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Tyler Posey, Tyler Hoechlin & Jeff Davis Interview at SDCC

It’s time to return to Beacon Hills! actors Tyler Posey and Tyler Hoechlin returned to San Diego Comic-Con along with showrunner and creator of teen wolf jeff davis to present their fans with an exclusive first look at the upcoming teen wolf movie. The trailer teased a lot of surprising looks into what has happened in this not-so-sleepy town since we last left off on the show.

The trailer brings us back into the life of Scott McCall (Posey), who still remains the Alpha Werewolf. Davis confirmed in our interview that the movie is set in 2026 and Scott is 33-years-old. Of course, Beacon Hills consists of more than just Scott. There are many familiar faces, including a couple of surprising returns! The series brings back Tyler Hoechlin, Holland Roden, shelley hennig, Linden Ashby, J. R. Bourne, colton haynes, Melissa Ponzio, Crystal Reed, Orny Adams, seth gilliam, Ryan Kelly, Dylan Sprayberry, Khylin Rhamboand Ian Bohen.


On top of the old cast are new faces, including Nobi Nakanishi, Amy Lin Workmanand Vince Mattis, who is playing Derek’s (Hoechlin) son. For those familiar with the show, obviously a couple big characters are missing. Dylan O’Brien chose not to return to the movie, and we spoke with Davis about how they managed to fill the hole that Stiles leaves behind. Also Arden Cho will not be appearing in the movie after learning that she would be paid a significantly smaller amount than her co-stars. The official synopsis of Teen Wolf: The Movie is as follows:

In Teen Wolf: The Movie, a full moon rises in Beacon Hills, and with it a terrifying evil has emerged. The wolves are howling once again, calling for the return of banshees, werecoyotes, hellhounds, kitsunes, and every other shapeshifter in the night. But only a werewolf like Scott McCall, no longer a teenager yet still an alpha, can gather both new allies and reunite trusted friends to fight back against what could be the most powerful and deadliest enemy they’ve ever faced.

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aside from teen wolfDavis also brought in actor Sarah Michelle Gellar to talk about his new series wolfpack. Davis confirmed with Collider that the series is meant to be in its own universe, separate from teen wolf and that the rules and story of the world would be different. At the panel, Gellar will be starring in the series based on books by Edo Van Belkom and also acting as an executive producer as well. The series also stars Armani Jackson, Bella Shepard, Chloe Rose Robertsonand Tyler Lawrence Gray.

The description for wolfpack es:

Based on the book series by Edo Van Belkom, wolfpack follows a teenage boy and girl whose lives are forever changed when a California wildfire awakens a terrifying supernatural creature. Gellar stars as arson investigator Kristin Ramsey, a highly regarded expert in her field and no stranger to personal loss, brought in by authorities to catch the teenage arsonist who started a massive wildfire which may have also led to the reawakening of a supernatural predator terrorizing Los Angels.

We spoke with Davis, Posey, and Hoechlin at Comic-Con and dove deep into the making of this long-awaited movie. We talked about the return of the Nogitsune and the villains of the movie, Allison and how much of a role she plays in the film, Derek being a dad and Scott being an adult, getting the group back together and filming again, and so much more.

Watch what they had to say in the player above to find out exactly what we talked about with Jeff Davis, Tyler Posey, and Tyler Hoechlin!

Here is what we discussed:

  • When does the movie actually take place in the universe?
  • What villains, old and new, will we see in the movie?
  • What it’s like for Tyler Poesy to play a 30-year-old man after starting out at 18?
  • What new ground did Poesy explore when it comes to Scott’s personal life?
  • What is it like for Tyler Hoechlin to play Derek as a father in the movie?
  • How does Clark Kent’s parenting style differ from Derek Hale’s?
  • How big of a role does Crystal Reed play in the movie?
  • How does the movie reckon with Stiles not being a part of this story?
  • How does Stiles and Lydia’s relationship play into the movie?
  • How did Jeff Davis get Sarah Michelle Gellar to join the Wolf Pack show?
  • How is Wolf Pack connected and different from Teen Wolf?
  • Is there any room for more Teen Wolf after the movie?
  • What was it like coming back together and filming as a group again?
  • What do the actors do to get into the zone of being a werewolf?
  • What kind of music are they playing on set?
  • What new characters are joining the group at Beacon Hills?
  • What has their Comic-Con experience been like over the years?

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