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Lyon loves to be scared… – Dbrief and NOTES of the players (OL 2-1 ACA) – Football

In the opening match of the new Ligue 1 season, Olympique Lyonnais took over AC Ajaccio (2-1) this Friday. At ten against ten, the Rhone club, however very well started, did not really reassure against the promoted Corsican.

Lacazette, successful return Lyon.

No European competition for this 2022-2023 season, Olympique Lyonnais has no excuse to start in the best way. At ten against ten for 45 minutes, the Rhone club filled up against Ajaccio (2-1), this Friday, at the start of the new Ligue 1 exercise.

A good result for confidence but an overall lackluster performance for Gones who, as usual, played scare.

The start of OL

It didn’t take Les Gones long to make the difference. After a first attempt rejected by Leroy, Tet took advantage of a golden service from Lacazette to open the scoring with a flat foot (1-0, 12′). The two men were found a few minutes later. Alerted by Mendes, the Brazilian winger obtained a penalty for a poorly controlled intervention by Avinel. For his return home, the Rhone captain did not tremble to make the break (2-0, 21st). A beautiful atmosphere, total control, everything smiled on Lyon.

Lopes cracks, Hamouma guilty

But Lyon remained Lyon and got into trouble alone. Launched in depth by Marchetti, El Idrissy escaped Mendes before being violently hit by Lopes. Direct red card for the Portuguese goalkeeper and penalty for Ajaccio that Mangani scored low (2-1, 31st). A turning point in this match which became electric with increasingly choppy interventions on both sides. Uninhibited, the Corsican formation obtained a few situations with Hamouma but the ex-Green was clumsy … before being excluded for a second yellow card before the break.

Ajaccio better after the break

Despite this hard blow, Ajaccio did not admit defeat and even dominated the first quarter of an hour of the second period. In the wake of a very good Marchetti, the promoted was not far from equalizing without a decisive save from Riou in front of Nouri. Unfortunately for the visitors, this slight domination was not exploited against Gones who, if they did not offer much, managed to tighten the lines. A last half-hour overall without much interest which showed that OL could also keep their advantage to get their season off to a good start. At least from an accounting point of view.

The score of the match: 6/10

A rather crazy first period with goals, red cards, tension, great actions and a great atmosphere. A second act much less pleasant to follow during which the Rhone club gave the impression of playing with the brake so as not to lose the three points and a Corsican formation which did not really believe in it. We still had a fairly lively opening match overall.

The goals :

– Served in the meantime by Paqueta, Lepenant slips a ball into the area for Lacazette. With his back to goal, the Lyon captain puts back for Tet, who places a flat left foot perfect mid-height on the right of Leroy (1-0, 12th).

– Launched in the depth of a bell pass from Mendes, Tet escapes Avinel, who mows him down in the area. Penalty for Lyon and Lacazette, who deceives Leroy with a shot on his left (2-0, 21st).

– Sent in depth by Marchetti, El Idrissy escapes Mendes in turn. But this time, Lopes comes out far from his goal and hits the Corsican striker. Penalty for Ajaccio that Mangani hits low to the ground on the left of Riou, left right (2-1, 31st).

Players’ NOTES

Maxifoot has assigned a score (out of 10) comments on each player.

Man of the match: Johann Lepenant (7.5/10)

A first in Ligue 1 very interesting for the medium recruited Caen. He didn’t give up and always tried to play vertically, like on the action of the first base. Of all the players on the pitch, he was the one who was able to maintain a good level from the first to the last minute without giving up. A very clean copy for him.


Anthony Lopes (2): new season, good resolutions? A priori not for the Portuguese goalkeeper. Not at all worried, the Lyon goalkeeper let go of his partners by being guilty of a new very poorly controlled exit to crash into El Idrissy shortly before the half-hour mark. A second red card in his career which is a stain.

Malo Gusto (6): a generally correct match for the right side. Apart from a few climbs in his lane in the second period, we saw him very little in a good position. The good news, which remains relative against an opponent as inexperienced in the elite, is that he was not enormously endangered.

Thiago Mendes (5): a good introduction with a millimeter opening for Tet on the action of the penalty. Then a rather incomprehensible loss of resources for 20 minutes. Between his lack of tonicity to try to catch up with El Idrissy on the action of the Corsican penalty, his misalignment on many occasions, the Brazilian was disappointing before the break before recovering in the second period.

Castello Lukeba (6): generally serene, the young central defender was not greatly jostled in his area. He rather closed the passage to the Corsican attackers.

Nicols Tagliafico (6): a meeting the image of that of Gusto: correct, nothing more. Renowned for his ability to bring danger, the Argentinian left-back was generally timid. His relationship with Toko Ekambi was almost non-existent. Nevertheless, he was not pushed defensively in this game.

Lucas Paquet (6.5): a very big activity in the first period with very important defensive runs to prevent the Corsican club from progressing. He was a tad less influential in the attacking game despite getting off to a good start. The Brazilian attacking midfielder was active overall. Replace the 75th minute with Corentin Tolisso (not)cheered by the Lyon public for his return home.

Johann Lepenant (7.5): read comment above.

