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Junior World Championships: Konaté still on top of the world

Thanks to a leap to 8.08m, Erwan Konaté climbed to the top step of the podium in the long run, one year after the title he had already won at the Nairobi Worlds, becoming the first Frenchman to achieve such a doubled in juniors. He signed the best performance of the year in his category, and won the first medal for the French team in Cali.

The medal

A historic double for Konaté

He raised his arms in the air, greeted the public – who had gathered in the stands near the jumper – and roared. After falling back into the sand at 8.08m (+0.4) on his fifth attempt, Erwan Konate had just returned to the lead in the length competition, while he was outstripped, until then, by the Cuban Alejandro Parada and its 7.91 m. No one then managed to get past him. When the contest ended, he hugged his trainer, Robert Emmiyan, then the tricolor. In the French clan, everyone congratulated each other.
The start of the final had however been “ complicated “, according to the words of the main interested party, with four competitors between 7.81 and 7.91 m, including him at 7.83 m, a jump made on his second attempt and then synonymous with second place. After his second, third and fourth attempts, we saw him wince on the track. ” I then said to myself that I had to go 8 meters, and I slapped my buttockssaid the jumper from Amiens UC. On the 5th try, I jumped with the urge.»
With this new title, Erwan Konate becomes the first Frenchman to achieve a double at the Junior Worlds, a year after winning gold in Nairobi, and signs in passing the best performance of the year among the under-20s and the second of his career after his 8.12 m in Kenya.
Cold, once the medal ceremony and the anti-doping control passed, he confided to feeling ” released after this victory. ” The year has been complicated. After my title last year, I found myself with a lot of weight on my shoulders, overnight, at 18 years old. It then became complicated to jump just for fun. Arriving at this World Cup, my goal was to jump for me, to have fun “, he detailed.
For his part, his trainer – the current holder of the European record in length – said to himself ” very happy “At the end of the competition, and ensures that Erwan had” still reserve on his fifth try, on the technical level “. What to dream of beautiful tomorrows.

The Declare

“I finished sixth: it’s good for a first international competition, because it’s difficult to do everything perfectly, and I fought until the end”

After the traditional lap of honor carried out by the decathletes, at the end of their ten events, Pierre Blaecke had a smile. For his first international selection, he finished in sixth place with 7,520 points, 102 points from the podium, and 64 points from his record. The EA Grenoble 38 athlete made a good comeback in the general classification during the last event, the 1500m, gaining three places thanks to a time of 4’26”71. He claims to have had a lot of fun during these two days, during which he broke three personal bests – in the 100 m (11”26), in the length (7.12 m) and in the javelin (55.30 m) – and achieved performances close to his very best level – at height (1.87 m), over 400 m (50”44) and 110 m hurdles (14”81). ” It was huge to participate in a competition like that “, he concluded.
As for Sacha Rifflart, he finished ninth with 7,457 points, about thirty points from eighth, a place that would have allowed him to be a finalist in this decathlon. While the member of AC Cannes arrived in Colombia with a record of 7,571 points, he too broke his records in the 100m (11”12) and 400m (49”94), while by achieving good performances in shot put (14.81 m), over 110 m hurdles (14”11), and in the javelin (50.38 m). Only downside: the height test, during which he only crossed 1.84 m, while he has a record at 2.01 m, established last year. But he too wanted to retain above all the positive: “ For a first World Cup, it’s not successful, but it’s not missed either, given my performances and what they give off. This is only a postponement ! »

The promises

Direction the final for Ammirati and Petiphar

Contract completed for the two tricolor pole vaulters, Anthony Ammirati and Sloan Petipharwho managed to win their ticket to the final, finishing in first and eleventh place respectively in qualifying, imitating what Léa Mauberret and Elise Russis had achieved the day before.
The first-named only needed one jump to secure his place, easily clearing 5.20m, allowing him to ” draw a line under last year »: at the last U20 World Cup, the Entente du Pays de Fayence Athlétisme pole vaulter came top of the world rankings, but did not manage to clear the bar during qualifying. This year, he will therefore be keen to take his “ revenge in the final “, where he will aim for the title. More than legitimate ambitions, since he has the best mark of entries: 5.70 m this season, against 5.53 m for the second, the Finn Juho Alasaarialso tied for first in qualifying.
On his side, Sloan Petiphar had to do it twice to cross 5.05 m, before failing at 5.20 m, while an air of salsa sounded in the stadium. But it was enough to make it to the final, where he will race. on full swing “, with ” big poles », Unlike his qualifying competition, where he preferred to remain cautious. Two days earlier, the member of Athletic Trois Tours had indeed opened his left hand, breaking his pole in training, and therefore competed with two stitches on Tuesday. During the final, which will take place Thursday at 3:05 p.m. local time (10:05 p.m. French time), he will aim for the podium, he who currently holds the fourth perf ‘of the entries.

Ideal start for Lefevre at the height

Arrived in Colombia with the twelfth performance of the entrants (2.15 m), the high jumper Martin Lefevre perfectly entered his competition, erasing 2.08 m on the first try, after a “ small fright at 2 m “, a bar he passed on the second try. ” I lacked speed in the corner, but I managed to quickly get back into it afterwards “, said the athlete, smiling, tied for second in the qualifications. Qualified for the final, which will take place on Friday at 3:21 p.m. local time (10:21 p.m. French time), the jumper from Villeneuve-d’Ascq Fretin Athlétisme will aim for the ” 2.20 m and the title “. He will find there in particular the South African Brian Raatsfirst in the qualifications, and holder of a personal best at 2.26 m.

And also

The competition ends there for Erius and Dugué

Holder of the fourth fastest time for entries in his 100m semi-final, Jeff Erius unfortunately did not manage to reach the final, crossing the finish line in sixth position, in 10”34 (+0.7). The sprinter from Strasbourg Agglomeration Athlé especially regretted not having achieved a better time, when he had run in 10”56 in series, despite a strong unfavorable wind (-2.9 m). The final was then won by the Batswana Letsile Tebogo : in 9”91 (+0.8), he beat his own U20 world record, despite an end of the race during which he turned to the right, pointing his finger at his opponents…
Qualified on time for the 110m hurdles semi-finals, Oscar Dugue was less lucky during this race: he crossed the finish line in 14”02 (+0.5), ie seven hundredths slower than in the series. The fault, surely, with a big fault at the eighth or ninth hurdle “: ” I typed it, which slowed me down. What to feed regrets, since he assures that he had felt good throughout the rest of the race. To qualify for the final, you had to run at least in 13”59, while the Normand’s personal best is 13”74.

Disappointment for hammer thrower Wilfrid Huet

Eliminated in hammer qualifying, Wiltrid Huet confided his disappointment following the competition: “I did not manage to express myself. I’m disappointed, because I wanted to get into the final. During his first attempt, he thus hit the ground with his machine, then bit his second try. Before his third throw, he raised his arms in the air to claim the encouragement of the other French launchers, present in the stands, and of the other competitors. But it was not enough. Result: 64.22 m, about seven meters less than his personal best.
Finally, the sprinter Orane Doumbe Unfortunately, she was unable to defend her chances in the 100m series, injured her knee during training. ” It’s a recurrence of an injury she had in the season “, has indicated Pierre Friteyreresponsible for the French junior teams.

In Cali, Chloé Lauvergnier for
Photos: © Thomas Windestam / FFA

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