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The Most Evil Villains of the Animated Movies, Ranked

The Disney animated movie has entertained kids and adults alike for nearly a century. What makes these movies compelling are their characters. From damsels in misery, sequestered princesses, to a prince charming in a quest to rescue the item of his affection, these tales depart audiences with a smile on their faces after spectating a fortunately ever after. There may be additionally one other group of characters that have interaction audiences for a completely completely different reason–the villains. From evil stepmothers, magical sorcerers, to easily characters fueled by jealousy and anger, Disney’s animated villains are inclined to drive their tales as a lot because the heroes. Listed here are essentially the most evil villains in Disney animated movies, ranked.


9 The Evil Queen – Snow White

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Disney’s first villain, the evil Queen and stepmother, does the whole lot in her energy to make sure that she’s the fairest of all of them, from dressing Snow White in rags to holding her consistently overworked. Nonetheless, Snow White’s optimism of her makes her radiance and pure magnificence shine–this unleashes the evil stepmother’s wrath of her. From attempting to have Snow White murdered via a loyal servant to lastly attempting to enact the deed of ella herself–this villain stops at nothing to attain her final purpose of ella, leading to her personal demise of ella by the hands of mom nature.

8 Girl Tremaine – Cinderella

Lady Tremain in Disney's Cinderella
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Whereas not murderous like her Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs counterpart, Girl Tremaine is evil in her personal proper. From relegating Cinderella to a servant, bargaining to let Cinderella go to the ball underneath false pretenses, permitting her daughters to destroy Cinderella’s authentic robe for the ball, to lastly, imprisoning Cinderella inside her room to cease her from revealing her id to the Duke; Girl Tremaine takes every alternative to humiliate and repress her step-daughter.

7 Scar – The Lion King

scar (1)
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What makes Scar so horrifying is that his deeds are all directed at his household. From plotting Mufasa and Simba’s demise, guilt-tripping Simba into abandoning The Delight Lands, to lastly, enslaving the whole kingdom to service his personal cope with the hyenas–Scar is despicable from starting to finish. Most annoying is his lack of regret all through any of his actions by him, notably witnessing his personal brother’s dying by him.

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6 Sid – Toy Story

Sid in Toy Story looking at Woody
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Sid is so terrifying as a result of he is merely a toddler, however this does not reduce his maniacal tendencies. From slowly dismembering his toys to concocting disturbing methods to finish their existences, Sid takes nice pleasure within the concept of ​​destruction, not as soon as contemplating repercussions for his actions. Sid is a troubled youth nicely on his approach to turning into a prison.

5 Mom Gothel – Tangled

Tangled Mother Gothel
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Mom Gothel is pushed by her narcissism, notably her worry of ageing. Gothel believes she has the important thing to everlasting youth when discovering a sunlit flower with therapeutic powers that reverse aging–but sadly for her de ella, so do the royal guards for a neighboring kingdom. When the pregnant queen consumes the flower, her child de ella inherits the flower’s magical skills, giving Gothel a really depraved concept: kidnap the child and exploit her powers de ella. Gothel succeeds in her grasp plan of hers and for 18 years, she retains Rapunzel locked away. Kidnapping apart, Gothel is despicable for her common therapy of her in direction of Rapunzel. She manipulates Rapunzel into believing the world is harmful, hides her from making any actual human connections, and resorts to tried homicide so as to maintain Rapunzel by her aspect. Mom Gothel is a grasp of gaslighting, incomes her place de ella as Disney’s most vile guardian.

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4 Syndrome – The Incredibles

Syndrome in a scene from The Incredibles
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Syndrome is considered one of Disney’s most sympathetic characters, falling extra into the class of anti-hero. In contrast to many Disney villains, Syndrome really begins off as an everyday particular person, a tech genius obsessive about Mr. Unimaginable. When Mr. Unimaginable dismisses Syndrome throughout their first meet, Syndrome develops a bitter disposition in direction of superheroes and people alike, main him to spend years plotting a approach to take over the world. Whereas Syndrome causes a substantial amount of injury in his wake from him, he’s finally a flawed particular person who simply longs to be accepted by somebody.

3 Hans – Frozen

Anna & Hans – Frozen (2013)
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Hans is a chief instance of hypocrisy. He presents himself as nearly flawless, taking an instantaneous curiosity in Anna, saying all the correct issues to comb her off her ft de ella, and demonstrates an general supportive nature in direction of the uncared for princess of Arendelle. In fact, Hans is simply too good to be true, taking his alternative to attempt to dethrone Elsa whereas leaving Anna to succumb to an icy demise. Fortuitously, love overcomes Hans’ depraved plans from him, and he receives his due punishment from him. Regardless, it is heartbreaking to see Hans manipulate Anna’s hopeless romantic spirit from her.

2 Gaston – Magnificence and the Beast

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Gaston is not only a narcissist; he’s a full-fledged predator. All through his total time onscreen, Gaston is pushed to satisfy his want for validation by enamoring Belle in any respect prices. When Belle rejects him, Gaston decides to pressure Belle into accepting his marriage proposal from her, even when which means imprisoning her father from her, Maurice, as blackmail. What’s most annoying about Gaston is his parallels from him to numerous real-life individuals who refuse to respect different choices.

one Claude Frollo – The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Judge Claude Frollo
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Claude Frollo is unarguably Disney’s most despicable villain. From main a persecution for ages towards the gypsies, murdering underneath the guise of sustaining order in Paris, to his salacious pursuit of Esmeralda, Claude Frollo is a dwelling nightmare for anybody who crosses his path. But, Frollo’s biggest misdeed is his therapy of him in direction of Quasimodo, whom he abuses relentlessly for over 20 years. From murdering Quasimodo’s mom, elevating Quasimodo to imagine he’s unworthy of affection resulting from his look, to typically degrading Quasimodo for sport, Frollo demonstrates that evil is available in any form of type, and continuously hides behind a facade of self-righteousness.

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