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The Venture Bros. Movie Update Shared By Brock Voice Actor

Exclusive: Star Patrick Warburton offers an update on The Venture Bros. movie, confirming he’s recorded his dialogue and is excited to wrap the show.

The Venture Bros. movie is coming and star Patrick Warburton is offering an update on how the series finale is coming along. Warburton stars in the animated comedy series as Brock Samson, the bodyguard to the titular family of adventurers who worked as an Office of Secret Intelligence agent prior to becoming the Venture associate. Throughout the show’s run, Brock would eventually be replaced as a bodyguard when he returned to his spy work, leaving the Venture family with former arch-enemy Sergeant Hatred as their new bodyguard.

Created by Jackson Publick and written by he and Doc Hammer, The Venture Bros. premiered on Adult Swim in mid 2004 to initial mixed reviews from critics but eventually went on to become a hit for the network, scoring critical acclaim for its spoof setting and progressively emotional writing. Though only running for seven seasons, The Venture Bros. was one of Adult Swim’s longest-running shows in regards to its years, officially running for 14 years on the network. After initially being canceled in late 2020, the creative team partnered with HBO Max for a Venture Bros. movie and now one star is offering an update on how things are going with the project.


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While chatting exclusively with ScreenRant to discuss his partnership with Days Inn, Patrick Warburton offered a Venture Bros. movie update. The Brock voice actor confirmed he had completed his recording for the film, though he kept mum on details of what’s to come from the finale. Warburton also expressed his excitement to bring the long-running show to a close. See what Warburton shared below:

“Yes, so I’ve already recorded. At this point, I’d even be at a loss because sometimes you go and you record your material, so as far as the whole concept of this movie that they just did, I would not do a good job describing it right now. So we’re just gonna have to wait and see. I’m glad we got to do it. There are a lot of disappointed fans that this is it. The Venture Bros. has been a long, sort of tiresome road producing the series, it’s a new season every, what, two years maybe.

I don’t think that or because of those orders ever made things easy for the creators of the show, but they did well with it. I think that’s why, too, having that time they were able to keep it creative and interesting and make it the quality show that it is, because they were never rushed. In a lot of shows, they’re rushed and you got to keep producing and producing and sometimes you see a lack of quality therein. With the Venture Brothers, they always had the luxury of time to put together an interesting series with cool story arcs and whatnot.”

Venture Bros Season 7 Premiere Brock Samson

Publick and Hammer have kept anticipation high for The Venture Bros. movie in the months since it was announced to be in the works. Hammer himself has shared stills of himself in the recording booth for the film in recent months, also offering the confirmation that one beloved supporting character Shoreleave would be returning for the movie. Additionally, while fans of the show held out hope for the film to keep the franchise alive at HBO Max, the Venture Bros. Movie acting as a series finale has left some happy for the opportunity for their favorite characters to get a closing chapter.

The Venture Bros. movie marks one of multiple projects Adult Swim has in the works for HBO Max. The studios are also developing an Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie sequel subtitled Plantsmwhich is set to premiere alongside The Venture Bros. movie sometime later this year, as well as an anime Rick and Morty series and a Vindicators spinoff, which is reportedly eyeing a late 2022 premiere. While audiences await further details on the Venture Bros. movie, they can revisit the original show streaming on HBO Max now.

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