Volusia County's Plan to Charge Drivers for Emergency Response Sparks Debate!

Volusia County’s Plan to Charge Drivers for Emergency Response Sparks Debate!

The “Stupid Motorist Law” from Arizona might be coming to Volusia County.

People would have to pay fines if they get stuck in floodwaters while driving during a storm.

Officials said that the law could cut down on saves that were not necessary. But people who live near a flood-prone area said that when water started coming into their homes during the storms last fall, they had no choice but to leave.

During Ian and Nicole, it was normal to see cars stuck under several feet of floodwater in Volusia County. Hundreds of drivers called for help, and rescue teams came to their aid.

Now, people who drive past barriers and onto flooded roads may get a bill from Volusia County.

At the next council meeting, there will be time set aside to talk about the rule, which says that drivers can be charged up to $2,000 for emergency response.

Niceie Bullock does not agree with the change that is being talked about. Last fall, she didn’t think her home in Daytona Beach would flood. She didn’t have much time to respond when it did.

She said, “That’s crazy.” “Why should I be fined? Because I am stuck? I need help? I can’t believe that. They should stop doing that.”

If the law was passed in Volusia County, it wouldn’t affect city police forces financially, but New Smyrna Beach’s interim Chief Eric Feldman said it would still be good because it would send a message.

Feldman said, “I worked in Arizona for a long time, so I know a lot about the Stupid Motorist Law and why they made it.” “I can see how that might work in a case here in Florida.”

Feldman said that the goal isn’t to punish people, but to keep them from getting lost in the first place.






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