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Next Exit Review (2022 Movie)

Next Exit is easily one of the best movies of the year. It is haunting, powerful, and extremely emotional. Viewers will never look at life the same way again.

next exit movie review

Next Exit is one of those movies that will stick with viewers for a long time coming, and quite possibly change the way that they look at the world, life, and death. Katie Parker and rahul kohli star in this truly captivating film that has some very heavy themes, but mixes them with humor in order to make them a bit more palpable for the general audience. The journey explored in Next Exit is a powerful one. With very few missteps the overall plot and phenomenal acting makes this one of the best films of the year.

In this movie a scientist (played by Karen Gillan) has discovered that life does not end at death, not exactly anyway. When a video proves that there is some kind of life after death, the rates of suicide and homicide increase drastically. She runs a program with willing participants who agree to pass on in order to further the research into this matter. Next Exit follows the paths of two participants, Rose (Parker) and Teddy (Kohli) who are forced to travel cross country together on their way to their appointments.

next exit movie review

While the movie itself is packed with truly powerful and emotional moments that will hit audiences right in the gut as they start to evaluate their own lives and paths, it is the incredible lead performances that make Next Exit a can’t miss film. Parker and Kohli have unmatched on screen chemistry as they scream at each other, laugh with each other, and help each other face their own truths. The conversations that they have as they are forced to drive in a car together for thousands force them to understand why they chose this path, as well as confront their inner demons.

There are some truly hilarious moments in this movie that help to brake up the dark ones. As their journey unravels there are twists, turns, and a whole lot of powerful scenes that will send chills down anyone’s spine. The two actors work extremely well together, knowing exactly when and how to play off one another.

It should be noted that fans of iZombie will be thrilled to see Kohli’s iZombie co-star, Rose McIver, pop up in the film, even if just for a brief moment. She is great in her role as Ella, which is no surprise, and it is lovely to see her reunited with Kohli on screen.

For anyone who has ever questioned why they are here, and if the world would be a better place without them, Next Exit is going to be a tough, but necessary, watch. Coming face-to-face with those dark moments only makes us stronger. Isn’t that what therapy is about? These characters go through their own versions of therapy in Next Exit, and while there are a couple of missteps along the way, they don’t take away from the story as a whole.

next exit movie review

The biggest fumble is the writing in the ending. That isn’t to say it doesn’t all come together nicely because it does, and have those tissues handy, but it just feels like it steps away from the heart of the film for a moment or two. What is expressed is beautiful, in its own weird way, and Parker and Kohli particularly excel in the final twenty minutes or so, however it feels like there is a small something missing.

In order to remain spoiler free, we won’t dive into it too much, but just know that it seems there is a better way the final moments could have played out. That being said, it is a wonderful film that will leave audiences never looking at life the same away again.

Next Exit is easily one of the best films of the year. Rahul Kohli and Katie Parker both deliver incredibly emotional performances and have amazing chemistry that is what makes this movie so special. A powerfully captivating film that explores grief and trauma that will haunt viewers, not pun intended, for a long while.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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next exit movie poster

About Next Exit

One day in a future so near it may well be next Wednesday, everything about the ways that we relate to death changes. Research Scientist Dr. Stevenson (Karen Gillan, OCULUS, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY) has discovered that “ghosts” are demonstrably real, in that existence continues beyond the end of physical life. Through her groundbreaking technology, deceased persons can now be identified and tracked in the afterlife. A call goes out for volunteers to further her research on her.

Two strangers, Rose (Katie Parker, ABSENTIA, THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE) and Teddy (Rahul Kohli, THE HAUNTING OF BLY MANOR, MIDNIGHT MASS), each struggling with personal demons, choose to sign up into the unknown. They will exit their earthly lives to become a part of history and to perhaps, possibly, find something closer to happiness in wherever their afterlives may bring them. Fate has them splitting a car rental, and they embark on a drive across America to meet their destinies.

Next Exit played at Fantasia 2022.

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