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Julianne Moore Talks Skincare Tricks, Aging Philosophy And More

Julianne moore has been acting for nearly four decades in a decorated career that began when she was about the same age as her 20-year-old daughter, Liv Freundlich. The passage of time—and what it can mean for women in Hollywood—is not lost on her. Julianne Moore Net Worth

These days, Julianne Moore, who is alleged to have a net worth of $55 Million according to Celebrity Net Worth, has been keeping busy, appearing in such productions as the film adaptation of Broadway’s “Dear Evan Hansen;” Jesse Eisenberg’s directorial debut, “When You Finish Saving the World;” “Sharper,” a thriller that will be released on Apple TV+; Joey Soloway’s film adaptation of the bestselling book “Mothertrucker;” “and May December,” directed by her longtime collaborator Todd Haynes. It’s a joy to be back on set, she says, following a period of pandemic precautions that brought the entertainment industry to a halt.

On top of her acting work, she and Freundlich are now part of a campaign for the beauty brand Hourglass Cosmetics.

Here, Moore speaks to WSJ. about what her days look like when she’s not in front of the lens.

Here are some things Julianne Moore revealed to WSJ. Magazine…

On being back on set after the pandemic pause:

I’m excited! In terms of the film business, we’re getting back to work in a way that feels really good.

On her aging philosophy:

People have talked to me about aging for as long as I’ve been in the business, but this idea that it’s something we have control over, or that there’s a good or bad way to do it, is simply not true. I actually think that when we really do feel aging is when we see it in relation to how much life we’ve lived.

On the time she wakes up on Mondays, and the first thing she does:

I’m not a morning person. I’m a middle person. I recently realized that my ideal sleep cycle is from midnight to 8. When I can do that, I feel fantastic.

The first thing I do is drink two big glasses of water with chlorophyll in it. Someone told me a long time ago that it was really good for your skin, so I’ve always done it.

On how she wakes herself up:

I like to take a bath in the morning and at night, with two whole cups of Epsom salts. In the morning it’s a really, really short one, but it helps wake me up, believe it or not.

On what keeps her busy in the morning:

I like to have a slow start to my day. I get on my iPad and look at the news. Then I play the New York Times Spelling Bee for longer than I should. I like to have enough time to read and then maybe take a yoga class. I do online yoga with the Shala; they had a Manhattan studio before the pandemic, but now it’s all online, which is great. Then I go for a walk, return emails, read scripts.

On how her approach to dressing has changed since the pandemic:

I want my clothes to be comfortable. I want to make sure I can move in everything, whether I’m walking or running or carrying something. Once you kind of get rid of all those uncomfortable shoes too, you’re like, “Why did I need them?”

On starring in Hourglass Cosmetics new “We Glow” campaign with her daughter Liv, 20:

I love shooting with my daughter, and this felt incredibly personal. She’s at the bottom end of what it is to be a young woman—she’s just coming into her consciousness of her as an adult.

On sharing clothes and products with her daughter:

It’s funny because we obviously have different kinds of taste. Hers is more youthful, you know? She’s out there wearing those tiny little crop tops and stuff like that. But we both comment on each other’s clothes all the time and talk about fashion. In terms of sharing stuff, it really is funny having a daughter who’s like, “Mom, do you have any makeup remover? Mom, where’s your mascara? Mom, where’s your face wash? I’ve noticed all this stuff that’s migrated to her bathroom. Julianne Moore Net Worth

On the most important beauty advice she’s given her daughter:

I always tell her never pluck your eyebrows. I destroyed mine.

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