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Sampaoli wants to keep Saliba at OM

The press conference is over

Rongier said he was “disgusted” by the “human stupidity” of Nice supporters in the midst of a scandal with the song on Sala

Sampaoli wants OM to keep Saliba

Milik and Dieng, recovering, could be available in Rennes

Sampaoli on Mandanda’s starts: ‘We need leaders in decisive matches’

“The decision is linked to several factors, the sportsman and the leadership. You need leaders in the decisive matches. The choice in the last matches has been difficult. These are coaching decisions, at the time, compared to what what we see in training and the needs of the group. It’s very difficult for me to choose between two players who are so important in this position. Pau Lopez had a great season, and Steve has improved a lot lately, he is in great form. When he’s in form, he’s a different player. It’s great competition.”

Sampaoli’s ‘good memories’ of Real Madrid’s Rodrygo

“I only have good memories of him. He was very young with me. He was a different player compared to the group, with great maturity. He is very lucid about himself, avoids problems. He is d “a great quality. In the lower categories, he was always skilful in front of goal. Playing with Benzema and Modric, it helps for development, it’s a bit like Harvard”.

Sampaoli on the final ranking

“The schedule is tough for us, with two finals against teams that are still fighting for Europe. We can finish 2nd, but also 5th. It would probably be a problem for us to finish 3rd, for the preparation with the play-offs (…) We know the club’s needs, we also know that we have a very young squad to achieve this objective and that we have had a good season”.

Harit and Caleta-Car are available

“They train with the group,” confirms Sampaoli.

Sampoli is not very fond of the UNFP Trophies

“It’s very difficult for me to analyze the value of an award. There is a mountain of aspects to take into account, in relation to each club. An individual award in a team sport, I’m not very Okay. This sport is getting more and more individual, egos are getting bigger and bigger. But hey, that’s part of the show.”

Sampaoli on the game in Rennes

“The game against Feyenoord can help us. You have to see how we were able to dominate and neutralize Rennes in the first leg. They are a very strong team in the last meters. They have several parts of the pitch where they are very interesting, with in particular the full-backs who can play very deep. (…) We have to manage to push them back as far as possible from our surface. It will be a very difficult match, but also decisive for the club”.

Sampaoli refuses to be ‘distracted’ by his future

“I have a very good relationship with the president and the owner. Sincere relationship. I know the club’s concern about this, but I can’t distract myself. If I start thinking about the future, I will walk away of the present. It will affect our quest for the goal. When the championship is over, we will talk and see what is best for the club, what I can offer. The president deserves a sincere decision. But first, you have to know where you’re going to finish”.

Sampaoli hopes for Milik and Dieng in Rennes

“Dieng and Milik did an individual job, Bakambu also in a different way, because it was the most affected. We will see tomorrow who of the three can be present. For the rest, everyone is available, except Payet of course. Normally , Milik and Dieng are the most likely comebacks.”

“The physical management has been wonderful. We have one of the best trainers in the world. We have been able to be competitive throughout the season, despite a short squad”.

Sampaoli hopes OM can keep Saliba

“William’s progress is linked to his development this season, this maturity he has taken, his playing time. He is now consistent. He has grown as a player. Compared to his situation at the club, I hope that we will be able to retain a player like him, who knows the club. But I don’t know if it depends on OM, William or Arsenal. But I don’t know the possibilities of this file “.

Sampaoli: “We don’t depend on others, but on ourselves”

“We are trying to take advantage of this week to recover the players affected in the last match. Our preparation has not changed compared to yesterday’s results. We do not depend on others, but on ourselves. We must maintain the lead what we have until the last moment, in order to qualify for the Champions League. We often try to use others to motivate ourselves, but we must know that our future is in our hands. Our task is to win in Rennes “.

Sampaoli has arrived

The first question relates in particular to the state of the group and the consequences of Wednesday’s results.

Sampaoli follows in a few moments

In video, below, Rongier’s reaction to the Nice song on Sala. The midfielder said he was “disgusted” by the “human stupidity” of these supporters.

