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These tips and tricks will help you guess today’s word correctly

If you play Wordle at the start of your day, don’t be sad if you still haven’t managed to guess the word correctly. While it is not commonly used in conversations we have every day, it is certainly one that can be solved with the help of some strategy and the tips we have put together for you.

Unlike the last few days, today’s word can be a noun and an adjective too. Image for representational purpose only. Photo Courtesy: AFP

It is the end of the week and you may just be tired but we’re sure two minutes into playing Wordle, you will love the challenge of guessing the word, especially if you are a word game enthusiast. It is even better if you start your day with the game because there is nothing like beginning your day with a win.

Word has been taking over the internet users around the world for more than a year now after it first became popular during the Covid-19 pandemic. In fact, the game created by Josh Wardlean American ex-Reddit software engineer became so popular that New York Times actually acquired it.

For those who have been playing the game long enough, today is an easy word if you use strategy. While it may seem difficult to others, they can just experiment and have fun and even guess the word in lesser chances than you did earlier.

If you are still struggling to guess the word, then we are here to help you. Since you have the whole day ahead of you, you needn’t worry about guessing the word correctly because you have many hours more to guess it. However, if you want to try now, use these tips:

What type of word is it?
Unlike the last few days, today’s word can be a noun and an adjective too. It’s not the easiest but we can tell you it is a word used to describe a vehicle. If you just follow the strategy we have about general tips to ace the game, then it shouldn’t be too hard.

What are the letters in it?
The letters for today’s word are simple. There is not only a repetition of letters but also a vowel to make life easy – one that is usually the last in the list.

Apart from that, the first letter is the second letter of the alphabet and shouldn’t be too hard to guess.

Definition of the word
One of the most common definitions of the word when it is a noun is that it is a small vehicle, usually for one or two people, and with an open top. Interestingly, it is often used while playing golf. It is also a foldable and open vehicle used to take babies around.

When it’s used as an adjective, it could simply mean infested with bugs or a faulty operation in a computer programme.

What is the easiest way to guess words on Wordle?
Guessing the words in Word are easy. If you have a strategy, it is easier, especially because you know that the chances of you getting the word wrong are really little. If you are only a beginner, this is the best time to play the game because not only does it take two minutes but also because you have no pressure. If you really want t follow a strategy, then start by using vowels. It has worked for most people and is a tried and tested method. However, if you want to increase your chances of getting the word correct, then along with vowels and consonants, you can also use a combination of letters from words that rarely come up every day.

If these tricks don’t work, consider trying a repetition of letters as that may just help you get closer to guessing the word correctly like today. Last but not the least, do not get pressured while playing the game, taking a break and coming back to it later is another trick you can use to find the word.

NYT’s Wordle is an exciting game to play especially if you love words. The fact that you get only six chances to guess the correct five-letter word makes it even more challenging than most other word games. On some days, it can be the easiest word and on other days, your experience will help you. The game is a mix of easy and difficult words and there is no right way to do it to get the desired result.

While we have given you tips to guess the word correctly today, come back tomorrow for another set of tips and tricks to help you solve Wordle 413. If you need help tomorrow and want to get on a streak, we are here to help you. All the best.

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