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“I’m still the PSG coach, right?”, Says Pochettino

The Parisian coach spoke at a press conference this Friday, on the eve of the trip to Montpellier, Saturday, during the 37th day of L1.

Preparing for the game : “You have to prepare for the match in the best possible way, you have to be ready to fight. There are not many stakes for the two teams but the important thing is to prepare well, play well and do things professionally. We play for the three points, but also for pride, pride, it’s good to remember that.»

Preparation for the transfer window : “If the club falls behind? No. Each club works in its own way, with its own strategy, PSG follows its own. There is no question of being ahead or behind here. It is important to know where everyone wants to go. You can’t compare PSG to other clubs. The season is coming to an end, but there are still a few weeks left. The club is working on this strategy for next season. (…) Profiles in mind for next season? Throughout the season, there is a work of analysis, discovery of players, to collect information in order to have all the possible elements to determine which players can bring more to the workforce. Then there is a time when departures and arrivals are made, it depends on certain parameters, but the work is done throughout the season.»

Possible tactical changes in the last matches : “In the last match, we changed the system, but now is not the time to try new things. The important thing is to stay focused, to stay in a dynamic of competition and training. It should be remembered that 90% of the workforce has an appointment with their selection at the end of the season and it is therefore important to remain in good condition.»

The words of Gigio Donnarumma : “I don’t know what he said. I always prefer between players in this kind of case, there are always nuances to take into account. (…) In any case, the club will make a decision, as it did last summer by taking Donnarumma while Navas, Letellier, Rico and young people were there. Maybe the situation will change, or not, but it will be in the interest of the institution.»

Kylian Mbappé before the UNFP Trophies ceremony on Sunday : “This is a question for Kylian… I hope not (there will be an announcement) because we will be in Qatar (laughs). Joking aside, if he has to announce something, we always hope it will be positive for the club, but I don’t think it will be Sunday… Again, that’s a question you have to ask him at him.(NB: the rest of the group will be traveling to Qatar for two days after the match in Montpellier, editor’s note)

We were the team closest to bringing down Real Madrid, more than Chelsea in the quarter-finals or Manchester City in the semis

Mauricio Pochettino

The balance of the season : “If we talk about the Coupe de France, we lost on penalties, with several of our players in selection at that time. For the Champions League, which is always a goal for the club, if we look at the last three days, we were the team closest to bringing down Real Madrid, more than Chelsea in the quarter-finals or Manchester City, in halves. We had bad moments during this double confrontation which led to our elimination… We won the championship and we went out on penalties in the Coupe de France when we deserved to win against Nice (in the 8th of final). The important thing is to learn from our mistakes. After the elimination in C1, in particular in Monaco, it was a difficult moment but we bounced back and we won Ligue 1 in a convincing way (on the 34th day, editor’s note). We deserve credit for that. We must nevertheless continue to win, that’s for sure.»

His future at the helm of PSG and his participation in decision-making for the future : “I’m still the PSG coach, right? The answer is self-evident… I am the coach and therefore I am part of the club, like any other employee of the club. I’m the coach and I’m involved in the decision-making process.»

Statements taken at a press conference


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