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Top Statements: Niois fans scandalize, Salah’s melon, Guardiola pays Evra, Donnarumma rectifies things…

Niois fans are scandalized, Salah’s melon, Guardiola pays Evra, Donnarumma rectifies things… Discover the shock sentences of the week.

Some Nice fans have sheet against Saint-tienne.

Every Saturday, Maxifoot invites you to take a tour of the ten declarations of the week that should not be missed. Serious and at least serious to know the best of the short phrases of football players. Discover the ranking of all the statements that made the headlines of the press this week.

1. Christophe Galtier – What I heard is unacceptable. It’s surreal. I have no words. Let them stay at home. Let them stay at home! You can’t hear a in a stadium. If it’s to insult the dead, let them stay at home! If it’s to swing bottles, let them stay at home! We will win without these people (Press conference, 12.05.2022)

Four days after the defeat in the final of the Coupe de France against Nantes (0-1), some Niois supporters lacked common sense by insulting the memory of Emiliano Sala during the success over Saint-tienne (4-2). Enough to provoke the anger of the Azuren manager.

2. Antoine Kombouar – Human bullshit has no limits, I am outraged. I don’t know what to say because I would risk being very violent. These guys don’t give a shit in a stadium. We would have a as supporters, we should banish them. These are people who should no longer have their place in a stadium. It is shameful (Press conference, 12.05.2022)

Like his Niois counterpart, the Canaries coach did not understand the attitude of some Gym supporters.

3. Mohamed Salah- If you compare me any player my position, not only in my team but in the whole world, you will find that I am the best (beIN SPORTS, 12.05.2022)

A statement that would not have been questionable three months ago…

4. Patrice Evra – They are traumatized. They remind me of PSG, they are clubs based on money. Real Madrid also have money, but they have a history behind them. Manchester City is all about money and the players are going to play there just for a (Prime Video, 10.05.2022)

A confused exit from the former left side…

5. Pep Guardiola – The old specialist players like Berbatov, Seedorf and Evra, and those kind of people weren’t there. I played against them, and I didn’t see that kind of personality when I destroyed them, when we destroyed them, in the Champions League final against United (in 2009 and 2011, editor’s note) (Press conference, 13.05.2022)

We are awaiting the response of the main parties concerned.

6. Gianluigi Donnarumma – The goal was not valid, but we could have managed better afterwards. We know how it happened, I’m not guilty of anything (AFP, 12.05.2022)

The Italian goalkeeper does not budge: Karim Benzema was at fault on the equalizing goal at the Bernabu.

7. Ronaldinho- I don’t understand, because there are all the great players. And you want to change everything? What do you want, the worst players in the world? (RMC Sport, 13.05.2022)

The former glory of Paris Saint-Germain does not understand the anger of a significant part of the fans. And yet, this is understandable in view of the spectacle offered by these great players

8. Jessy Moulin, with Neymar – I come to see him and I say to him: ‘Do you know that if I stop the penalty, I’m a star?’. He laughs and I say to him: ‘Please, tell me at least the side where you are going to shoot. There is my mother, my father, my brothers, my wife watching and I would like them to be proud of me. So he laughed and said to me: ‘Choose one on your side’. I answered: ‘You, tell me’. He wouldn’t give me a hint so I stayed in the middle. And it shoots great (Prime Video, 08.05.2022)

The Brazilian had no mercy for the Troyes goalkeeper.

9. Antoine Kombouar – I’m not afraid of words. It’s perhaps the best thing I’ve been able to do in my career as a footballer, player and coach included. It is also at home in the Pacific, a way of saying thank you, thank you this club which welcomed me when I was 19 and I was nothing (Eurosport, 07.05.2022)

A beautiful tribute to his training club.

10. Adil Rami, Thierry Henry – You’re pricing me too much on FIFA. I had to say it. His legend card, it costs too much. I have more sorrel (Prime Video, 08.05.2022)

A little credit card should not hurt the finances of the tricolor world champion.

It is with this declaration that the Top Declarations of the week ends. See you next Saturday for a new issue!


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