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The winners and losers of the 2022 draft

Winner: Paolo Banchero

He wanted it, this number one status. Paolo Banchero will land in the NBA with a very special label. He is the new face of his promotion, he who was however announced in third position to the Rockets a few hours before the draft. But Adam Silver called it first. And so it will be the Duke-trained Indoor Magic.

“I knew it was a possibility. Orlando’s leaders were still hesitant. I only learned 20 seconds before my name was called. I didn’t even really have time to think. But I’m ready. »

By joining Florida, Banchero finds himself in a franchise in complete reconstruction. At the same time, it becomes the founding stone of the project, with all that that implies. Game time, responsibilities, balls. He will be able to have fun being bombarded first option, all without pressure of result. He’s ready, he just has to show it.

Winner: Orlando Magic

Having the first choice is already winning the draft. Then you have to try not to make mistakes. The Magic obviously hesitated for a long time. No matter what, Paolo Banchero will immediately bring talent and swagg to a young but bland squad. A scorer who arrives to boost the second worst attack in the championship last season. With Jalen Suggs, Cole Anthony, Franz Wagner and eventually Markelle Fultz, Mo Bamba and Jonathan Isaac around him, the future is taking shape.

Loser: Jabari Smith

He certainly imagined himself called in first position. Already because that’s what the media and insiders have been repeating for days, even weeks. Jabari Smith was eventually chosen after Paolo Banchero and Chet Holmgren. Some would say that the main thing is to be drafted. But not always. Who says first choice says a little juicier salary (it still counts!). What matters most is the situation.

Smith will have to develop complementarity with Jalen Green, the second choice of the previous draft. He sets foot in Houston, in a franchise that is beginning its first reconstruction in many years. Be careful, there are many reasons to be optimistic. But that’s probably not what he was hoping for tonight.

Winner: Oklahoma City Thunder

Even the Magic’s sudden turnaround didn’t seem to have had any influence on the Thunder’s plans. The leaders bet on Chet Holmgren. No doubt the profile they lacked. The interior of 2.13 meters will be able to be grafted to Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and Josh Giddey. A potential “Big 3” in a few years.

Holmgren is the most intriguing player of this vintage while being perhaps its main talent. So, yes, a big one of this size is scary. Especially since he is frail. Possibly prone to injury. But Oklahoma City is building a cohesive young team with playmakers, modern wingers and now a circle protector who can stretch the lines on offense.

Chet Holmgren, the potential generational defenseman of the Thunder

The Thunder also recovered Ousmane Dieng, the new French nugget, by recovering the eleventh choice of the Knicks. The native of Lot-et-Garonne will need time to adapt but his characteristics could make him one of the “steals” of this draft. History to drive the point home, OKC also drafted Jalen Williams. Sacred evening.

Winner: Ousmane Dieng

He arrives in the ideal franchise to discover the NBA without too much pressure, taking advantage of a staff renowned for its ability to develop young talents. In addition, he will find two other compatriots: Theo Maledon and Jaylen Hoard. Ousmane Dieng could not have asked for better.

Winner: Chet Holmgren

Same observation as for Dieng with the difference that he is certain to have responsibilities this season. He will immediately be perceived as a centerpiece of the team. Above all, he joins a formation which already has two excellent playmakers – SGA and Giddey – likely to supply him with balls. It will help him to show off, and why not get the ROY trophy in a year.

“I think it’s a great situation, a great dynamic, to be able to play with Shai and Josh. There are plenty of players with particular profiles in this team. I have the impression that I can pull them up just as they can pull me up, ”says the person concerned.

He would probably have had a harder time showing up offensively in Orlando or Houston. In any case, this Thunder is more and more exciting.

Losers: Sacramento Kings

It’s sad to say but a bit as usual, isn’t it? The Kings also didn’t make a bad choice in selecting Keegan Murray. His qualities as a combative winger can even do a lot of good around De’Aaron Fox and Domantas Sabonis. But the franchise especially hoped to refourguer its pick. This same Murray, she could probably have chosen lower! He was not announced in the top-5.

It’s a reach for a rookie who will already be 22 when he starts his career. The Kings failed to secure a more established veteran and eventually passed on Jaden Ivey, considered one of the promotion’s strongest players. We will see what it gives.

Winners: Detroit Pistons

The Pistons managed to chopper the best rear of the vintage with their fifth choice. Jaden Ivey will form a very sexy dynamic backcourt with Cade Cunningham. It will require adjustments for everyone. It’s beautiful but it’s not the perfect “fit” either. It’s still a good draft for Detroit, which has also found its pivot “rim runner” in the person of Jalen Duren, drawn in thirteenth position after agreeing to absorb the contract of Kemba Walker (which will be cut).

Draft 2022: all picks and all moves

Loser: Killian Hayes

He had already lost his starting spot during the season and Killian Hayes now sees another young fullback, American and drafted higher, joining the workforce. The French will still have playing time but he will have to fight to continue to be part of the project in Detroit.

Winners: Portland Trail Blazers

Shaedon Sharpe in 7, it’s a nice shot. The Kentucky-trained winger may not perform right away and that’s obviously a shame since the Blazers plan to return to the top-8 in the Western Conference next year. But the young man has great potential. Especially offensively. A very prolific future scorer who can be exchanged this summer or serve as a basis for the future… even more in the event of Damian Lillard’s departure.

Losers: Cleveland Cavaliers

Well it’s a little hard to consider the Cavaliers as “losers” of this evening but the Ohio franchise has not managed to find a good package for its picks. As for her fourteenth pick, she used it for senior Ochai Agbaji. Nothing transcendent.

Loser: AJ Griffin

Sixteenth pick to the Hawks. It fell quite low. AJ Griffin’s injuries may have worried some franchises.

Winners: Charlotte Hornets

The Hornets got their hands on their pivot of the future by drafting Mark Williams!

Winners: The French

Four Frenchies drafted! Ousmane Dieng in Oklahoma City, of course, but also Moussa Diabaté in Los Angeles, Ismaël Kamagaté in Denver and Hugo Besson in Milwaukee. The tricolor representatives have won their bet by being called by Adam Silver. Diabaté, Besson and Kamagaté will have to prove themselves in the Summer League, just to get a guaranteed contract.

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