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Release date and OTT streaming explained for courtroom movie

What date will Vaashi release around the world and which OTT platform has bagged the international streaming rights for the legal drama?

Fans of excellent Indian films and TV shows are preparing for a big week of OTT releases; Indian Predator: The Butcher of Delhi, Recommended For You, Ghar Waapsi, Parampara season 2, and F3: Fun and Frustration amongst many others.

However, this week’s OTT streaming releases will actually kick off early with the launch of the hit Malayalam-language legal drama, Vaashi.

With an all-star cast and a rather unique courtroom-based storyline, Vaashi is the perfect film for relaxing with this weekend – but when will it be released online and which OTT streaming platform is showing the movie?

What is the Vaashi movie about?

Vaashi tells the story of Adversary in Law Ebin and Adversary in Law Madhavi, two young lawyers who have fallen deeply in love.

However, their personal relationship comes under immense strain when they appear on opposite sides on a massive case involving Section 375 of the Indian Penal Code: sexual assault on a woman without her consent.

Their personal history, professional ethics and abilities to own a courtroom all play a part in this case as the two struggle to maintain a balance between their work and home lives.

“A courtroom drama in which two talented self-made lawyers are determined to win a case where they are on opposing sides.” – Vaashi synopsis, via IMDB.

Starring Tovino Thomas and Keerthy Suresh, this Vishnu G Raghav movie premiered in theaters back on June 17th – but when will the film release for OTT streaming and which platform is showing this legal drama?

Vaashi: Release for OTT streaming revealed

The OTT streaming rights for the 2022 Vaashi movie have been acquired by the Netflix platform, which is scheduled to release on Sunday, July 17th.

There are reports that the film will be released in four languages: Malayalam (original), Tamil (dubbed), Telugu (dubbed) and Kannada (dubbed).

Neither the production team nor Netflix has publicly confirmed an international launch time, but the platform has recently made a habit of releasing original Indian content from 12 AM IST.

Netflix India famously slashed its prices earlier this year in response to the widening gap between its competitors, Amazon Prime Video and Disney Hotstar.

  • Mobile Plan – Rs 149 a year, single device at 480p video resolution
  • Basic Plan – Rs 199 a year, single device at SD video resolution
  • Standard Plan – Rs 499 a year, two devices at Full 1080p HD video resolution
  • Premium Plan – Rs 649 a year, four devices at Ultra HD 4K video resolution

How was the film rated by critics?

Vaashi was met with mixed reviews from fans and critics alike, scoring an underwhelming 6.9/10 on IMDB and 2/5 on The Times of India’s ongoing fan polls.

“Cinema in recent times have made so conditioned to the idea that everything needs to be overly dramatized and larger than life. It is refreshing to see movies that keep the narrative a little bit more rooted. I enjoyed how Vaashi depicts the Court Room as a Court Room and not like a Battlefield of screaming and shouting. Well written, Very relevant and definitely thought provoking.” – User neethuun-80013, via IMDB.

The Hindu acknowledges how the performances from Tovino and Keerthy are good, although aided by supporting characters. However, “This rather lighter, risk-free approach ensures that the film coasts along comfortably, but never soars above the middling, watchable category.”

“The question of how the handful of cases of misuse of the law gets much hype over the much larger number of unreported, as well as actual cases of assaults of women, also remains.” – SR Praveen, via The Hindu.

The Indian Express also praises the main cast for bringing this courtroom to life, but again is critical of the writing which undermines the portrayal of the justice system by having “a very subjective and personal level of interference at least subconsciously.”

“It’s high time for male scribes who venture to feature complex female characters who contribute significantly to the story considering the market trend, to understand women, their thought on sex, life, love, marriage, feminism and companionship.” – Anjana George, via The Times of India.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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