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“We will do the pasillo at Real Madrid”

Young Italian coach Alessio Lisci spoke at a press conference ahead of the game between his relegation-bashing side Levante and Real Madrid (Thursday, 9:30 p.m.).

Most important match of his career and pressure: “No, I don’t know. Pressure is something I don’t notice. I like pressure and it’s something you have to live with. I live in the moment. I haven’t thought what might happen. I only think about doing well during the game.”

12 points out of 12 to take: “That’s why I didn’t want to say it, for fear of jinxing it. We have to do what’s in our hands. We’re focused on the game against Real Madrid.”

To win : “I think about winning like in every game. From there we have the advantage of knowing how our rivals have performed and we can know if a draw can keep us alive. But we cannot play for a draw, we have to go and win.”

Real Madrid : “Ancelotti has already said that they are going to play more starters. I know more or less what the composition of the team will be. I don’t think about it too much anymore. Whoever plays…”

Ancelotti: “Everything he has gained in his career, as a player and as a coach, especially with a lot of time… He renews himself and has become a modern coach. He doesn’t go out of fashion, like gray or blue suits. I’m delighted to be able to meet him. He’s an incredible coach.”

Ancelotti’s words: “For me, it’s indescribable pride. It’s pride, there’s no other word for it. It’s a total and absolute point of reference. I’m very happy that my work is recognized by d “Other coaches. People like Emery, Xavi, Ancelotti… They have an incredible level.”

Rotations: “We have to be smart and there are players who can’t play two games in three or four days. We have to play with that. The good news is that they are two totally different games. We can play with different characteristics. Everyone is at a good level and it’s a good moment knowing that both games are vital.”

Contract : “We haven’t talked about it because there are ten days left and it doesn’t make sense to talk about it now. I’m calm, I think I’ve done a good job. These days, I’m only thinking about saving the team. When the championship is over, we’ll see what we both want.”

The pasillo: “We will do a pasillo because I think they deserve it. Moreover, we are delighted to do it. They deserved to win La Liga and we will do it because it is only fair. We are a noble club and we will do it as if it were any La Liga team.”

The rhythm of Real Madrid: “It’s clear that it’s about getting into the rhythm for the final. It’s clear that once you win the championship, everyone plays to get to the final in good condition. We expect a team that will want to play a very good game.”

Ancelotti in Rome: “When he was at Roma, I was just born. He is an idol in Rome. I didn’t follow Roma or Lazio. I was subscribed to both, depending on which coach I preferred. I I’ve seen videos of him as a player, but I haven’t seen him live, nor have I been able to meet him, but he’s a person who is loved by everyone in Italy. He has a way of being that is impossible not to like. He is an idol and a point of reference for everyone. Especially, for me as a coach, because as a player, I don’t really remember him.”

The Bernabéu: “Like when we played at Wanda, at that time we were in a more complicated situation. It must be a night that will be remembered for the rest of our lives. I expect a great game.”

Fans: “There is no name for it. I thank them once again. The week of the match against Sociedad, I saw a match that I had not seen at the Ciutat for years. I did not haven’t seen anything like this since the Europa League years. I think the other day part of the victory really goes to them. They give a very high level and I thank them from the bottom of my heart.”

Possible relegation: “We’ll see, people are saying the same thing as usual, I’m trying to isolate myself. There’s a good expression: don’t listen to people you wouldn’t ask for advice. Felipe is the manager and “We will accept his decision. If it has to continue, I see myself totally ready to bring Levante back to the Premier League. It would be a very good option for me.”

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