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LIVE – Liverpool-Manchester City live: the Reds offer themselves a first trophy and send a signal


16th Community Shield for Liverpool, who dominated this final against City. The Reds therefore offered themselves the first trophy of their season by winning 3-1 against the Premier League champions, thanks in particular to the first goal of Darwin Nunez, who entered during the game and who obtained a penalty then scored the goal of the break. A great way to start the season for Jurgen Klopp’s men.


Erling Haaland completely misses his recovery when he followed a strike from Foden. The Norwegian is on the fallout after Adrian’s save, but he sends the ball well over the goal.

Yellow card for Darwin Nunez, who took off his shirt to celebrate!

The Uruguayan widely celebrated his first goal with Liverpool! He immediately took off his shirt and waved it above his head.


This time it’s for him! On a very good high recovery from Carvalho, Liverpool projects and Robertson distills a sublime cross for Darwin Nunez just in front of Ederson. The Uruguayan pushes with his head and signs his very first official goal with Liverpool, who break, 3-1!


We believed in Haaland’s first goal in his new colors, but the ball was released just before Foden’s handover for the Norwegian.

Last change for Liverpool: exit of Diaz, entry of Carvalho!

The first for the Fulham player arrived in the offseason.

Collision between Van Dijk and Haaland!

Haaland tries to duel Van Dijk but the two get stung.

Robertson’s shot alone is way above!

Robertson tries a heavy strike at the entrance to the surface after a solo rush, but it’s over!

Milner’s cross that finds Nunez’s head!

The Uruguayan is constantly found by his side and once again takes the head of a cross from Milner.

Change in Liverpool: exit of Thiago, entry of Keita

Fourth change for Liverpool, who have already brought in Elliott in place of Henderson and Milner in place of TAA.


It’s converted by Salah! The penalty obtained by the neo-Red Darwin Nunez is transformed by the Egyptian who perfectly crosses his shot which ends up in the small net on the left of Ederson. Liverpool now lead 2-1 with ten minutes remaining!

Yellow card for Nathan Ake!

The player still protests the penalty and receives a yellow card

A potential penalty is checked at the VAR after the hand of Dias!

The referee will see on the screen.

Salah’s cross for Darwin Nunez’s header… it’s stopped with his hand!

Salah sends a caviar for the head of Darwin Nunez full axis, but the ball bounces on the hand of Dias. Immediately, the Liverpool players rose up and demanded that the VAR check. The referee will see.

The rhythm of the meeting calms down…

The Citizens have control of the ball and rotate. It’s always complicated in the last few meters.

The recovery of Alvarez who wants to find Haaland … It’s postponed!

The newcomer continues his show and projects himself by returning for Haaland. This is countered by the Liverpool defence.


De Bruyne sends a long ball to Foden at the entrance to the area, which takes over first intention at the near post. Adrian stops the ball for the first time, but Alvarez has followed well and sinks! The goal is validated after a VAR check for offside but it is validated, 1-1! The young Argentinian signs a perfect debut!

De Bruyne’s cross is pushed back by Adrian!

It’s pushing for the Citizens, but Adrian has anticipated well.

Good recovery from Ederson and Rodri who try to project themselves quickly

The Citizens try in vain to equalize, but the defense of the Reds always watches.

Refreshment break!

We feel that the bodies are tired and the referee whistles a cool break.

Darwin Nunez throws himself and is stopped again!

The Uruguayan is ahead of Nathan Ake and tries a dive but his ball ends up in the head of Ederson. Who struggles to get up.

The first ball of Darwin Nunez, who almost scored!

The Uruguayan launches against on his very first ball and is close to opening the score, but he is broke by Ederson who captures the ball in his feet. A penalty could have been whistled.

Change also for Liverpool: exit of Firmino, entry of Darwin Nunez!

The first also for Darwin Nunez in an official match!

Changes to City: Mahrez and Grealish exits, Alvarez and Foden entrances!

First in official match for Alvarez!

Luis Diaz also takes his chance

The rhythm of the meeting has calmed down and the Colombian tries at the entrance to the surface. But he’s stopped too much and it’s countered!

Strike against TAA!

Large phase of possession of the Reds who seek to find a fault in a reorganized City defense. At the entrance to the surface, Alexander-Arnold enters on his left foot and sends a shot which is countered by the citizen defense.

Free kick for City… rejected by Robertson

After a big foul by Fabinho on Bernardo Silva, the Sky Blues get a free kick, but it is pushed back by the defense.

The TAA center for Firmino… it’s postponed!

First opportunity for the Reds since the recovery. The right side sends a center in the box but Firmino does not manage to resume.

Adrian’s stop in front of Mahrez!

Oh the stop (already) of Adrian! Rodri sends a very long ball past the Reds defense, but Mahrez takes his back to goal and does not see Haaland right in front of him. He tries a pivot shot, but it’s stopped by Adrian0

Here we go again on the lawn of Leicester!

A kick off given by the Sky Blues.

End of this first period, 1-0 for Liverpool!

The Reds logically lead 1-0, having created the most chances and the sharpest. They totally dominated in midfield, with an imperial Thiago in recovery and distribution. Mohamed Salah was also very strong. On the City side, Haaland got several chances but failed to materialize. Yet he is well served by Cancelo on the left wing.


