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What Makes Jade Mountain, St. Lucia Perfect For An Adult Vacay

Its prime location, high above the 600-acre seaside resort of Anse Chastanet, makes the Jade Mountain Resort one of the most romantic hotels in the world. The luxury resort, situated on the southwestern coast of St. Lucia in the Caribbean, is a veritable feast of organic architecture designed to highlight the island’s unparalleled natural beauty.

Nick Troubetzkoy, architect and proprietor of Jade Mountain St. Lucia, has further developed his philosophy of eco-friendly construction in the Caribbean. Jade Mountain St. Lucia is one of the most hypnotizing resort experiences in the Caribbean, thanks to its striking architectural style. The resort features individual bridges leading to unique infinity pool retreats and craggy stone-faced columns rising towards the sky. With its open-air restaurant, attentive staff, and tranquil atmosphere (no TVs or children permitted), this hotel is ideal for a romantic break.


Jade Mountain: The Accommodation

There are a total of 29 suites, dubbed sanctuaries in the resort, with 24 of them boasting infinity pools. Each suite is unique, thanks to its glass hue. Upon arriving, guests walk across movie-like private bridges before arriving at expansive areas that feature living rooms, bedrooms, and private infinity pools that cantilever out over the landscape. The sanctuaries atop Jade Mountain are like stage settings, with no dividing wall preventing visitors from taking in the stunning views of the Caribbean Sea and the Pitons, a World Heritage Site on the island of St. Lucia.

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Each sanctuary has a ceiling height of fifteen feet and a fourth transparent wall that lets in natural light but blocks out noise. Aside from essential characteristics, the layout and size of each sanctuary are distinct. The sanctuary’s square footage and the pool’s size prompted the development of four pricing categories for infinity pool sanctuaries: Star, Moon, Sun, and Galaxy. There are 24 infinity pool suites and 5 Sky whirlpool suites, each with a two-person whirlpool tub. Despite the absence of a beach, couples searching for seclusion will feel quite at home here (the nearest beach is accessible through a short shuttle ride or a moderate hike).

Jade Cuisine At Jade Mountain Club

The Jade Mountain Club delivers memorable dinners to hotel guests that honor “Jade Cuisine,” the creation of James Beard Award-winning chef Allen Susser. Chef Allen Susser, who has established a brave new world of exotic flavors with his “Jade Cuisine,” has infused the Jade Mountain Club’s dishes with exotic beauty and infused them with an explosion of flavor.

His eclectic, decadent, fusion-based cuisine has pushed Saint Lucian cuisine to new heights. The food is a unique fusion of styles and techniques from around the world that will take your taste buds on an enduring journey. The Jade Mountain Club is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and offers a range of cuisines and live entertainment. One of the island’s finest jazz musicians or a classical acoustic guitarist performs live on various evenings. The Celestial Terrace, which floats high above Jade Mountain Club, is a fantastic spot for sunset drinks and stargazing.

Spa Experiences At Jade Mountain

Spa treatments are accessible in the boutique spa on St. Lucia, Kai en Ciel, and in the privacy of each guest’s infinity pool retreat. Additionally, Jade Mountain visitors have access to the treatment facilities at the Kai Belté spa on Anse Chastanet beach and the Kai Mer spa residence. Traditional Western bodywork and aesthetic treatments coexist with exotic Ayurvedic and holistic choices on the spa’s extensive menu.

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In addition to private yoga lessons, Jade Mountain also offers free yoga classes. Cybex manufactures the cardio and weight machines in the fitness center at Jade Mountain. Hotel guests are welcome to use the estate bike trails at Anse Mamin for self-guided jogging in the mornings and afternoons. Additionally, the 600-acre estate provides daily guided tours and walks.

The Alchemy of Two, a spa treatment designed to enhance a couple’s appreciation for one another, is popular among honeymooners. In a hot tub infused with Body Bliss Elixir Male and Elixir Female Oils, the couple shares sweet delicacies and poetry, mirroring their relationship’s giving and receiving aspects. Tantra vibrational, used to massage the pair in unison as they lie side by side, comes in as part of the process. The voyage concludes with annointing the man with Elixir Male and the woman with Elixir Female at strategic energy spots.

  • How to arrive at Jade Mountain: 16 kilometers separate St. Lucia Hewanorra Airport (UVF) from Jade Mountain, Soufrière. The distance via road is 30.2 kilometers. The travel from St. Lucia Hewanorra Airport (UVF) to Jade Mountain, Soufrière, is roughly 45 minutes. The resort arranges taxi transfers for its guests when provided with flight information. The taxi transfer costs are included in the resort’s extras account. The private standard car service from UVF to SLU for one or two passengers in each direction costs US$110 per couple and US$125 per couple, respectively.
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