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How Disney+’s Andor May Have Featured A Jedi

Cassian Andor graced the display screen in Disney’s Rogue Onea gritty depiction of the intergalactic insurrection. Rogue One was a stand-alone film that linked Star Wars Episodes I-III, Clone Wars, Solo, and Dangerous Batch with Star Wars Episodes IV-VI. It served as a pseudo-puzzle piece that linked the Clone Wars period to its later half (and defined how the rebels famously acquired the Dying Star blueprints).

Andor tells the story of Cassian (Diego Luna) 5 years earlier than the occasions of Rogue One. In doing so, the sequence serves as a hyperlink to Star Wars creations that don’t primarily function Jedi. Andor explores the insurrection in all its glory with out Jedi/The Skywalker Saga as a central premise and even an on-screen presence.


Nonetheless, a preferred fan idea suggests in any other case. Luthen Rael (Stellan Skarsgård) portrays an elusive, calculating character who coordinates the early stirrings of the insurrection. At a look, Luthen seems to be a mysterious insurgent chief and not using a full backstory. When examined extra intently, Andor offers compelling proof that Luthen is (or was) a Jedi.

Affect from Star Wars Literature


Within the books Grasp and Apprentice and Dooku: Jedi Misplaced a facet character bears hanging similarities to Luthen Rael. The novels introduce Rael Alverross, the primary apprentice and former padawan of Dooku. Within the final literary look of Alverross, he rebuffed Dooku’s provide to affix him in his “newfound energy of him.” Rael turned away his former grasp and the accompanying darkish facet, and he defined his intention to return to the temple on Coruscant. He knowledgeable Dooku that he had chosen the sunshine and proceeded to finish contact, thus concluding his story of him to this point.

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Rael voiced his intention to return to Coruscant, however the final recognized location for the outcast Jedi is on the planet Pijal. This led to an general murky understanding of the place Rael ended up across the occasions of Order 66. What if Rael by no means journeyed again to Coruscant? Might Luthen have altered his identify from him, donned a brand new id, and left the Jedi Order altogether?

Luthen’s Holocrons, Kyber Crystal, and Lightsaber


Luthen’s curated store of vintage relics spans the galaxy; he presents cultural artifacts from Chandrila, Mandalorian armor, masks from fallen Jedi temple guards, and notably, Jedi and Sith holocrons. These holocrons could possibly be a part of his “cowl” of him on Coruscant. Sith artifacts are recognized to “masks” Jedi and force-sensitive people. This might make it considerably more durable for Inquisitors or Darth Sidious to sense Luthen on Coruscant.

Yoda took comparable motion in Star Wars Episode V. The fugitive Jedi grasp took refuge on the planet Dagobah. There, Yoda resided close to a cave that hosted a darkish facet nexus. As a result of the nexus website was so wealthy within the energy of the darkish facet, it’s doubtless that its prevalence within the pressure overshadowed Yoda solely.

Later within the sequence, Luthen presents Cassian with a blue Kyber crystal as collateral for the Aldhani financial institution heist. For context, Jedi earn Kyber crystals throughout their coaching, and those self same crystals function the facility supply for lightsabers. As a result of Kyber crystals are very uncommon, Luthen having one is inherently irregular and suspicious. Granted, he might have stumbled upon it as a collector of uncommon gadgets, however his reverence and sentimentality for it counsel there’s one thing extra to the story.

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Along with his Kyber crystal, Luthen is seen wielding a singular cane. The cane is inspected by one in all Noticed Gerrera’s guards, and within the quick close-up, it resembles the hilt of a lightsaber. Given what audiences know to this point, it might merely be a coveted historic relic with a coincidentally comparable design. Nonetheless, if it is a lightsaber, it is sensible that the over-prepared, paranoid, clandestine insurgent would conceal it in plain sight. Whether or not it’s an overt lightsaber-cane mixture like Grasp Tera Sinube in The Clone Wars or a hid wand-cane mixture like Lucius Malfoy in Harry Potterthe design of the cane seems far too coincidental.

What Luthen Admits In His Monologue

luthen rael andor

Many Star Wars followers have been struck by Luthen’s monologue in episode ten. When his embedded Imperial spy makes an attempt to let the insurrection out of concern, Luthen emphasizes the significance of their collective sacrifice within the combat for freedom. Luthen delivers a chilling monologue, and in it, there are breadcrumbs resulting in his backstory of him.

He tells the spy that he was once a “savior in opposition to injustice” and needed to depart behind his intrinsic values. He tells the spy that he deserted these values ​​with a view to “embrace his anger from him,” implying that anger and his former code of life from him have been mutually unique. Luthen needed to give in to his anger from him moderately than use it to gasoline his actions from him. Very similar to Anakin Skywalker, Luthen allowed himself to really feel the “harmful” feelings outlawed by the Jedi.

He says, “I get up daily to an equation I wrote fifteen years in the past from which there’s just one conclusion: I am damned for what I do. My anger, my ego, my unwillingness to yield, my eagerness to combat, they ‘ve set me on a path from which there isn’t any escape.” The monologue clarifies that an essential occasion set Luthen on the trail of insurrection, espionage, and violence. You will need to observe that Andor is about within the 12 months 5 BBY. When trying on the timeline, Order 66 and the occasions of Episode III: Revenge of the Sith occur roughly fifteen years prior. If any occasion have been to impress insatiable anger and a want for revenge in a Jedi, it might be the brutal bloodbath of their individuals.

Whereas proof means that Luthen is a Jedi, there’s nothing to emphatically show it. He could possibly be Rael Alveross. He could possibly be a special former Jedi with a yet-to-be-revealed backstory. He could possibly be smuggler Antron Bach from the canon quick story The Finish of Historical past, a personality that labored to cover Jedi artifacts from the rising Empire. Or, on the finish of all of it, he may be precisely what he seems: a unusual, eccentric collector with a couple of coincidental possessions.

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