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How Nintendo Could Make a Successful Metroid Movie

With the success of the sonic the hedgehog movies and Nintendo’s upcoming animated Mario film, there’s been more and more discussion surrounding video game to movie adaptations. Nintendo is one of the gaming industry’s giants with many beloved, successful IPs that could translate into box office returns, and fans are eager to see what the company might have cooking after the Mario movie. Recently, Nintendo made a purchase that has set off speculation that it may be planning to move into other forms of entertainment — and soon.

Animation studio Dynamo Pictures was bought by Nintendo in a deal set to close on October 3, 2022. While this could mean handling content like in-game cutscenes or promotional shorts (much like the work Dynamo Pictures has done for Nintendo in the past), the renaming to Nintendo Pictures hints at bigger plans for movies and TV. One of the most obvious choices for a proper Hollywood movie adaptation is the classical metroid.

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While there are some short films and fan-led projects based on metroid, there have been many plans over the years to bring Samus Aran to the big screen that never came to fruition. Film rights for metroid were passed around in 2004 and 2005, even ending up in the hands of John Wu. While Wu and Nintendo were initially excited about the project, these plans eventually fell through because Nintendo didn’t give Wu enough creative freedom over the film. Wu wanted to explore Samus as a character and had many questions about her backstory and motivations from her – questions Nintendo did n’t have answers to, as its games have always focused more heavily on gameplay and atmosphere than story and characters. Nintendo is famously protective of its IPs, so it’s hardly surprising that it wouldn’t be willing to hand over the creative freedom to flesh out Samus as a character to someone outside the company.

Considering how poorly his own attempts to do so went in games like Metroid: Other Mperhaps the best direction to take a movie starring Samus is to go back to the games’ roots and focus on atmosphere and action. metroid famously draws a great deal of inspiration from Alienso it would make sense to do the same with a movie adaptation: tell a story with suspense and intrigue rather than focusing heavily on Samus as a character. For the plot, the movie could adapt the story of Metroid, Metroid II and Super Metroidestablishing the Metroids, the space pirates, and telling the tale of Samus and the baby Metroid she forms a bond with over the course of the latter two games.

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The plot could follow the exploits of bounty hunter Samus Aran as she’s hired by the Galactic Federation to go to the Metroids’ home planet SA388 and wipe them out. While there, Samus discovers that space pirates have also arrived to use the Metroids as bio-weapons, establishing both as threats. Samus attempts to avoid the pirates, hoping to blow them up along with the rest of the planet to destroy them and the Metroids. During this time, she discovers the baby Metroid as it hatches, a creature she is wary of despite it showing no hostility toward her. She decides to take it with her since it has imprinted on her de ella, disobeying her orders de ella because she ca n’t bring herself to kill it. This would show that despite being a badass bounty hunter, Samus isn’t heartless and has a compassionate side.

After setting the bomb, Samus is caught by the space pirates on her way to her ship and confronted by Ridley. During the battle, the baby Metroid comes to her aid from her, saving her life from her and gaining her trust from her. The two escape the planet, but Ridley and the other pirates get away. Samus brings the baby to Galactic Federation scientists, where she is assured the Metroid will be kept safely in captivity for study. Much like the plot of Super Metroid, Samus would leave only to immediately be called back by a distress signal. Upon her return from her, she discovers many of the scientists dead, with one survivor hanging on long enough to tell her what happened: the pirates attacked and took the baby Metroid.

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The rest of the plot could follow Samus pursuing the pirates and rescuing the baby Metroid. This would allow the movie to explore various locations and environments like Zebes, SA388, space stations and ships. Samus could recover the baby Metroid at any point during the story, continue pursuing the pirates for their crimes, and wipe out one more threat to the galaxy. This would leave room for Samus to encounter all the classic metroid enemies like Kraid and Mother Brain, perhaps even including a scene where she obtains an upgrade after defeating an animated Chozo statue. The baby Metroid would play a role similar to Jones the cat in Alienor Newt in Aliensproviding Samus with a companion that she must fight to protect.

The only thing standing in the way of a successful metroid movie now is Nintendo itself. It’s up to the company to pursue the project, and hopefully, it will not back down from the darker tone of Samus Aran’s adventures. While Nintendo tends to keep a family-friendly, squeaky clean public image, it would be doing its own IP a great disservice by toning down the HR Giger and alien-inspired metroid. Hopefully, if it does choose to make a proper metroid movie, it will do its games justice and give fans the movie they have been hoping to see for decades.

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