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The 13 Scariest Modern Horror Movie Villains

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for A LOT of recent horror movies. So, unless you are confident that you have seen everything you need to see or you do not mind knowing secret plot detail beforehand, beware

We are living in a great time to be a scary movie fan, with many of horror’s latest releases being some of the strongest and scariest we have ever seen, as far as I am concerned. Of course, with most new horror movies, there also comes a slew of new villains to haunt our nightmares.

I have been very impressed by the characters we have met in creepy thrillers released in just the last couple of decades or so – including both the protagonists and antagonists. In fact, I would say many of them are on par with classic horror villains like Michael Myers or Pamela Voorhees. The following are our picks for some of the scariest modern horror movie villains from some of the best horror movies in recent memory, starting with one that became an instant classic by paying homage to the classics and is still killing it today.

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Ghostface (Scream)

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