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St. Lawrence in the News-July 25, 2022

This regular roundup features a selection of recent mentions of St. Lawrence University and its students, faculty, and staff in regional, national, and international media outlets.

Kris Hoffmann & Julia Sirois ’23

Chris Hoffman

As part of a six-week summer research project, Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology Kristine Hoffman, Newt, her labrador trained to detect several species of turtles, and Julia Sirois ’23, are scouring the Rhode Island landscape to find out how many of less common species of turtles are living there. The pair recently gave an inside look into Newt’s training from her in an article published by on July 22.

Hoffmann is an amphibian and reptile conservation biologist with research interests in habitat relationships, community interactions, behavioral ecology, refinement of field and statistical techniques, and environmental outreach. She works to inform the public about wildlife and is a frequent public speaker hosted by Land Trusts and the Audubon Society.

Sirois, a conservation biology major, is a member of St. Lawrence’s Class of 2023 and from Rumford, Maine.

Jeff Frank

Jeff Frank.

Jeff Frank

Associate Professor of Education Jeff Frank shared how young people can be put on the path of living lives of purpose in an op-ed published by on July 22 and on July 21.

Frank has taught a First-Year Seminar (FYS) titled What Does it Mean to be Educated and courses such as Contemporary Educational Policy, Teaching and Teachers, and American Philosophies of Education. He holds a Ph.D. in philosophy and education from Columbia University and a BA in philosophy from Middlebury College.

Peter Pettengill

Peter Pettengill.

Peter Pettingill

As the number of visitors in search of outdoor recreation in the Adirondack region continues to climb, research about crowding at National Parks conducted by Associate Professor of Environmental Studies Peter Pettengill was mentioned in an article published by on July 19.

Pettengill has worked for the National Park Service and Bureau of Land Management and conducted fieldwork in Acadia, Grand Canyon, Yosemite, and Zion National Parks. He holds a Ph.D. in Natural Resources from the University of Vermont, an MS in Environmental Law from Vermont Law School, and a BS in Environmental & Resource Economics from the University of New Hampshire.

Joseph Jockel

Joseph Jockel.

Joseph Jockel

Professor of Canadian Studies Joseph Jockel ’74 weighed in on the likelihood of Canada joining the US Ballistic Defense Program in an article published by on July 11.

Jockel is the author and co-author of several books and several articles on Canadian defense policy and Canada-US relations. He has served on exchange at the Canada desk of the US Department of State as acting secretary of the Canada-US Permanent Joint Board on Defense and as a fellow at several academic and research organizations. Jockel is the former president of the Association of Canadian Studies in the United States (ACSUS) and former director of the Canada Project at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, DC

Alan Draper

Alan Drapper.

Alan Draper

Michael W. and Virginia R. Ranger Professor of Government Alan Draper shared how activists can adopt strategies to overturn anti-abortion laws as part of an opinion piece published by on July 11.

Draper’s work covers American political development, labor history, and the civil rights movement. He is a two-time US Fulbright Scholar Award recipient and has published op-eds in the New York Times, USA TODAY, and other newspapers, and has authored and co-authored several publications.

The Rural Feminism Project

Jill Breit talks with five Saint Lawrence University students at the Traditional Arts in Upstate New York Center in Canton, New York.

TAUNY Executive Director Jill Breit speaks with St. Lawrence students. Photo taken August 2019.

An exhibition capturing the history of feminism in the North Country coordinated by Associate Professor of History Judith DeGroat and the TAUNY Center was featured in an article published by on July 8.

Read more about the project.

Janaya Parsons ’26

Janaya Parsons ’26, the 2022 recipient of the League of Women Voters of Vermont Winona Smith Scholarship award, was featured in an article published by on July 6. The award recognizes civically minded high school graduates involved in community service and school activities.

Janaya is a member of St. Lawrence’s Class of 2026 from Fairfax, Vermont. Janaya graduated from Bellows Free Academy with five distinctions in STEM, Arts, Humanities, Leadership, and Renaissance.

Melissa Schulenberg & Brendan Reilly ’20

A group of people stand together at an art exhibition.  Several colorful prints are on display on the wall in the background.

Between Worlds-Mokuhanga exhibition

the Between Worlds-Mokuhanga exhibition featuring artwork created by Professor of Art and Art History Melissa Schulenberg and Brendan Reilly ’20 was featured in an article published by on June 29.

Schulenberg is an artist and printmaker whose work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, most notably in Australia, Ireland, Japan, and New Zealand. Ella’s work takes inspiration from observed organic forms, the natural landscape, and her immediate surroundings. At St. Lawrence, Schulenberg teaches in the First-Year Program and Seminar, Drawing I and II, Beginning and Advanced Printmaking, Book Arts, and Senior Seminar.

Reilly is a member of St. Lawrence’s Class of 2020 and was a religious studies and modern languages ​​double major.

Karel Wolterbeek ’26

Karel Wolterbeek ’26, the 2022 recipient of the Harris Center for Conservation Education Environmental Leadership Award, was featured in an article published by on June 28. The award is given to high school seniors who “demonstrated a passion for the natural world, a strong commitment to the environment, and the ability to make a positive impact on their community.”

Karel is a member of St. Lawrence’s Class of 2026 from Rindge, New Hampshire. He is interested in pursuing an environmental science major and studying community-supported agriculture and accessible outdoor recreation.

Marina Llorente

Marina Llorente.

Marina Llorente

Charles A. Dana Professor of Hispanic Studies Marina Llorente shared how remote study abroad programs, despite the advances of technology, cannot replace the value of an in-person experience in an op-ed published by on June 27.

Llorente holds a Ph.D. and MA in Spanish Literature from the University of Kansas and a BA from the University of Málaga, Spain. Her research by Ella addresses ethics, the politics of memory, and contemporary literature and film in Spain and Latin America. At St. Lawrence, she has taught in the First-Year Program and teaches elementary, intermediate and advanced Spanish language courses.

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