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Top Gun 2 would “never” have gone to a streaming platform, says Tom Cruise at Cannes 2022

The Cruiser brought Cannes to a standstill on Wednesday (March 18), where the French premiere of Top Gun: Maverick was preceded by an hour-long “hommage” to its seemingly unstoppable star. In truth, some of the shine had been taken off this festival coup by Paramount’s decision to hold the film’s world premiere in San Diego at the start of the month. Yet the crowds came out en force regardless, making it a Risky Business for those who had booked seats to ensure entry and a Mission: Impossible for those who’d turned up hoping there’d be spares going begging.

A lengthy recap of Tom’s four decades on screen took up much of the early going – so much so that the star would later admit it had felt like watching “his life in 10 minutes”. Small wonder, then, that the soon-to-be-60-year-old was in reflective mood when he sat down to bat back his French interviewer’s softball questions, reflecting on working with screen legend George C. Scott in his early film Taps or setting up a meeting with director Sydney Pollack at the tender age of 19.

As a kid, he explained, he’d wanted “adventure in his life”, saving money he made doing odd jobs on precious visits to the pictures. “I wanted a life where I could travel the world and work in different countries and be part of the cultures and the movies I saw,” he went on. “I was the kid who wrote goals on the wall of what I wanted my life to be, and I would work towards those goals.” If you were after some positive self-affirmation in Cannes that day, the Salon Debussy was definitely the place to be. Ahead of his latest film’s UK premiere on Thursday, though, Monsieur Cruise did have a few titbits to share…

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Top Gun: Maverick would “never’ have gone to a streaming platform.

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