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OM: Longoria hardens its tone and accepts radical changes – Saison

Determined and convinced. This is what we can learn from Pablo Longoria’s press conference. After a very complicated month of July, where the controversies around the management of the workforce by Igor Tudor flourished, the president of OM wanted to show that he was in control. And he hardened his tone.

Radical changes are assumed

OM should build up a reinforced workforce of around ten recruits this summer, the training center has been completely redesigned, important new leaders have arrived such as Javier Ribalta, and above all, OM has changed sporting direction with a new coach with a style of play radically opposed to that of Jorge Sampaoli. Risk of upsetting everything when you have just finished second? Pablo Longoria spoke on this subject to the press: “In football, there are different things and I firmly believe that. The first thing is that I believe that the natural evolution of football is towards a more physical football, more based on transitions, more based on physical intensities. If we take the data of all the top teams, there is something in common: very important physical data. (…) It is a measured risk. We want to become a European club, with high standards, a club with an important club culture, with rules. We want long-lasting sports performance“.

The assertive Tudor choice

And Igor Tudor in all this? His management is the subject of criticism, but Pablo Longoria gave him strong support in front of the group: “The club’s message hasn’t changed since the day Igor Tudor was presented. Since day one, we’ve talked about demands, work, discipline. Everyone has been heading in the same direction since I arrived at OM. I think it was important to remember all these things. Everyone must go in the same direction: supporters, players, coach, club… I would also like to recall what I said during Igor Tudor’s press conference, it was his first question, there has the club, manager and players (with a hand gesture to indicate order). Tuesday, we recalled all these things“. It’s up to Igor Tudor to prove himself now, wishing him to fully regain the confidence of his locker room.

No strength for public opinion

In recent days, the case of Bamba Dieng has caused a lot of talk. He hasn’t played a single minute in the last three friendlies. Two reasons are given. The first is sports. Tudor would not like his profile. The second is political and could lead him to a transfer, since Longoria called him back, he wants a squad of 22 players and there are many more of them, if we take into account possible future recruits (Sanchez, Veretout, a left stopper). But the president of OM wanted to make it clear that there was perhaps also a problem of involvement: “The player’s performance is judged in daily training. There is no past in football, it’s now, the next training, the last game, the next game, what you did yesterday, what you did today. He is a very important player. We know the player: we are talking about a real talent, a player with a lot of impact on his first season in Ligue 1. He is also a player who has value, but we must remember the values โ€‹โ€‹of sport modern“.

The president of OM was annoyed when the reluctance of some OM supporters was mentioned, particularly on social networks, concerning the probable arrival of Jordan Veretout, whom they blame for this: he would have paid the costs. attorney for her stepfather who was eventually convicted of sexual assault. “I ask questions: is he convicted? Nope ! Ok, first question… There is a guess that he did something. Is it a guess or a fact? Because I can make assumptions about other things. Then there are always other questions. You have to look yourself in the eye, be honest. In life, of course, you have to have ethics, values, righteousness. But beware of people’s judgment. A rumor is a reflex of current life with social networks. Popularly judging someone for a guess, right? Is it morally acceptable? We need to reflect on this current society. That’s my point of view, always respect peopleโ€œ, concluded the president of OM, who seems determined to move forward, against all odds.

> The president, however, handled the language of wood a little on the transfer window files, as you can see in the video, when he mentions the Jordan Veretout and Alexis Sanchez cases.


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