Houssem Aouar (not rated): a very bad evening for the Lyon midfielder. In addition to having been the least visible to Les Gones in the midfield, he was released after only half an hour following the direct expulsion of Lopes. Replace the 30th minute with Rmy Riou (6)who comes out of a decisive save in front of Nouri on the hour mark.

Tet (6.5): rather exceptional first twenty minutes, with a big chance, a goal, a penalty obtained and broken kidneys. Then an unspecified hour during which we no longer saw him. A two-sided match for the Brazilian winger, which will have been decisive. Replace the 89th minute with Rayan Cherki (not).

Alexandre Lacazette (6.5): like Tet, the Lyon captain was sparkling before the expulsion of Lopes with a fine decisive pass for the Brazilian winger and a goal from the penalty spot. A resounding comeback in an enclosure totally under the spell despite a much more sluggish last hour. An offering, an achievement, the mission is accomplished for him.

Karl Toko Ekambi (3): the Cameroonian striker was transparent. Alone on the left wing, he never managed to combine with his partners. A totally missed performance. Replace the 75th minute with Bradley Barcola (not).


Benjamin Leroy (5): a frustrating encounter for the Corsican goalkeeper. Well into his game with a fine save in front of Tet, he was beaten by the Brazilian winger then on a penalty from Lacazette in the crowd. Little put contribution overall.

Mickal Alphonse (6): for his first in the elite, the right side has made a correct part. He was solid against Toko Ekambi, who never managed to get around him. We can only regret his lack of audacity on the offensive phases.

Oumar Gonzalez (7): big game for the Cameroonian central defender, who was very solid in the duels. He intervened authoritatively on numerous occasions to repel the Lyon strikers.

Cdric Avinel (5): a generally good exit spoiled by a very poor return on Tet, causing the break penalty. An action that hurts Ajaccio, and that’s a shame.

I. Diallo (5): quickly entered the game with a good return in front of Paqueta, he was overwhelmed by Tet for 20 minutes. Absences that cost his team dearly despite a more consistent last hour.

Cyrille Bayala (4): just average. The winger was too little in sight apart from a few ill-fitting crosses. Little much better to do. Replace the 71st minute with Kevin Spadanuda (no not).

Vincent Marchetti (7): the Corsican captain held his rank. He made an impact in the midfield and often found his partners in depth, like on this opening which leads to the penalty obtained by El Idrissy. In the second period, he goes upmarket and offers a caviar that Nouri did not manage to exploit. A good surprise. Replace the 89th minute with Mathieu Coutadeur (not not).

Thomas Mangani (6): back home, Ajaccio, the midfielder passed through Angers returned a correct sheet. Scorer from the penalty spot, he slid rather well with Marchetti and also tried to play vertically to repel the Lyon block. Replace the 89th minute with Qazim Laci (not not).

Riad Nouri (5): 37, the Marseillais played his first Ligue 1 match… unsuccessfully. Rather discreet in the first period, he is not far from equalizing after the break on a well felt lob. The Ajaccio striker was rather interesting in his combinations with Marchetti. Replace the 71st minute with Yanis Cimignani (not not).

Mounaim El Idrissy (6): for a first in the elite, the Ajaccio striker did pretty well. Available, he never hesitated to dive into the depths, notably obtaining a penalty for a fault by Lopes. He was interesting in his possession of the ball and his ability to irritate his opponents. Replace the 71st minute with Bevic Moussiti Oko (not not).

Romain Hamouma (2): a yellow card for getting warmed up with Lacazette, another for nudging Paqueta… Arriving in Ajaccio to bring his experience, the striker who passed through ASSE failed in his mission this evening by taking away his team’s numerical superiority. What to be sorry for.

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LYON 2-1 AC AJACCIO (mid-time: 2-1) – FRANCE – Ligue 1 / 1st day
Stadium: Groupama Stadium – Referee: B. Bastien

Goals : Tet (12th) A. Lacazette (22nd, pen.) for LYON – T. Mangani (31st, pen.) for AC AJACCIO
Warnings : Anthony Lopes (27th), A. Lacazette (33rd)for LYON – C. Avinel (20th), R. Hamouma (33rd), Mr. El Idrissy (34th), I. Diallo (41st), R. Hamouma (45 + 4th), K. Spadanuda (90+3rd)for AC AJACCIO

LYONS : anthony lopesThiago Mendes, C.LukebaMr Gusto, N.TagliaficoLucas Paquet (C. Tolisso, 75th), J. Lepenant, H. Aouar (R. Riou, 30th)Tet (M. Cherki, 89th), A. Lacazette, K. Toko Ekambi (B. Barcola, 75th)

AC AJACCIO : B.LeroyO. González, C. AvinelMr. Alphonse, I. DialloC. Bayala (K. Spadanuda, 71st), V. Marchetti (M. Coutadeur, 89th), T. Mangani (Q. Lai, 89th), R. Nouri (Y. Cimignani, 71st)Mr. El Idrissy (B. Moussiti-Oko, 71st), R. Hamouma

Nice first for Lepenant

Lacazette doubled the lead from the penalty spot

Nouri did not go far from equalization at the hour mark


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