On a good initiative with the ball at the foot of Thiago, the Egyptian projects to the right and sends a fleeing cross, which is finally repelled by Ederson.

One minute of additional time!

There will be an extra minute.

The corner citizen gives nothing…

The good corner obtained is systematically pushed back by the Liverpool defense, which seems to dominate in the air.

Mohamed Salah launches on the right side…

The Egyptian is very strong and tumbles on the right side. This time he is stopped by the Sky Blues defense.

Haaland’s overlong control

Well served by Grealish, the Norwegian is unable to control a ball that is served in his feet by the English midfielder.

Mahrez’s strike is too soft

The Algerian is served by De Bruyne and takes his chance on his left foot. But his strike is too soft and easily captured by Adrian.

Cancelo’s cross for Haaland, who fails to cut

The Cancelo-Haaland connection continues but the Norwegian is pinned down by Van Dijk and fails to put back.

6 shots from both sides, but Liverpool’s sharper

Level stats, the two teams seem tied, but the domination is clearly for the Reds, who opened the scoring and were very sharp in the last meters.

Haaland’s strike! It’s stopped!

The Norwegian shows his physical strength by pushing Robertson who falls to the ground. His shot is finally slammed by Adrian, but the ball comes back to him on a cross from Cancelo. Haalad totally misses his recovery.


And what a parade from Adrian, who managed to repel with a very firm hand a powerful strike from Riyad Mahrez who had thrown himself into the back of the Reds defense. He is flagged offside.

Kyle Walker tumbles down the right lane

The side escapes alone in the direction of the Liverpool goal but fails to find a partner and concludes with a back pass.

Firmino’s strike… totally unscrewed!

On a counter from Liverpool, Luis Diaz cuts the trajectory of the ball and hands it over to Firmino, forced to stop in his tracks. Locked in, the Brazilian completely unscrews his strike.


The Citizens immediately project themselves on the engagement and, served by Cancelo, Haaland is close to scoring on scissors. But it was well anticipated by Van Dijk.


And the opening of the logical score of Liverpool! A tense cross from TAA finds Luis Diaz, then he sets back on Thiago who returns to the right for Salah. The Egyptian finds Alexander-Arnold at the entrance to the area and sends a very nice curling shot into the cages of Ederson, which is unfortunately diverted from the head by Aké. 1-0 for Liverpool!

Ederson pushes back in extremis in front of Luis Diaz!

What an outing from Ederson coming out just past Luis Diaz as Henderson tried to find him from the penalty spot. The tap from the tip of the Brazilian goalkeeper’s gloves repels the danger.

City temporarily regain possession of the ball

City manage to win the ball after a good break from Cancelo on the left side. But the pressing of Liverpool greatly constrains the game of the Sky Blues.

Robertson’s header on the center of TAA

From one side to the other… Alexander-Arnold sends a pancake to the far post and finds Robertson, who immediately tries his luck with a header. But it’s in the side net.

Free kick from Henderson, badly taken over by Firmino

The free kick from the English midfielder finds no one, but remains at the feet of the Liverpool players.

De Bruyne’s corner for Aké’s header… next door

The Belgian’s corner finds Aké’s head in the box but it’s too crossed and it misses.


What a strike from the Belgian! Recovering a ball between the opposing lines, he plans to strike at the entrance to the surface. But it’s hijacked by the tip of Van Dijk’s sole.

Lots of ball losses on the City side

The Citizens never go very far with the ball, as they are constantly pressed by the Reds who recover the ball easily.

Dribble from Salah then strike… Things are heating up for Liverpool!

The Egyptian recites his scales at the start of the game and on a new overflow in his lane, he enters on his left foot then dribble before sending a shot into the small outside net from the right.

Luis Diaz tries a volley, but it’s blocked by Ruben Dias!

The chances are mostly for Liverpool and the Reds find Luis Diaz in the box, who is countered by Dias.

Thiago’s strike at the entrance to the surface!

The Reds keep the ball and project themselves very quickly into the opposing area. At the entrance to the surface and after a good cross from Salah, Thiago tries a shot at the entrance to the surface.


The kickoff of this dream poster is given!

The God Save the Queen resounds in the stadium

And is copiously whistled by part of the public.

A final at the King Power Stadium!

For the first time in 10 years, the Community Shield is not taking place at Wembley, due to the Women’s Euro final taking place tomorrow. The 22 actors therefore enter the lawn of the King Power Stadium.

Let’s go for this final, the players are in the corridors!

The players are about to enter the lawn for this 100th Community Shield.

Already time for the duel between Haaland and Nunez

This Community Shield will be an opportunity for Jürgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola to line up (except surprise) their main recruits of the summer, namely the scorers Darwin Nunez and Erling Haaland. A match within the match, which we present to you here.

D-Day for the shock

Club football lovers, this is the day of deliverance. After several weeks of vacation and vulgar friendly matches, Liverpool and Manchester City meet this Saturday for the Community Shield, the first official match and first trophy of the 2022-2023 season across the Channel. Kick off at 6 p.m.!

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