owner. Mr. Bector played a key role in the company’s rapid expansion. He produced the first vegetarian mayonnaise in India and Indian-inspired sandwich mayo flavors including tandoori and mint. The Cremica Group was established in 1978 by Mrs. Rajni Bector, who turned her passion for making ice cream into a small backyard business. Cremica Food Industries Ltd. created the first vegetarian mayonnaise and Opera crisps in India, a type of cottage-style potato crisp. Mr. Akshay Bector rapidly expanded the business by setting up a modern bread plant in 1989, followed by joint ventures and arrangements with McDonald’s to manufacture liquid condiments, buns & batter and breading premixes. The brand has also established a stronghold in the food service industry.

“We have made a mark for ourselves in an industry in which large players like Nestle dominate. This is because we understand the needs and expectations of the Indian consumer. Not just that, we work directly with the farmers, use the most advanced machinery, and ensure that the benefits are passed on to those who contribute to Cremica’s success.This is why we are thrilled to achieve the 250-crore turnover, and we want to continue growing and make our brand an international name in this category,” said Mr Akshay Bector, chairman and managing director of Cremica Foods Ind. Ltd.

Growth with a purpose

Since 1996, Cremica has given many tomato producers a living and a job. For the first three to five years, 300 to 400 farmers worked with the company to grow quality crops and cultivate tomatoes. In 2018, Cremica Food Park was created to facilitate Cremica Foods’ production of tomato paste. About 1500 farmers involved in the production of tomatoes quickly joined Cremica for supplies and established themselves as successful producers. The company uses Italian technology, and the capacity of their food park is 650 tonnes per day with a production rate of 30 tonnes per hour per line. With cutting-edge technology, Cremica assists farmers in achieving rapid productivity in a short amount of time.

Cremica has been supporting the farmers as it continues to grow rapidly in the Indian market because of its unique approach. It has been clocking strong growth in the last five years as the Indian market is evolving and the consumer perception is changing. The brand has managed to gain the trust of millions of customers and continues to expand its footprint in the market because of the quality it offers. It is also extending the reach of its food parks to source raw material from the farmers directly and provide them with opportunities. As the company grows, it wants to ensure that everyone involved in its success grows.


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