Rongier insists on the importance of the C1 for OM

“It’s important for the club, the club’s finances, the fans, for the players. It can change a lot of things. That’s why Saturday’s game is very important and we can’t rest on the reception of Strasbourg”.

Ronnier on the supporters who appreciate him: “I never cheat”

“If I had to sum it up, I never cheat. One thing I understood when I arrived was that the fans can be a little lenient when you miss, as long as you give everything for the shirt. That’s it the beginning of this beautiful relationship. But they love me like they love the whole team now, because the dynamic is positive. It means a lot to me”.

Rongier: “I don’t see myself anywhere else”

“I feel good at OM, I came here to play high-pressure matches, I have a lot of fun. We don’t know what the future holds, but today I feel great and I don’t see myself anywhere else.”

Rongier on the match in Rennes: “It will be intense”

“It’s not at all the same team as in the first leg. The match will be intense, Rennes attack a lot and put a lot of intensity in the races. If we deprive them of balls and we manage to deploy our game , it will put them in difficulty. We have resources to hurt them”.

“Of course it is essential [pour la deuxième place]. There are no easy matches, anyone can beat anyone. If we get a zero result, we will be rather satisfied. But we are going there to win. Monaco are playing against Brest, we can think they will win, so it won’t be easy.”

Ronnier on his positioning: “I feel better in the middle”

“The group has fully embraced the project. It shows. Even in matches where we are in difficulty, we try to stand out, sometimes too much. The group definitely likes this philosophy of play. Any footballer likes having the ball and not chasing after it. We are happy with that. Personally, I obviously feel better in the middle. The coach asked me for this task, but I feel better in the middle”.

Rongier does not dwell on the UNFP Trophies

“To be honest, what interests me is what we’re going to do in the last two games. The individual awards are a bonus. It’s not my priority”.

Rongier on Mandanda: “He didn’t give up”

“Steve is a competitor, we all are, we want to play as many matches as possible. Even at this age, being relegated to the position of number two for a while, he did not give up. The competition between the two goalkeepers were healthy. It was not easy for the coach. Steve was great in his way of being, of remaining positive. We are also happy for him. We know what he can bring us”.

Ronnier on his physical development and the work of preparing the team

“I haven’t changed much since I arrived in Marseille. As for the preparation of the team, it’s a completely different method. We did cardio this summer. But the work, it is essentially focused with the ball. It’s been a very long time since we did any athletic preparation without the ball”.

Rongier on the Nice song on Sala: “I was disgusted”

“Like everyone else, I was disgusted when I saw that. It’s really human stupidity. It’s free and it’s not even funny. They wanted to make them interesting, but to touch the memory of someone who left some time ago, in these tragic conditions… I was really disgusted to see that imbeciles are able to sing that in stadiums. It tarnishes the image of Nice, but also of all the supporters. It touched me deeply”.

Ronger has arrived

It’s time for the press conference.

There is a little delay

But OM ensures that the press conference will begin soon.

The press conference announced at 1:15 p.m.

Valentin Rongier will precede Jorge Sampaoli.

Very good news about the injured

The OM infirmary is empty. Caleta-Car, Dieng, Gerson, Harit and Milik were well present at OM’s collective training this morning at the Robert-Louis Dreyfus centre. Amine Harit has previously done a few separate races with a club physiotherapist. It bodes well before the trip to Rennes.

These injuries did not cause too much concern among the staff and Jorge Sampaoli will give their news at a press conference. Bakambu, on the other hand, is absent, as are Payet Balerdi and Konrad, whose end of the season has been recorded.


Rennes misstep makes OM business

This Wednesday, Stade Rennais stumbled at La Beaujoire against FC Nantes, to the delight of the Marseillais. OM are now five points ahead of Nice (4th) and six over the Bretons (5th). A victory this Saturday in Rennes could allow the Phocaeans to lock the podium.

Hello everyone

Welcome to the RMC Sport website and application to follow Jorge Sampaoli’s press conference live and in full, two days before Marseille’s trip to Rennes (Saturday 9 p.m.). Start of the conference at 1 p.m.

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