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Nigeria: How I Manage Stubborn, Problematic Musicians – Talent Manager, Dj Exprezioni

“Some musicians have this I-too-know behavior and can complicate whatever decisions you make on their behalf.”

Award-winning recording artiste, Disc Jockey, and record producer Dare Olufowobi, best known as DJ Expressionshas revealed how he handles “stubborn and problematic artists and celebrities” under his management.

DJ Exprezioni, a talent manager and consultant, has worked with Niniola, Sarz and many fast-growing talents in the music industry.

The Lagos-born Disc Jockey spoke about the art of talent management in an interview with PREMIUM TIMES on Saturday.

In the entertainment industry, talent managers are considered gatekeepers to an entertainer’s career because they also assist in building the correct public perception for them.

In addition, they can also help them strike lucrative deals.

While these responsibilities sound great and easy on paper, they can be challenging to pull off when dealing with what DJ Exprezioni describes as difficult artistes.

Managing a stubborn or problematic artist who rarely listens to advice is the most challenging aspect of his job as a talent manager.

“Some musicians have this I-too-know behavior and can complicate whatever decisions you make on their behalf. It is hard to discourage artists from doing what they like and encourage them to do what they don’t like.

“Being able to manage a celebrity’s excesses could be difficult, but this is where patience comes in. Most celebrities, especially when new to fame, could become intoxicated with the sudden attention and wealth.”


Dj Exprezioni also advised budding talent managers to be ready to bear all the troubles of managing celebrities.

“Managing an artiste’s career requires patience and understanding of that person’s actions and attitudes. Unfortunately, the music industry is rife with egos, with many people attempting to be ‘someone’ or asserting that they already are. Therefore, it’s vital to work around another ‘The Artiste’s ego’.”

Dj Exprezioni advised that talent management should be ready for setbacks and be prepared to bounce back.

“People, especially those you rely on, will let you down. Give yourself a good self-assessment by considering your talents and how you will use them to the best advantage of yourself and your artist, and remember to act and be professional at all times. Always consider your artists as the key to your success, have faith in them to make things happen, and be humble and honest,” he said.

The art of talent management

Talent managing is not an easy job. It entails attracting and maintaining high-quality artists, expanding their abilities, and consistently motivating them to enhance their performance are all part of talent management.

The main goal of talent management is to develop a motivated artist who will stay with your label for a long time. The specifics of how to accomplish this will vary from label to brand.

Speaking about his passion for the job, DJ Exprezioni said that being a talent manager has been a part of him, just like his DJ career.

DJ Exprezioni said that he understands all that encompasses talent management.

“I can categorically beat my chest to be apart of some of the hottest singer careers in the hood.